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This is a (non-comprehensive) list of tools at the Dallas Makerspace. This list will help us keep track of information about the tools, their general status (through this link), and who donated/loaned it.

Completion of a training class, or verification of equivalent experience by a qualified member, is required to use some of the tools available at Dallas Makerspace. If a tool in the list below is marked as requiring a class, you must complete a class or get approval from the committee responsible for that equipment. Many of the specialized tools at Dallas Makerspace are dangerous or easily damaged if improperly used. This could result in a really bad day for everyone, and/or expensive repairs. Some of the tools below are NOT marked as requiring a class, but are still dangerous and may require a class soon. If you are unsure how to safely operate a piece of equipment, DO NOT believe in yourself: find someone who knows how to use the equipment and ask for help.

If you are looking for a training class, keep an eye on the Dallas Makerspace Talk Forum and the DMS Events Calendar. If no class is scheduled, create one by asking the mailing list for any other potential students and members willing to teach the class.

DMS Tool Status Tool

Please use the following link to check (or update) the status of our commonly used tools: DMS Tool Status.

Amateur Radio

Picture Tool Manufacturer/Model Documentation
Kenwood-TM788-thumbnail.jpg TM733 VHF/UHF Transceiver Kenwood
Alinco-DX-SR8-thumbnail.jpg DX-SR8 HF Transceiver Alinco
Kenwood R-2000-thumbnail.jpg R-2000 Receiver Kenwood


Picture Tool Manufacturer/Model 110/220 Power Donated/Loaned by
Monetary NEMA 14-50.jpg EV Charging Station Schneider Electric EVlink Level-2 Pedestal Electric Vehicle Charging Station 208 30A Donated by NRG eVgo
High-power-wall-connector.jpg EV Charging Station Tesla High Power Wall Connector 208 80A Donated by Tesla
Bike Repair Stand.jpg Bike Repair Stand Park Tools PCS-9 N/A N/A Donated by Walter Anderson, AF5WH
Wheel Truing Stand.jpg Wheel Truing Stand Park Tools TS-2.2 & TSB-2 N/A N/A Donated by Walter Anderson, AF5WH


Picture Tool Manufacturer/Model 110/220 Power Donated/Loaned by
2012-03-22 19.15.28.jpg Microscope 110
Freeze Dryer Northstar FreezeDry Model 2452 230V/16.5A On Loan (Matt Redmond)


Picture Tool Manufacturer/Model 110/220 Power Class Required Donated/Loaned by
Lasercutterimg.jpg 120W Laser Cutter Full Spectrum Laser Cutter 110 Yes Owned by DMS
LasersaurBuild luke 44.jpg 100W Laser Cutter DMS / Lasersaur v14.03 110 Yes Owned by DMS
POLYPRINTER-PLUS1-2.jpg 3D printers (QTY: 4) Polyprinter 229 110 Yes Partially Donated by Ed Koffeman and PolyPrinter
Nextengine.jpg 3D scanner NextEngine Ultra HD with MutliDrive 110 No Owned by DMS
2012-03-22 19.18.38.jpg 3d Plotter/Router (works with foam, soft woods - missing parts) Roland Modela MDX-3 110 Yes Paul Wilson (Donated)
VinylCutter.jpg Vinyl Cutter GRC-76S Ultra 110 Yes (being written) Donated
Screen Press 4 Color Station N/A Yes (being written) DMS Purchase
Brother kh930e.jpg Computer controlled knitting machine Brother KH-930e 110 No Alyssa Pipe (on loan)
Babylock Ellure Sewing Embroidery Machine.jpg Sewing machine with computer controlled embroidery Babylock_Ellure_ESL 110 No Michael Lass (on loan)


Picture What Manufacturer Model Power Other Donated/Loaned by
Pick-N-Place.jpg Pick and Place NeoDen TM240A 2015 110v User Manual Donated by Andrew Falgout & Mike Eber
2012-03-22 19.16.28.jpg CNC PCB Router CNC PCB Router Sable 2013 2015? On loan. Located out in the Shop near the HAAS William Petefish
2012-03-22 19.16.45.jpg Microscope w/ Light
BK1760-TripleOutputPowerSupply.jpg Power Supply BK 1760 Instruction Manual
TripleOutputPowerSupply.jpg Power Supply  ??? Triple output
5314A UniversalCounter.jpg Universal Counter/Timer HP 5314A Operating and Maintenance Manual
Rigol1054Z.jpg Oscilloscope Rigol 1054Z Digital Storage Oscilloscope Users Guide
Tektronix TDS460.jpg Oscilloscope Tektronix TDS460 Digital Storage Oscilloscope User Manual
3488A Multimeter.jpg Switch/Control Unit HP 3488A Operating, Programming and Configuration Manual
8603Oscope.jpg Oscilloscope  ? Analog, Model 8603
GratenATF20B-DDS Function Generator.jpg Function Generator Graten ATF20B-DDS User Manual
WavetekModel143 Function Generator.jpg Function Generator Wavetek Model 143 Datasheet
Signstek M4070 LCR Meter.jpg LCR Meter Signstek M4070 User Manual
Signstek MESR-100 V2 ESR Meter .jpg ESR Meter Signstek MESR-100
Genera; Radio T433-U Decade Resistor.jpg Decade Resistance Box General Radio


Picture Tool Manufacturer/Model 110/220 Power Class Required Donated/Loaned by
Compressor2.png Air Compressor 7.5 HP Husky Compressor 240
Quincy QT.jpg Air Compressor Quincy QT 7.5 HP Compressor 208 3 Phase 50A No Purchased Feb. 2015
HKN8025-01.jpg Honeywell Compressed Air Dryer System (attached to Quincy Compressor) 115/208/230VAC, 60Hz, 1 phase


Picture Tool Manufacturer/Model 110/220 Power Class Required Donated/Loaned by
Electric Kiln 230 25A/5750W
SmallKiln.jpeg Small Kiln 120 Darcy Neal (loan)

Machine Shop

Picture Tool Manufacturer/Model 110/220 Power Class Required Donated/Loaned by
BridgeportSeriesI-.jpg Knee Mill Bridgeport, Series I with 2-axis DRO and X-axis power feed 220 3-phase  ? No DMS Purchase
IMG 20121213 144003.JPG Gear Head Lathe Colchester Bantam 2000 Mk. 2 220 3-phase  ? No DMS Purchase
Emco.jpg CNC Milling Machine EMCO PC Mill 50 110 5.5A/600W Yes
Haas.png CNC Milling Machine HAAS VF-2 Vertical Machining Center 220 3-phase 50A Yes Purchased Dec 2013
Partswashingsuit.jpg Parts Washer Partsmaster Torrent 120V?  ? No DMS Purchased
31432 8256229.jpg Metal-cutting bandsaw (20") Powermatic Model 87  ?  ? No DMS Purchased, 5/14
Drill Press Clausing 20-inch Drill Press 220V  ? No DMS Purchased

Metal Shop

Picture Tool Manufacturer/Model 110/220 Power Class Required Donated/Loaned by
Plasmacam.jpg CNC Plasma Cutter PlasmaCam 220 Yes John Pozadzides (loan)
2012-03-22 19.09.55.jpg 6" Cut-Off Saw 110 Paul Brown (donated)
Saw.png 14" Cut-Off Saw 110
2012-03-22 19.10.24.jpg Propane Fired Forge Yes
2012-03-22 19.10.53.jpg Stick Welder 220
2012-03-22 19.11.29.jpg Lincoln Electric MIG welder 120 1.5kW Alyssa Pipe (on loan)
2012-03-22 19.11.41.jpg Flux Wire Welder 220 3.5kW
20860 2000x2000smaller.jpg Hobart Handler 210 Welder 115/230 Mike Churchill (donated)
2012-03-22 19.11.50.jpg Anvils and other blacksmithing tools Yes
2012-03-22 19.13.01.jpg Angle Grinder 110
171743.jpg Acetylene Torch and regulator set Northern Industrial Welders Victor-Style Medium Duty Torch/Toolbox n/a n/a William Petefish (on loan)
MetalShopHorizontalBandsaw.jpg Horizontal Bandsaw Wellsaw Model 8
SandblastingCabinet.jpg Sandblasting Cabinet
Grinder.jpg Grinder Porter-cable 150 15A Greg Needel (loan)
CentralMachieryHydraulicPress.jpg 5-ton hydraulic press Central Machinery

Wood Shop

All Woodshop power tools require taking the "Woodshop Basics" class before use. Lathes require additional training. Woodshop Basics is taught regularly, see the Dallas Makerspace Calendar.

Picture Tool Manufacturer/Model 110/220 Power Class Required Donated/Loaned by
Multicam.jpg MultiCam CNC Router MultiCam Classic 208 3-Phase 80A Yes DMS Owned (11/2014)
Powermatic joiner.jpg 12" Wood Jointer Powermatic 1285 230 AMPS Yes DMS Owned (11/2014)
Planer.JPG Planer DeWalt DW735 110 15A Yes DMS Owned
IMG 20131109 132354 078.jpg Double Bevel Miter Saw Dewalt DWS780 110V 15A DMS Owned
Tool-unisaw-1886.jpg Table Saw Tablesaw Guidelines Delta 10" Cabinet 220 15A Yes Greg Needel (loan)
Sawstop-ics73230-52.jpg Table Saw SawStop ICS73230-52 230V 17.8A Yes DMS Owned
FestoolTS55stockphoto.jpg Tracksaw Festool TS 55 REQ 120V 10A No DMS owned
FestoolETS1503EQ.jpg Random Orbital Sander Festool ETS 150/3 EQ 120V 2.6A No DMS owned
FestoolDTS400EQ.jpg Orbital Finish Sander Festool DTS 400 EQ 120V 1.67A No DMS Owned
FestoolCT36E.jpg Dust Extractor Festool CT 36 E 120V 2.9A-10.0A No DMS owned
Incra Router Table.jpg Router Table Incra Router Table 110 20A Yes
FestoolDF700stockphoto.jpg Joiner Festool Domino XL DF 700 120V 6.5A No DMS owned
Scroll saw.JPG Scroll Saw Excaliber 110 20A
Lathe-jet-JWL-1236.jpg Lathe with 12" swing and 34.5" bed JET JWL-1236 110 8A Yes David Summers (loan)
Central Machinery Wood Lathe.jpg 12 in. x 33-3/8 in. 3/4 HP Wood Lathe with Reversible Head Central Machinery #34706 110 6A Yes Eric Kelso (loan)
Drum Sander.JPG Drum Sander Jet 16-32 (Plus?) 110V 14A Yes Owned by DMS
Edge sander.JPG Edge Sander Jet MODELNUMBER? Yes Owned by DMS
VertBelt sander.JPG Belt and Disc Sander Delta? MODELNUMBER? Yes Owned by DMS
Powermatic drillpress.jpg Drill Press Powermatic Model PM2800B Yes Owned by DMS
Lg bandsaw.JPG Bandsaw Large Bandsaw Yes Owned by DMS
Sm Bandsaw.JPG Bandsaw Delta MODELNUMBER? Yes Owned by DMS

Multipurpose Room

Picture Tool Manufacturer/Model 110/220 Power Class Required Donated/Loaned by
i3 Desktop Acer 110 No Stan Simmons (Loan, General Use)
Core2Quad Desktop HP 110 No Stan Simmons (Loan, Signups & Resets)

Server Room

  • Space in the Server Room is available for racked servers ONLY (towers are not permitted).
  • Please email [email protected] if you wish to host a server at DMS.
  • Please note this is only available for servers that have an educational purpose,.
  • Access to the Server Room is reserved for members of the Board of Directors and anyone else deemed necessary with a valid business justification. This means it's possible you may not have 24/7 physical access to your server.
Name Usage Picture Size Model Voltage Ownership Donated/Loaned by
 ??? Minecraft Server 8e6 Server.jpg 1U 8e6 110V On Loan David Guill
 ??? Minecraft Server Rackable C2004.jpg 2U Rackable C2004 110V On Loan David Guill
vmh-04 Virtualization Node N/A 1U Supermicro 110V On Loan Brooks Scharff
vmh-05 Virtualization Node N/A 1U Dell 110V Owned Infrastructure
vmh-06 Virtualization Node N/A 1U Dell 110V Owned Infrastructure
vmstor Virtualization Disk Array N/A 4U Supermicro 110V Owned Infrastructure
dms-blueiris BlueIris Server N/A Tower Custom 110V Owned Infrastructure
fileserver Member FileServer N/A Tower Custom 110V Owned Infrastructure


  • Items here are not specific to a committee.
Picture Tool Manufacturer/Model Documentation
Shapeoko 2 in Machine Shop.jpg Shapeoko 2 Version 2 with an upgraded Spindle Small CNC Mill suitable for wood, plastics, soft metal - requires training. Located in the machine shop on the back wall however not under the machine shop committee.