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Committees are voluntary groups, formed by members in order to achieve certain goals.
To join this committee, contact the committee chairperson. See Rules and Policies#Committees for more information.

Overview of Creative Arts

Creative Arts is typically one of the busiest places at the Makerspace. We are packed with supplies, opportunities, and tools to assist in your making. Like most things, you will get out of it what you put into it.

As of August 2019, we periodically offer "Creative Arts Office Hours" as an opportunity for members to get one-on-one instruction on much of the simpler "training required" equipment in the committee area. Our goal is to help you start "creating" at the Dallas Makerspace.

We hope you will become an active community member of Creative Arts.

The committee routinely meets on the first Sunday of the month in the committee area. Everyone is welcome to attend and add their input. Meetings will be posted on the calendar.

Click here for the presentation material.

Click here for Ca Pamphlet - October 18


The Creative Arts Committee's responsibilities are to:

  • Maintain the organization, safety, cleanliness, and utility of the main studio space, as well as the computer-based design and sewing rooms.
  • To foster and encourage a love and appreciation of using one's hands to create art.
  • To provide demonstrations and classes on a regular basis of basic crafting techniques including painting, sewing, leather working, resin casting/finishing dye sublimation, Cosplay, and more.
  • Curate a constantly changing gallery of makerspace member artworks/creations hung on empty walls and doors throughout the makerspace.

Behavioral Expectations

  • Adhere to all Dallas Makerspace site-wide rules.
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Report any damaged equipment or messes that require special clean-up (such as major paint/dye spills, etc.).
  • Pay for consumables as they are used at the payment counter.
  • Do not use any equipment that requires training without being approved and added to the appropriate AD list by an instructor.
  • Read and respect/follow any signage on equipment.
  • Avoid disrupting classes or events taking place in the CA committee space. Continued disruptions will result in you being asked to leave. If an instructor, SIG Leader, or Chair/Vice-chair asks you to leave the Creative Arts studio you must leave.
  • Equipment shall not be removed from the Creative Arts Studio without permission from the Chair or Vice Chair.
  • If there is a question regarding safe use of equipment refer to the Chair, Vice-Chair, or appropriate SIG Leader before returning to use of the equipment.

Failure to comply with the rules shall result in corrective or disciplinary action as outlined in the Disciplinary Action Model.

How To Join

  1. Send a PM to @Team_Creative_Arts on the Talk forum, letting us know you're interested.
  2. Add your name (alphabetical by first name) to the "Members" section of this wiki page.

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are groups of people who are interested in a topic which is a subset of the committee. In the past many SIGs have become their own committee once the community and group framework is sufficiently built. A leader is chosen from the group, and that person will act as a representative of the group in committee meetings and will lead SIG meetings. In Creative Arts, SIGs must meet at least quarterly and take minutes, which will be uploaded to the SIG's Wiki page. Minutes are to include attendance, a list of voted items as well as the vote outcome (including yay/nay/abstaining numbers), and a monthly purchase report.

The current SIGs in Creative Arts are as follows:


(Please add your Talk username if applicable so people can find you)

In Memoriam



The Talk Forum


Dallas Makerspace Creative Arts:

Dallas Makerspace Fiberholics:

Dallas Makerspace Sew and Sews:

Cosplay Makerspace Dallas:

World Wide Web:

Instagram: DMSCreativeArt

Twitter: DMSCreativeArt

Meeting Minutes

April 2021: CA Meeting Minutes 4/12/21

March 2021: CA Meeting Minutes 3/8/21

February 2021: CA Meeting Minutes 2/8/21

January 2021: CA Meeting Minutes 1/11/21


Link to summary of tools including thumbnail photos

  • Fiber Tools
    • Spinning Wheel
    • Inkle Looms
    • Table Loom (Dorothy LeClerc 4H 15.75" table loom) [picture]
  • Wide format printing (not yet in service)
    • HP DesignJet T610 (44" wide)
  • Vinyl cutter/plotter
    • US Cutter Titan 28 with VinylMaster CUT software
    • Manual
    • The Titan 28 can handle up to 28" wide vinyl. We stock vinyl 15" wide in just a few colors, with a practical size of 13"-14" between the sprockets. Primary vinyl is Oracal 651. We also stock the corresponding width transfer tape. There is a consumables cost for the vinyl/transfer tape. There is no guarantee that the color you want will be in stock.
  • Computers with Adobe Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, ...)
  • Instructional Art & Craft Books
  • Polymer clay tools, oven, and some media ($4 contribution per block of Sculpey requested)==
  • Natural Air Dry Clay
  • Various Xacto Knives
  • DIY Marbling
  • Scrapbooking (scissors, papers, stamps, embossing powders)
  • All make and manner of drawing media
  • Candle Making ($5-6 contribution per candle is requested)

Consumables & Consumables Fees

Many consumables are available within Creative Arts. We make available dedicated consumables for specific tools plus resources that you might not have available if you had to buy "the entire container", for instance.

Some consumables have specific pricing. Others we just ask that you contribute something to help defray the cost of replenishment. We don't make any profit on these materials; all the funds go back into replenishing.

Specific Pricing (as of 12/17/2018)

The consumables listed below have specific pricing. We reserve the right to add or change any price if needed. In the case of a discrepancy, the prices posted in the Studio/Annex (on the payment envelopes/kiosk) are the definitive prices.

We have an "If you use it, pay for it when you use it" policy:
(1) You pay for EVERYTHING you use regardless of whether the item turned out as expected
(2) You are expected to pay the day you use/consume the materials.
(3) There are NO IOU's in makery. If you don't have the cash, don't use the materials.

  • Dye Sublimation (updated December 2018):
    • $5 for a (4)sheet package of (8.5" x 14" / Legal) or $10 for a (4)sheet package of (11" x 17" / Tabloid) dye sub printer paper (this covers the cost of the other consumables such as heat-proof tape, adhesive spray, etc.) Single sheets are not available.
    • If you provide your own paper, there is a reduced fee for using just the dye plus the affiliated consumables. This "no paper required" fee is $1 per page printed for Legal, $2 for Tabloid. (Prices still current 4/15/24)
    • No charge to use the heat press; just for the materials to transfer the design
    • You provide your own items to be sublimated.
  • Vinyl Cutter (updated 1/24/19):
    • $2/linear foot for vinyl and transfer tape, rounded up to the nearest whole foot
    • $1/linear foot if you use only vinyl or only transfer tape, rounded up to the nearest whole foot
    • $4/linear foot for heat transfer vinyl (with self-contained backing) - usually SISER EasyWeed 15" width
    • If you provide both your own vinyl and transfer tape, there is no fee.
    • We typically stock Oracal 651 in black, white, red, green, blue and yellow; although there is no guarantee that a specific color will be available at any given time. The vinyl we stock has 13" of usable width.
  • CNC Embroidery:
    • $1, $2, or $3 per project (small/medium/large project) if you use DMS-provided embroidery thread (project specifics are posted on the thread box).
    • No charge if you provide your own thread (but if you use the DMS-provided stabilizer and bobbin thread, a small contribution would be appreciated).
  • Button making ($1 per qty):
    • (8) 1" buttons,
    • (6) 1.5" buttons,
    • (4) 2.25" buttons,
    • (2) 2.25" Magnetic buttons
  • Leather supplies:
    • For specific supplies, see the link at the Leather working SIG.
    • General contribution is requested for general-use leather supplies.
  • Fibers:
    • Consumables vary by weight and fiber content
    • Prices are on containers (scale is in the large fiber bin)
  • Wide Format Printing
    • None currently in service

General contribution is requested to help support and replenish:

  • Sewing supplies/thread, fabric
  • Watercolor paper/matte board
  • Paint, glue, general art media
  • Molding supplies

Lesser-used resources: In addition, we request the following voluntary contributions for these resources:

  • Clay - $4 per block of Sculpey
  • Candle Making - $5-6 per candle
  • Xyron 900 sticker machine & cartridges - $0.10 per inch
  • Comb binding - nominal charge for the combs - posted on the box

Contributing Funds (and Payment Link)

Please note, the best way to contribute is to use the Square console, just inside the classroom

Click here for the Creative Arts Paypal contribution page

Fancy QR code for the above Paypal link

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