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Committees are voluntary groups, formed by members in order to achieve certain goals.
To join this committee, contact the committee chairperson. See Rules and Policies#Committees for more information.


The Laser Committee covers:

  • Training members in the safe, effective use of the Lasers
  • Care and maintenance of the lasers (The Epilog Fusion, Zing and Thunder Novas)
  • Consumables of the lasers (Lenses, Mirrors, Laser Tubes, Supplies, etc)
  • Maintenance of the laser computers in cooperation with Infrastructure
  • The list of acceptable materials for use with the laser cutter. Ask if questionable.
  • Promotion of interest in laser technology.
Welcome to the World of DMS Lasering!
Congratulations on finding our wiki, the official record of the committee and chock full of useful information for members.
Makers are always learning, so the wiki changes as the Laser Committee becomes more knowledgeable about operation and maintenance.
Frequent changes makes it difficult for you, our members, to stay up to date.
Fortunately, wiki technology makes it easy.
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Help govern the area by joining the Laser Committee, there's always room for more people. Check the calendar for meeting times or find us online. Most meetings are followed up by a brief maintenance day and are a great opportunity to learn more about the lasers.

Happy Lasering!

Committee Leadership

Chair: Chris Vrana - talk handle: cvrana

Vice Chair: Jonathan Smith - talk handle: trapezium

Laser Area Rules... or how not to start fires


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Laser Area Rules


Laser Classes

Laser Basics Class

Laser Basics is the certification class needed to use the Thunder Lasers.

Laser Basics is now available online!

  • Epilog Zing In Depth:
  • Thunder Nova Lasers In Depth:

What follows is a record of most laser classes taught. Not all classes are taught regularly. If you'd like to take a class, ask some of the instructors or float the idea with other members (in person, talk, discord, etc). You will probably find someone willing to teach you.

100-Level Classes. Required to use Lasers or Optional Fundamentals.

  • Laser 101: Thunder Basics. Required class to use Thunder Lasers. Covers the principles of lasers, safety, use of RDWorks, and Thunder Lasers.
  • Laser 102: Zing Basics. Required class to use the Epilog Zing laser. Covers Inkscape, creating compatible PDF file, laser safety, and using the Epilog Zing.
  • Laser 103: Fusion Basis. Requires class to use the Epilog Fusion laser. Covers safety, compatible files, use of the software, the laser interface, and the rotary attachment.
  • Laser 103 (retired): RDWorks.
  • Laser 104: Lightburn.
  • Laser 105: Office Hours.
  • Laser 106: Thunder Basics for Crossover Classes. Special offering to support crossover classes. If another committee has enough interest in learning laser, this class allows those members to learn together and not wait for enough openings in Laser 101.
  • Laser 107: Thunder Optics Cleaning. Hands-on class certifying users to safely and effectively clean & evaluate the lenses and mirrors.
  • Laser 108: Thunder Advanced Maintenance. Hands-on class certifying Laser Committee members to replace lenses and mirrors, level beds, measure power output, and perform full system cleaning.

Related classes for other Digital Fabrication tools, so it receives its own 100-Level numbering.

  • Inkscape 101: Beginners.
  • Inkscape 102: Image Prep. Vectorizing images, working with vectors.
  • Adobe Illustrator 101
  • Fusion 360 101 - ?

200-Level Classes. Techniques.

  • Laser 201: Etching Tumblers and Glass on the Thunder Rotary. Intro to Rotary attachment, prep and mounting items, Lightburn settings.
  • Laser 202: Making Boxes.
  • Laser 203: Making Living Hinges.
  • Laser 204: Holiday ornaments - Design and cut with Thunder
  • Laser 205: Laser cut jewelry on the Thunders
  • Laser 206: Laser cut jewelry on the Zing
  • Laser 207: Laser cut Tangram Puzzle

300-Level Classes. Advanced Skills, Multiple Skills, Advanced Projects.

  • Laser 301: Purse/Clutch with Living Hinge.

Crossover Classes. Sponsored by other educational committees.

  1. Printmaking SIG offers Laser Block Engraving.
  2. Leatherworking SIG offers Leather-and-Lasers classes.
  3. Etching. Using the Laser to cut thru a resist then etch with chemicals/electrolysis.

DMS Laser Calendar.

Additional Laser Learning (video)

Tool Status & Maintenance


  • Report problems with equipment ASAP via the Talk forum "Issues and Requests" category. Tag @Team_Laser in post. More information about reporting issues can be found by clicking here.
  • Tool Status Board. Is equipment operational, needing maintenance, or out of service?
  • Laser Area Camera. View a still image of the area to see if the equipment is currently in use.
  • Maintenance History Log.

Authorized Maintainers

The following people are authorized to maintain and service the laser.

  1. Luke Olson
  2. Pearce Dunlap
  3. john a. gorman
  4. Brandon Green
  5. David Summers
  6. Beau Williamson
  7. Clay Romeiser
  8. Joshua Wims
  9. Andrew K.
  10. Ali Maskus

The following have admin rights, in addition to Infrastructure admins:

  1. Michael Bayern @michaelb
  2. Andrew K. @sixvolts
  3. Josh W. @JoshW
  4. David Summers @pinewoodnut
  5. Clay Romeiser @motopilot


A CNC laser cutter is a computer controlled tool for engraving and cutting. It uses a high-powered laser to burn through material, leaving a very crisp cut.

Thunder Nova Lasers

Notes Regarding Head Crashes:

  • Don't put anything in the way of the head so that it crashes. The thin metal slats have been specifically chosen to help avoid head crashes.
  • The Thunder Laser Nova 35 & 63 have servos (steppers with optical encoders). If it senses a lot of skipped steps it just gives up and assumes something has gone terribly wrong. This can crash the head. Resetting the machine clears things and it should go back to normal operation.
  • The "reset" button also helps when the machine loses track of its place. It forces a re-Home and then rights itself. This can happen with the rotary attachment too.

(Note: this link to be deleted when page retired) Wiki page for Thunder Laser -

Epilog Zing Laser

Epilog Fusion Pro 32

Square Receipt Printer

How to refill (with diagram) and where to find refills:


Discussion & Documentation

Committee Meetings

Online Laser Committee discussions

Open House 2018 History

Remembering what happened, so we don't have to reinvent the wheel each year.

Reserve lasers on calendar for cleaning shift and Open House. LASER DOWN Notifications on Talk and whiteboard.

Cleaning Shift: night before, 7-9pm. Clean the polycarbonate. "Motel" clean.


  1. Gift for Printmaking Committee: (Donner) A set of 26 business-card sized print blocks to support the crossover class "Laser Block Engraving".
  2. Gift for PR: (Zing) Chair and Vice-Chair name tags. White-on-black dual-layer acrylic. Raster: 75s 60p; Cut: 60s 70p 5000f 1000dpi
  3. Give-away: (Blitzen) engraved yellow pencils.
  4. Demo & Hands-On Activity: (Big Thunder) Leather-and-Lasers keychain fob.

Food: Brisket, white bread, potato salad, cooler + ice + canned soda, cupcakes.


Committee Members

Contact the Committee on the DMS Discussion Board using either (a) the Laser Category, (b) the @Team_Laser tag, or (c) individual tags given below.

  1. Andrew K. @sixvolts
  2. Josh W. @JoshW
  3. john a. gorman - @talkers
  4. Beau Williamson - @gbeauw
  5. Tommy Thomas - @tomthm
  6. Clay Romeiser - @motopilot
  7. David Summers - @pinewoodnut
  8. Merissa Green - @merissa
  9. Brandon Green
  10. Scott Blevins
  11. Ryan Caldwell - @somecallmery
  12. Brady Pamplin - @bpamplin
  13. Bill Gee - @Bill
  14. Daniel Hawn - @tombakerftw
  15. Stan Simmons - @StanSimmons
  16. Stephenie Webb - @heyheymama
  17. Ali Maskus - @skwurl
  18. Shaun Dixon - @Shaun_Dixon

How To Join

  • Add your name to the above list by editing the wiki.
  • Come to the meetings

Material Suppliers

The Laser Basics class (listed above) also contains a listing of potential material suppliers.

Here is a link to some plastics suppliers.

As a reminder:
(1) DMS accounts are not to be used for personal material purchases.
(2) DMS accounts are not to be used to get tax-free sales for personal purchases. Some vendors may offer this but you must insist on paying the tax.
(3) This means you. Reimbursing DMS for a personal material purchase is not even an option.

Additional Documentation

Laser Maintenance

Note: Members are not allowed to perform maintenance on the machines unless Committee members are present or a Maintenance Workday is in progress. Any member is welcome to show up for the Monthly Maintenance Days and help maintain the lasers and learn more about them. Check the DMS Calendar for upcoming events.


Furniture / Facility


Area Laser Systems

(Note: this link to be deleted when page retired)

Tips and Tricks



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