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Committees are voluntary groups, formed by members in order to achieve certain goals.
To join this committee, contact the committee chairperson. See Rules and Policies#Committees for more information.


The Laser Committee covers:

  • Care and maintenance of the laser cutter
  • Consumables of the laser cutter
  • Maintenance of the laser cutter's control computer
  • The list of acceptable materials for use with the laser cutter
  • The space owned lasers and safety regarding the lasers
  • This Committee is run as a benevolent dictatorship with the understanding that if something needs to get done, anyone can do the work.
  • It is asked that members either contact the Chairperson or send a message on the hangouts before attempting work. (in case someone else knows better how do do a job)


  1. To maintain and repair the laser cutter
  2. Train people on the operation of the laser cutter
  3. To Promote interest in laser technology

Class Materials

  1. Laser Basics PDF:


This section is to keep the membership up-to-date on the progress, changes, and new implementations of the Laser committee. This section should show, current month and 1 month before.

  • February (2017)-
  1. A more finalized version of the class material is complete.
  2. Mitch Cerroni Has fixed the power supply and motherboard on the zing pc
  3. The last, Laser Basics class was taught on, 2-8-17.
  4. Laser basics will soon be on DMS' LMS. Meaning it will be a self taught course.
  5. Big thank you to, Raymond Jett for the video footage.
  6. And a thank you to, Alex Rhodes for the editing. And Zeba for helping push DMS to a LMS.
  7. Thank you Chuck Graf, AAron Sanders, and Luke Olson, for procuring, replacing, maintaining, and implementing the Co2 orders.
  • January (2017)-
  1. Fixed the Thunder solenoid.
  2. Ordered a new tube for the Zing.
  3. Beau Williamson has upgraded the Zing by replacing the tube, he has also replaced a stepper motor, belts, and the "swing" gauge.
  4. Special thanks to John Gorman for teaching advanced classes.
  5. Special thanks to Luke Olson for all of the Adobe help.
  6. Special thanks to Lisa Selk for the tech side of things.
  7. Special thanks to Chuck Graff, Aaron Sanders, Tim Bene, Ryan Caldwell, and Pearce Dunlap. Without an amazing support team, laser would always be down.


  1. Patrick Thompson (Chairperson)
  2. Pearce Dunlap
  3. William Petefish
  4. Lisa Y Selk
  5. Romeo España
  6. Chuck Baber
  7. Andrew Falgout
  8. Alyssa Pipe
  9. Robert Davidson
  10. Alex Gallo
  11. Brandon Dunson
  12. Brennen Bliss
  13. Luke Olson
  14. Willis Maxson
  15. Daniel DePauw
  16. Haley Moore
  17. Leslie Dale
  18. Nick Sainz
  19. Steve Blanchard
  20. Oğuz Yetkin
  21. Joe Helmstetter
  22. Mike Attaway
  23. Kevin Braby
  24. john a. gorman
  25. Beau Williamson
  26. Mike Allbright
  27. Jeremy Downs
  28. Ryan Caldwell
  29. Stacey Garner King
  30. Merissa Green
  31. Dennis Cheng
  32. Leah Cheng
  33. John Dyer


The following are authorized to train/certify users on the laser. Often they will provide one-on-one training between official classes. If you wish to become a trainer, please speak to the, chair for training.

  1. Luke Olson
  2. Mitch Cerroni
  3. William Petefish
  4. John A. Gorman
  5. Nick Sainz
  6. Patrick Thompson
  7. Tom Thomas
  8. Pearce Dunlap
  9. Ryan Caldwell


The following people are authorized to maintain and service the laser.

  1. Patrick Thompson
  2. Pearce Dunlap
  3. William Petefish
  4. Lisa Y Selk
  5. Luke Olson
  6. Karl Lockhart

Tool Status Board

This link will take you to the, Tool Status Board, a very useful page to tell you what tools are up or down at Dallas Makerspace.


Recently, we've decided to make the camera that views the 3 lasers public.We hope that this along with tool board help in your projects!

Tips and Tricks

Engraving w/ the Lasersaur

Rotary Tool Training for the Thunder

If you have been cleared to use the regular lasers, you may attempt to use the rotary tool for, Thunder. Please review all material linked before attempting to utilize the rotary tool.

Engraving w/ the ThunderLaser

Wiki page for ThunderLaser is -

Additional Documentation for the Lasers

How To Join

  1. Add your name to the "Members" section of this wiki page.


All online Laser Committee discussions are held via the Dallas Makerspace Talk discussion page:

You can Email a couple people in the laser committee

  • [email protected]

Dallas Makerspace members should report Laser technical issues via the talk Issues and Request category. More information about reporting issues can be found by clicking here.