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Note: This information is applicable as of November 2021 and is still a draft.

This is has not been released as the final proceedures.

The MultiCam CNC router is capable of cutting and engraving up to 5'x10' sheets of wood and plastic. Training is required in order to use it.

Now and Then


Why the MultiCam was Upgraded and the Upgrade Process

The latest MultiCam upgrade was brought on by repeated abuse by authorized users. The process was documented by chronicling it on DMS Talk in a series of threads. The first thread started out as a frustrated post by a MultiCam power user who was trying their best to keep the machine patched together. At a point it became apparent that the current configuration and rules as enforced were no longer able to keep the abuse at bay.

If you ever question why we are so serious about making sure members are properly prepared and show respect the MultiCam, read through these entries and just imagine how many hours have been invested in this new launch.

Documenting the rebuild and upgrade

Damage and Mess

Tram it Sam

Going to the Dogs

The Next Generation

Materials Allowed

Basic users may only cut wood on the machine. Advanced rated users may cut wood and plastic, and may engrave many materials with the diamond drag bit.

Suggested materials




Training Classes

There are currently three classes being offered for the CNC Router at various times during the month. You are expected to understand the basics of CAD and be able to edit DXF or VCarve files. DMS currently uses VCarve Pro 11.x.

VCarve CAM

Class is approximately 2 hours in length, and has a $25 fee. The fee helps pay for machine maintenance and upgrades. This class teaches the user how to create the files that the MultiCam uses to control the machine. The user is expected to have the skills necessary to create and edit a DXF file. DXF files can be created and edited in software such as VCarve, Solidworks, Fusion360. The class is limited to 5 persons.

MultiCam Router

Class covers how the machine works, how to fixture a job, and general safety. The class has a $25 fee, is limited to 5 people, and is both classroom and hands on.

MultiCam Router Checkout

Candidate demonstrates their mastery of the process and using the machine to a machining supervisor. This is a pass/fail session and requires a $25 fee paid to the instructor prior to the start of the session. If you fail, you may elect to continue the session or stop at that point.

Advanced CNC Router

Class is offered only for those who have already earned their basic rating, and gained some experience using the router. Topics are discussed to allow users to become more proficient using the router, and to enable advanced users to cut plastics, as well as using the diamond drag bit. Calls cost will be $25 and taught quarterly at most.

Spoil Board Rules

Don't lose your privileges or pay fines.

Minimum Thickness

A 5/8" thick or greater spoil board is MANDATORY AND ALWAYS required between the machine table and any item you are processing. This includes when making personal spoil boards.

Flattening Slabs

A 3/8" thick spoil board may be used under slabs too thick (>2-1/4") to clear the gantry while using a 5/8" spoil board as long as the cutter maintains a programmed 1" distance from surface of the table at all times.

Never Cut Directly on Table

It is forbidden to cut material directly on the table for any reason. We understand that gantry will no longer clear taller projects, but it is forbidden to cut directly on the machine's surface without a 5/8" spoil board. This includes the production of spoil boards.

Take Care of Our Table

You may not place materials that are to be machined directly on the table. Every time the surface is dented or slightly crushed, the surface vacuum is reduced. The table surface is not a work surface or tool storage area.

MultiCam 1.0 Authorized User Recertification

If you were an authorized user prior to July 2021 and wish to become recertified without the benefit of the new training classes follow the link below..

MultiCam 2.0 Test for Authorized users prior to July 2021

MultiCam 1.0 Test Candidates

If you had completed the prior training class and were waiting to be tested, you are also allowed to follow the reauthorization path. Like the majority of low usage recertification candidates, the team whole heartedly suggests that you take the opportunity to take the new training classes at no fee. To qualify for No Fee you must be in the AD directory as having been previously qualified. Our primary goal is to ensure the health and availability of the MultiCam for those who are prepared. The test is pass/fail. Failing will require that you take the new training classes.

MultiCam 2.0 Test for Authorized users prior to July 2021

VCarve Pro 11.x Makerspace Edition

VCarve Pro 11.x is currently free of cost to members.

Installing and using our currently supported version of VCarve Pro

Downloading and Installing VCarve Pro 11

Projects & Jigs

Discover predesigned project files. Many times you might want to make a project, but not start from scratch.

View projects MultiCam projects

Multicam Manual

You will be asked questions regarding basic machine operations. It is suggested that you study the manual below:

Multicam Session Instructions

Step-by-step instructions for running a basic job.

[Link to Document] - currently being edited


For studying purposes:
The MultiCam EZ ControlĀ® keypad

User-supplied Cutters

You are required to provide your own cutters (bits), here are some options:

Infrastructure Setup

The MultiCAM computer in the woodshop is a Raspberry PI remote connecting to the Jump Server.

The Jump Server has software that supports the MultiCAM.

"Machine Tools Suite v4" is required to be running on the Jump Server for operation. This software has a required USB dongle on the VMH-07 Hyper-V server.

The software can be downloaded from MultiCAM Downloads and it is called "MultiCam Suite 4 Install"

VCarve Pro is also installed to support the MultiCAM. If VCarve can't find the license, see this Talk Post for troubleshooting.