Festool Domino XL DF 700

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Festool Domino XL

The Domino XL is a loose mortise and tenon joining tool manufactured by the German company Festool. Dominoes (loose tenons) are manufactured by Festool and provided by the space. Please strongly consider donating to the Woodshop should you use them for a project, as they are relatively expensive.

The OEM manual can be found here: http://www.festoolusa.com/media/pdf/Domino_XL_DF700.pdf

Available Bits and Pieces

Festool Dominoes
  • 8x22x50
  • 8x22x80
  • 8x22x100
  • 10x24x50
  • 10x24x80
  • 10x24x100
Festool Cutters
  • 8mm
  • 10mm
  • 12mm

Festool Cross Stop for Domino XL

Festool Trim Stop for Domino XL

Festool Systainer

Festool has a place is every Systainer for, well, pretty much everything. There are usually diagrams (maps!) inside the box for locating bits.

Wrench and cross stops in the Systainer
The Domino XL in the Systainer