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Committees are voluntary groups, formed by members in order to achieve certain goals.
To join this committee, contact the committee chairperson. See Rules and Policies#Committees for more information.


The Electronics and Robotics Committee's responsibilities are to:

  • Maintain the order, organization, safety, cleanliness, and utility of the Electronics and Robotics room, and any additional facilities designated for electronics and robotics purposes.
  • Establish, subject to Board of Directors approval, oversight rules for use of the Electronics and Robotics resources at the Dallas Makerspace.
  • Create necessary training materials that allow makers to effectively and safely use the Electronics and Robotics facilities.

Governance Model

Benevolent dictatorship, per Dallas Makerspace Rules.


Anyone can send an e-mail to [email protected] and it will be forwarded to all members of the committee. Also we are most active on DMS talk


  • Will Alderman
  • Brennen Bliss
  • Jon Burroughs
  • Rusty Cain
  • Jay Cox
  • David Fenyes
  • Art Givens (Chairman)
  • Bill Gee
  • John Haskins
  • Rashon Hogan
  • Daniel Jackson
  • James Jones
  • Katie Luper
  • Haley Moore (Vice-Chair)
  • Chris Morgan
  • Doug Paradis
  • Lance Preston
  • Ken Purcell
  • Dan Ribaido
  • Nick Sainz
  • Rich Thompson
  • Carl Ott
  • Russel Ward

How To Join

  1. Be a member of the Dallas Makerspace.
  2. Look at the interest group on DMS talk. If you are primarily interested in discussing electronics and projects, then you may get all you want by participating in that group. Any member may participate without joining the Electronics and Robotics committee.
  3. If your interest is in the improvement and maintenance of the Electronics and Robotics room, then send a PM to the chairperson (@Lampy) of the committee, stating your interest in the committee. It would be helpful to indicate the nature of your interest, how you would like to be involved, and what you hope to contribute.
  4. Add your name to the "Members" section of this wiki page.

Special Interest Groups

New Gear (2015-04-06)

Gratten ATF20B Function Generator
Signstek M4070 LCR Meter
Signstek MESR-100 V2 ESR Meter
Rigol DS1054Z Oscilloscope

PDF Manuals (work in progress - can you help add?)





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