Tormach-8L Lathe

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Tormach 8L CNC lathe


Carriage Length x Width 7.25 in x 4 in Spindle Power 1.5 hp
Machine Footprint 50 in x 26 in Spindle Speed Two spindle ranges with speeds
from 180 to 5,000 rpm
Typical System Weight
incl. optional stand
838 lbs Through Spindle Bore 1 in
Maximum Swing Over Bed 8 in Maximum Workpiece Length 10 in with tailstock
Maximum Swing Over Carriage 4 in Maximum Stock Over Bed 8 in
Max System Height with Door Open
(mounted on optional stand)
66 in Maximum Stock Over Carriage 4 in
Overall System Height 52 in Spindle Nose 5C
Taper MT2 X- and Z- Axis Maximum Feed Rate 150 ipm
Diameter 0.9 in Axis Drivers (X, Z) High-Performance Polyphase Stepper Motors
Travel 2.2 in with Leadshine Microstepping Drivers
X-Axis 4.5 in Power Requirements Single phase 115 VAc,
50/60 Hz, 15A breaker
Z-Axis 10 in with tailstock


  • 4" four jaw chuck with 5C mount
  • OXA quick change tool post and tool holders
  • Post mount Knurling tool.

Getting Started


To get started learning:

  • Use a virtual instance of the PathPilot controller software
    • Create an account on PathPilot Hub
    • Connect to a virtual instance to begin learning to control a virtual lathe

DRO Settings

This is taken from the Facing section of the guide:

Tool Initial X DRO Field Final X Description
Rear Positive Positive The tool works on the positive
X side of the spindle center
(the side away from you)
Front Negative Negative The tool works on the negative
X side of the spindle center
(the side closest to you)