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The Resin Special Interest group is for DMS members who are interested in using resins in a wide variety of projects. Resin can be used in so many ways-jewelry, woodworking, creative arts, gaming, fabrication, cosplay - just to name a few. Due to this, there are various ways the Resin SIG has potential to crossover into other committee areas. The current leader for the Resin SIG is Laura Gonzalez (talk handle @starreyedgirl).

The Resin SIG is currently housed under the Creative Arts committee.

Resin SIG Goals

  1. Development of a like minded group who can share resources and tips for resin casting
  2. learning new techniques
  3. Development of classes within a variety of different committees using resin

How to Join

The Resin SIG is open to all DMS members, from novice to expert. Some tools, such as the Vacuum and Pressure pot will require training before use. Please add your name in alphabetical order to this Wiki and include your TALK handle.


  1. SIG Lead Laura Gonzalez (@starreyedgirl on TALK)
  2. Lara Rosenblith (@edenblue on TALK)
  3. Scott Blevins (@scott_blevins on TALK)
  4. Susan Clot de Broissia (@sclotdebro on TALK)
  5. Mark Cochran (@mc1252 on TALK)
  6. Alicia Colina-Ashby ( @aliciaca on TALK )
  7. Brian Cook (@Brian)
  8. Bernard Gray (@Bernard_Gray on TALK)
  9. Kriston Gray
  10. Greg Kelley (@Jeeves on TALK)
  11. John Norine, Jr. (@jnorine on TALK)
  12. Nick Silva (@nicksilva on TALK)
  13. john a. gorman @talkers on TALK)
  14. Steve Wynne (@LordRook on TALK)
  15. Anita Willis (@meanbaby on TALK)
  16. Robert Hines (@Roberthines544 on Talk)
  17. Jeffrey Woodson (@Sevenof9 on TALK)
  18. Jim Murphy (@jmdesigns7 on TALK)

Tool and Supplies

  1. Pressure Pot (lives in CA) -requires training before use
  2. Vacuum Chamber - requires training before use
  3. Various pigments, powders and colorants (consumables)
  4. Inclusions
  5. Resins -most members will bring their own depending on the project they are working on, however, we may be able to do monthly group buys
  6. Molds

Videos and Resources




Rules for Safe Use of Pressure Pot and Vacuum (Training Use only) Tools

Meeting Minutes


Supply Lists from Classes