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Member Count

The number of members DMS had at the end of the previous month is available here:

Member List

This is a list of dues-paying, full-access members of Dallas Makerspace.

Member Joined Photo Handle/Nick Preferred Contact
Aaron Whitaker Center
Richard Bauman 2013-10 (Oct 2013) Center [email protected]
Abhinav Chennapareddy Center
Alex Gallo Center
Alex Rhodes 2013-04 (April 2013) Center AntiMidas alexrhodes AT
Alyssa Pipe 2010-05 (May 2010) Center Apipe
Andrea Kosta Center
Andrew Falgout 2012-08 (August 2012) Center digitalw00t/draeician
Andrew Floyd 2013-03 (March 2013) Center BentRider at Gmail
Andrew LeCody 2010-10 (October 2010) Center aceat64 andrew lecody at gmail
Ashley Newland 2013-01 (January 2010) Center
Beau Williamson 2015-04 (October 2010) Center gbeauw gbeauw at gmail
Ben Bangerter 2011-01 (January 2011) Center
Benjamin Groves 2013-01 (January 2013) Center bendertx ben.groves.tx gmail
Bill Gee 2015-08 (August 2015) Center [email protected]
Brandon Dunson 2012-10 (October 2012) Center earthtown earthtown gmail
Brandon Green 2012-09 (September 2012) Center brandonagr
Brooks Scharff 2014-01 (January 2014) Center bscharff [email protected] / (210) 584-3118
Bryan Gangwere 2013-07 (June 2013) Center [email protected]
Cam Cairns 2010-07 (July 2010) Center
Cathy Lux Center
Chris Anderson Center
Chris Seifert Center
Christopher Carson 2013-01 (January 2013) Center
Christopher Martin Center
Christopher Seifert 2010-05 (May 2010) Center
Craig Swain Center
Curtis Horton Center
Dafydd Roche 2013-01 (January 2013) Center
Daniel Jackson 2012-06 (June 2012) Center djackson
Darcy Neal Center
David Ackley 2010-12 (December 2010) Center
David Fenyes 2011-09 (September 2011) Center
David Guill 2012-02 (Febuary 2012) Center
david jackson Center
David Jannke Center
David Jeter Center
David Mandala 2011-05 (May 2011) Center davidm at freenode maker at them dot com
Derrick Bommarito Center
Dia Mai Center
Dick Swan 2012-10 (October 2012) Center
Doug Emes 2010-08 (August 2010) Center dougemes
Doug Paradis 2011-04 (April 2011) Center
Doug Shock Center
Ed Koffeman Center
Edward Kim Center
Edward Wright Center
Eric Chaney 2010-08 (August 2010) Center metaldust
Eric Riggan Center
Frank Scranton Center frank \ freon
George Dunson Center
George Nassar 2013-09 (September 2013) Center slinkygn
Greg Needel 2010-10 (October 2010) Center Gneedel
Gregory Rohde Center
Gus Reiter 2010-06 (June 2010) Center
Haley Moore 2010-12 (December 2010) Center toenolla
Heather Williamee 2012-02 (February 2012) Center
Jay Phelps 2015-10 (October 2015) Center jphelps jay at
Jason Henriksen 2010-05 (May 2010) Center
Jeffry Portell 2011-09 (September 2011) Center
Jim Price 2011-10 (October 2011) Center
John Fields 2010-10 (October 2010) Center
John Haskins 2011-04 (April 2011) Center
John Kuhlenschmidt 2013-01 (January 2013) Center
Jonah Kirby Center
Jose "Nick" Sainz 2012-03 (March 2012) Center
Joseph "Joe" Helmstetter Jr 2014-07 (July 2014) Center
Joseph Watson Center
Joshua "Josh" Masseo Center jmasseo
Josh McDonald Center Littlepchan [email protected]
Joshua Sanchez Center
Julio Nieto 2013-07 Center Mrpink
Justin Edwards 2015-01

Amber and I.jpg

Ke5bud Dallas Makerspace Talk
Karim Virani 2010-09 (September 2010) Center
Karl Mohler Center
Katie Luper Center
Keith Hearn Center
Ken Purcell 2011-11 (November 2011) Center lampy
Kenneth Schmitt Center kenwshmt
Kent Bowling 2011-07 (July 2011) Center
Krissy Heishman 2013-03 (March 2013) Center
Lance Heiskell Center
Lance Preston 2011-10 (October 2011) Center
Larry D'Agostino 2013-03 (March 2013) Center
Leland Flynn 2010-10 (October 2010) Center
Levi Corcoran 2013-02 (February 2013) Center allgeek
Lilith Calbridge Center lilith
Lisa Selk 2012-09 (September 2012) Center selk68 lisaselk gmail
Jason Eklund 2014-04 (April 2014) Center killmsry jason at mactracks dot com
Luke Olson 2013-04 (April 2013) Center lukeiamyourfather
Malcolm Wardlaw Center
Mark Havens 2010-05 (May 2010) * Center
Mark Thienvanich 2014-01 (January 2014) Center
Michael Heltemes Center
Michael Lass 2012-11 (November 2012) Center mlass
Michael Parks Center
Michael Pursifull Center
Mike Allbright 2010-07 (July 2010) Center
Mike Churchill 2011-10 (October 2011) Center hankcowdog
Mike Eber 2010-9 (October 2010) Center nikropht nikropht (at) gmail dot com
Mikel Duke 2012-12 (December 2012) Center mikel mikelduke (.at.) mdp3 d o t n.e.t-
Monica Austin Center
Natcha Pradappet Center Nacho
Nathan Owen Center
Nicholas Schell 2013-09 (September 2013) Center Nick Dangerous nick





Nicole LeCody 2010-10 (October 2010) Center R4bb1t
Oğuz Yetkin 2010-09 (September 2010) Center
Pat Hykkonen 2011-11 (November 2011) Center BUFF pat .at. hykkonen .dot. net
Patrick Carroll Center
Paul Brown 2011-11 (November 2011) Center pawl
Paul Ruelas 2012-08 (August 2012) Center
Paul Stafford 2015-01 (January 2015) Center paulstaf [email protected]
Paul Wilson 2010-09 (September 2010) Center
Pearce Dunlap 2013-03 (March 2013) Center pearcedunlap a/t gmail dot com
Peter Dyer Center
Peter Smith 2010-05 (May 2010) Center Peter242 peters-tx
Ralph Green, Jr. Center
Randy Adamson Center
Rashon Hogan Center
Ray Southwell Center
Rebecca Lass 2012-11 (November 2012) Center
Richard Alexander 2014-08 (August 2014) Center Opcode
Robert Davidson 2010-10 (October 2010) Center Robert
Robert Gustavsson Center
Romeo España 2012-03 (March 2012) Center
Ronald Olbrey Center
Rose Petefish 2012-02 (February 2012) Center
Sarah Scott Center
Scott VanRavenswaay Center
Shahrzad Rizvi Center
Stacy Devino 2011-08 (August 2011) Center
Stan Simmons 2011-12 (December 2011) Center StanSimmons email me
Stephen Bartholomew Center
Stephen Wylie 2011-09 (September 2011) Center
Steve Blanchard Center
Steve Clayton 2013-08 (August 2013) Center steve [email protected]
Steve Edwards 2013-11 (November 2013) Center Steve [email protected]
Steve Rainwater 2010-05 (May 2010) Center steevithak
Matt Ragan 2015-04-16 (April '15) Center Matt or Kuu [email protected]
Matt Redmond 2014-02 (February 2014) Center Matt email me
Steven Reeves 2010-10 (October 2010) Center
Thomas McQuitty Center
Tim Nielsen Center
Todd Stone 2013-05 (May 2013) Center
Trigg Burrage Center
Walter Anderson 2015-04 (April 2015) Center wandrson wandrson01 at
Wayne Ross Center
William McCall 2012-02 (February 2012) Center
William Petefish 2012-02 (February 2012) Center wpetefish
Willie Davis 2013-01 (January 2013) Center
Zach Metzinger 2014-07 (July 2014) Center
Jason Daniels 2015-01 (January 2015) Center ispljjd [email protected]
Travis Zinger 2014-05 (May 2014) Center The Cake Guy [email protected]

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