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NOTE: This list is no longer kept up to date and may have non-members listed.

Purpose of this List

This is a voluntarily and manually updated list. It's purpose is to have a place to put a name to a face, and perhaps get to know each-other a little better.

See Also: Dallas Makerspace Wiki user list - for is a list of all users who have accounts on the Dallas Makerspace wiki, which includes anyone from the general public who'd like to sign up and participate.

Member Count

You can view a close approximation of the current membership count here:

Member List

This is a partial list of (past and present) members of Dallas Makerspace who have added their information to the list.

Member Joined Photo Handle/Nick Preferred Contact
Aaron Whitaker Center
Richard Bauman 2013-10 (Oct 2013) Center [email protected]
Abhinav Chennapareddy Center
Alex Gallo Center
Alex Rhodes 2013-04 (April 2013) Center AlexRhodes alexrhodes AT
Alyssa Pipe 2010-05 (May 2010) Center Apipe
Andrea Kosta Center
Andrew Falgout 2012-08 (August 2012) Center digitalw00t/draeician
Andrew Floyd 2013-03 (March 2013) Center BentRider at Gmail
Andrew LeCody 2010-10 (October 2010) Center aceat64 andrew lecody at gmail
Ashley Newland 2013-01 (January 2010) Center
Beau Williamson 2015-04 (October 2010) Center gbeauw gbeauw at gmail
Ben Bangerter 2011-01 (January 2011) Center
Benjamin Groves 2013-01 (January 2013) Center bendertx ben.groves.tx gmail
Bill Gee 2015-08 (August 2015) Center [email protected]
Brandon Dunson 2012-10 (October 2012) Center earthtown earthtown gmail
Brandon Green 2012-09 (September 2012) Center brandonagr
Brooks Scharff 2014-01 (January 2014) Center bscharff [email protected] / (210) 584-3118
Cam Cairns 2010-07 (July 2010) Center
Cathy Lux Center
Chris Anderson Center
Chris Seifert Center
Christopher Carson 2013-01 (January 2013) Center
Christopher Cates 2016-08 (August 2016) Center cmcates [email protected] / +12025059573
Christopher Martin Center
Christopher Seifert 2010-05 (May 2010) Center
Craig Swain Center
Curtis Horton Center
Dafydd Roche 2013-01 (January 2013) Center
Daniel Jackson 2012-06 (June 2012) Center djackson
Darcy Neal Center
David Ackley 2010-12 (December 2010) Center
David Fenyes 2011-09 (September 2011) Center
David Guill 2012-02 (Febuary 2012) Center
david jackson Center
David Jannke Center
David Jeter Center
David Mandala 2011-05 (May 2011) Center davidm at freenode maker at them dot com
Derrick Bommarito Center
Dia Mai Center
Dick Swan 2012-10 (October 2012) Center
Doug Emes 2010-08 (August 2010) Center dougemes
Doug Paradis 2011-04 (April 2011) Center
Doug Shock Center
Dwight Spencer 1368489600 give or take a few cycles. Center denzuko 0xFC13F74B -
Ed Koffeman Center
Edward Kim Center
Edward Wright Center
Eric Chaney 2010-08 (August 2010) Center metaldust
Eric Riggan Center
Frank Scranton Center frank \ freon
George Dunson Center
George Nassar 2013-09 (September 2013) Center slinkygn
Greg Needel 2010-10 (October 2010) Center Gneedel
Gregory Rohde Center
Gonzalo Gonzalez
Gus Reiter 2010-06 (June 2010) Center
Haley Moore 2010-12 (December 2010) Center toenolla
Heather Williamee 2012-02 (February 2012) Center
James Jones 2014-11 (November 2014) Center
Jay Phelps 2015-10 (October 2015) Center jphelps jay at
Jason Henriksen 2010-05 (May 2010) Center
Jeffry Portell 2011-09 (September 2011) Center
Jim Price 2011-10 (October 2011) Center
John Fields 2010-10 (October 2010) Center
John Haskins 2011-04 (April 2011) Center
John Kuhlenschmidt 2013-01 (January 2013) Center
Jonah Kirby Center
Jose "Nick" Sainz 2012-03 (March 2012) Center
Joseph "Joe" Helmstetter Jr 2014-07 (July 2014) Center
Joseph Watson Center
Joshua "Josh" Masseo Center jmasseo
Josh McDonald Center Littlepchan [email protected]
Joshua Sanchez Center
Julio Nieto 2013-07 Center Mrpink
Justin Edwards 2015-01

Amber and I.jpg

Ke5bud Dallas Makerspace Talk
Karim Virani 2010-09 (September 2010) Center
Karl Mohler Center
Katie Luper Center
Keith Hearn Center
Ken Purcell 2011-11 (November 2011) Center lampy
Kenneth Schmitt Center kenwshmt
Kent Bowling 2011-07 (July 2011) Center
Krissy Heishman 2013-03 (March 2013) Center
Lance Heiskell Center
Lance Preston 2011-10 (October 2011) Center
Larry D'Agostino 2013-03 (March 2013) Center
Leland Flynn 2010-10 (October 2010) Center
Levi Corcoran 2013-02 (February 2013) Center allgeek
Lilith Calbridge Center lilith
Lisa Selk 2012-09 (September 2012) Center selk68 lisaselk gmail
Jason Eklund 2014-04 (April 2014) Center killmsry jason at mactracks dot com
Luke Olson 2013-04 (April 2013) Center lukeiamyourfather
Malcolm Wardlaw Center
Mark Havens 2010-05 (May 2010) * Center
Mark Thienvanich 2014-01 (January 2014) Center
Michael Heltemes Center
Michael Lass 2012-11 (November 2012) Center mlass
Michael Parks Center
Michael Pursifull Center
Mike Allbright 2010-07 (July 2010) Center
Mike Churchill 2011-10 (October 2011) Center hankcowdog
Mike Eber 2010-9 (October 2010) Center nikropht nikropht (at) gmail dot com
Mikel Duke 2012-12 (December 2012) Center mikel mikelduke (.at.) mdp3 d o t n.e.t-
Mitch Cerroni 2014-2 (February 2014) Center themitch22 mitch (dot) cerroni (at) gmail (dot) com
Monica Austin Center
Natcha Pradappet Center Nacho
Nathan Jones 2014-03 (March 2014) Center Nathan bigbeartx at gmail or Nathan_Jones on
Nathan Owen Center
Nicholas Schell 2013-09 (September 2013) Center Nick Dangerous nick





Nicole LeCody 2010-10 (October 2010) Center R4bb1t
Oğuz Yetkin 2010-09 (September 2010) Center
Pat Hykkonen 2011-11 (November 2011) Center BUFF pat .at. hykkonen .dot. net
Patrick Carroll Center
Paul Brown 2011-11 (November 2011) Center pawl
Paul Ruelas 2012-08 (August 2012) Center
Paul Stafford 2015-01 (January 2015) Center paulstaf [email protected]
Paul Wilson 2010-09 (September 2010) Center
Pearce Dunlap 2013-03 (March 2013) Center pearcedunlap a/t gmail dot com
Peter Dyer Center
Peter Smith 2010-05 (May 2010) Center Peter242 peters-tx
Ralph Green, Jr. Center
Randy Adamson Center
Rashon Hogan Center
Ray Southwell Center
Rebecca Lass 2012-11 (November 2012) Center
Richard Alexander 2014-08 (August 2014) Center Opcode
Robert Davidson 2010-10 (October 2010) Center Robert
Robert Gustavsson Center
Romeo España 2012-03 (March 2012) Center
Ronald Olbrey Center
Rose Petefish 2012-02 (February 2012) Center
Sarah Scott Center
Scott VanRavenswaay Center
Shahrzad Rizvi Center
Stacy Devino 2011-08 (August 2011) Center
Stan Simmons 2011-12 (December 2011) Center StanSimmons email me
Stephen Bartholomew Center
Stephen Wylie 2011-09 (September 2011) Center
Steve Blanchard Center
Steve Clayton 2013-08 (August 2013) Center steve [email protected]
Steve Edwards 2013-11 (November 2013) Center Steve [email protected]
Steve Rainwater 2010-05 (May 2010) Center steevithak
Matt Ragan 2015-04-16 (April '15) Center Matt or Kuu [email protected]
Matt Redmond 2014-02 (February 2014) Center Matt email me
Steven Reeves 2010-10 (October 2010) Center
Thomas McQuitty Center
Tim Nielsen Center
Todd Stone 2013-05 (May 2013) Center
Trigg Burrage Center
Walter Anderson 2015-04 (April 2015) Center wandrson wandrson01 at
Wayne Ross Center
William McCall 2012-02 (February 2012) Center
William Petefish 2012-02 (February 2012) Center wpetefish
Willie Davis 2013-01 (January 2013) Center
Zach Metzinger 2014-07 (July 2014) Center
Jason Daniels 2015-01 (January 2015) Center ispljjd [email protected]
Travis Zinger 2014-05 (May 2014) Center The Cake Guy [email protected]
Cary Fleming 2015-10 (October 2015)
Cary Fleming
CaryF300 cary (at) LaserWonders (dot) com

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