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Polyprinter 508

Polyprinter 508

AKA "Bubba"

Specifications and Documentation

Print Volume:

  1. X: 508mm (20”)
  2. Y: 229mm (9”)
  3. Z: 229mm (9”)

Links to :

Access and Use

ACCESS. The PolyPrinter 508 is on OctoPrint like the other PolyPrinters with the address:

It works just like the other PolyPrinters, except you need to change the Printer Profile in Kisslicer to “PolyPrinter 508” in order to use the extended bed.


RULES. Some rules about using the PolyPrinter 508:

  1. You are still required to be on campus to make sure your print doesn’t mess up or finish and prevent others from using it after you. You can always have someone proxy for you (they can watch it and fix it if it goes bad).
  2. If it’s being used, add your name to the Queue white board with your name/phone and PolyPrinter 508 so the next person knows you want to use it.
  3. Only use the PolyPrinter 508 for larger prints that you can’t do on the PolyPrinter 229’s. This will free it up for others that want to print larger items.
  4. Do not try to fix it unless you are trained for it, it’s a new machine and covered under warranty by PolyPrinter.

TRAINING. It requires the same training as the other Polyprinters. This training can periodically be taken in person, or can be taken online at this link.