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Thunder Laser Laser Cutter

Thunder Laser Nova 63

1600mm x 1000mm (63” x 39.4”x 9.8”) 130 Watts of Power

Thunder Laser Nova 35

900mm x 600mm (35.4″ x 23.6″ x 9.8”) 100 Watts of Power

What is a laser cutter?

A CNC laser cutter is a computer controlled tool for engraving and cutting. It uses a high-powered laser to burn through material, leaving a very crisp cut.


Please see the list of Laser Cutter Materials for materials that are not allowed to be cut on the machine.

Material Speed and Power settings: File:Thunder Laser parameters for different materials-130watt SP V6.pdf

Our Class User Manual

Rotary Engraving on Thunder

OEM User's Manuals

Thunder Laser Software Manual RDWorks v8.0

Nova 63 Manual (hardware)


Thunder Laser
New 2016.04. Direct from Thunder Laser in China.

Thunder Laser Youtube Channel

Head Crashes:

  1. Don't put anything in the way of the head so that it crashes.
  2. The Thunderlaser Nova 63 has servos (steppers with optical encoders). If it senses a lot of skipped steps it just gives up and assumes something has gone terribly wrong. This can crash the head. Resetting the machine clears things and it should go back to normal operation.
  3. The "reset" button also helps when the machine loses track of its place. It forces a re-Home and then rights itself. This can happen with the rotary attachment too,