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Rostock MAX V3 3D Printer

RostockMAX V3 3D Printer

The Rostock Max V3 is on the network with OctoPrint. You can access it here:

You can now print with 1.75mm PLA or PETG (other variants of the same) or Nylon (which we do not stock). It won’t print ninjaflex well or at all. If you want to swap filament, you need to pre-heat the hotend in OctoPrint, retract filament about 400-500mm. Then insert new filament and extrude the same. The extruder has a red lever you press in to push filament into the feed tube. The machine should stay calibrated and you can use glue stick to stick your parts to the glass. Any questions please PM Mitch.

If you want to start using it please follow these guides:

  1. Install Cura 3.3 (Latest as of 5/6/2018)
  1. Simplify3D license is on one of the CAD computers in the common room. You can also follow this guide to use that with the Rostock Max V3.