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Committees are voluntary groups, formed by members in order to achieve certain goals.
To join this committee, contact the committee chairperson. See Rules and Policies#Committees for more information.


To further your goals on metal working, such as various welding techniques, metal cutting, forming, and other skills necessary for safe fabrication in various metals.

Governance and Meetings

The committee routinely meets on the first Saturday of each month at noon in the Metal Shop. Meetings will be posted on the calendar. While no formal agenda needs to be posted, advance notice of large purchases or other actionable items that will require full committee vote to approve should be brought to the chair and/or vice chair with ample lead time for research and questions (48 hours or more is a good rule of thumb).



Blanket Rules

These guide is intended to supplement those posted on the wall in the metal shop, and are applicable at all times, for all equipment:

  • Arguing about any safety complaints is grounds for removal from the metal shop. If a safety issue is brought up, regardless of if the member agrees with it stop and evaluate
  • All members are permitted to enforce rules within the metal shop. All members may have a member removed from the room for failure to comply with safety requirements after a warning
  • No Galvanized metal, particularly on welding and plasma cutting equipment
  • No Zinc plated metal, particularly on the welding and plasma cutting equipment
  • No combustible metals (e.g. titanium, magnesium) are allowed, particularly on the welding and plasma equipment (see Metal Shop chair if you think you should be granted an exception for Titanium work)
  • No working on pressurized, or formerly pressurized containers (no "freon" (refrigerant) tanks, no hairspray cans, no propane tanks, etc.)
  • No working on vessels which contain, or may have contained, chemicals (e.g. no motorcycle gas tanks, no "jerrycans", no R12 tanks, no R22 tanks, etc.)
  • Gloves are not permitted when hands are within 6 inches of bench grinders. If grinding smaller parts, use pliers or remove the gloves
  • Tools must be re-locked, where applicable, once use is completed
  • Machines must be de-energized when unattended
  • All messes must be cleaned up. It does not matter if the person before you left a tool messy, you must clean the tool if you use it.

Age Requirements

Minimum age to use any equipment in the Metal Shop, except the hot processes, is 16 years old unless noted otherwise on the tool's page, or with special dispensation from the current Metal Shop chair.

Minimum age to use hot process tools (welder/plasma) is:

  • Unsupervised: 18 years old
  • With Parent or Guardian: 16 years old and requires full-time supervision by a parent who has been trained on that tool.
    • Special permission from the current Metal Shop chair and full-time supervision by a parent who is trained on that tool is required for anyone younger than 16 years.




Please see the Welding page.

CNC Plasma Cutter

Please see the CNC_Plasma_Cutter_Training page.

Other Tools

Please see the Metal Shop Tools page.


Training is required for the welding and CNC plasma-cutter equipment. Training is not required for other equipment, but we do expect you to seek assistance and/or attend training classes as needed for the safety of all building occupants.

Hot Processes Safety Slidedeck

Hot Processes Safety

Approved Trained Users

These lists are only visible inside Dallas Makerspace.

CNC Plasma Users

MIG Welding Users

TIG Welding Users

Members-Talk username

  1. Jim Hartnett @hon1nbo -- Chair
  2. Chuck Graf @DallasMagna
  3. D Cheng
  4. Adrian Valdes
  5. Alex Rhodes
  6. Andrew Spencer @Jast
  7. Andrew Floyd
  8. Carey Ritchey
  9. Chetan Raj
  10. Chris W
  11. Danny Meeks
  12. David Kessinger @photomancer
  13. Ed Kim
  14. Frank Clausen
  15. Ken Purcell
  16. Lee Jones
  17. Tim Bene @tbjk -- Vice Chair
  18. Tom Cook
  19. Trent Campbell
  20. Zach Metzinger @Zmetzing
  21. Brady Pamplin @bpamplin
  22. Freddy Calvert @yashsedai

Things to Do

  1. Create a "chores" page for ongoing/periodic needs
  2. Create metal frame, shelves, and part jig for the Large Oven
  3. Add clarified information/signage to machines/equipment (indicate when training needed)
  4. Update Wiki with information about how to use machines/equipment
  5. Schedule monthly shop cleaning days
  6. Create Long-term (1 year) plan and share

Things to Purchase/Fabricate

  1. Owned Hand Plasma (current unit on loan, and owner indicated it may be reclaimed in near future)
  2. Large Tubing/Pipe bender (>2" pipe)
  3. More dies, set screws for small tubing roller (<= 2" pipe)

Things recently done/purchased

  1. Metal shear installed
  2. Metal box/pan brake installed
  3. Slip roller installed
  4. Cold Saw (Discussion) (technically Machine Shop, but they share!)

Metal Suppliers


How to Contact

The best way to contact Metal Shop members is to hang out in Metal Shop. Electronically, please Use Talk for communication. (see talk @addresses in committee member list above) All pages related to the Metal Shop Committee.


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