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Committees are voluntary groups, formed by members in order to achieve certain goals.
To join this committee, contact the committee chairperson. See Rules and Policies#Committees for more information.


To further our goals on metal working, such as various welding techniques, metal cutting, forming, and other skills necessary for safe fabrication in various metals.



Please see the Welding page.

Other Tools

Please see the Metal Shop Tools page.


Training is required for the welding and CNC plasma-cutter equipment. Training is not required for other equipment, but we do expect you to seek assistance and/or attend training classes as needed for the safety of all building occupants.


  1. Chuck Graf (Chair -- BOD approval 4/2016)
  2. Lee Jones
  3. Danny Meeks
  4. Trent Campbell
  5. Alex Rhodes
  6. Andrew Floyd
  7. Chris W
  8. Ken Purcell
  9. Walter Anderson
  10. Tom Cook
  11. Stan Simmons
  12. Chetan Raj
  13. Ed Kim
  14. D Cheng
  15. Andrew Spencer
  16. Tim Bene
  17. David Kessinger
  18. Zach Metzinger
  19. Adrian Valdes

Things to Do

  1. Repair Miller 351 A/C mode (for Aluminum) sputtering. Suspect spark gap needs addressed. Works great for steel, though!
  2. Repair Miller 251/Coolmate 3x (coolant is not circulating. Suspect motor is non-functional, likely due to lack of lubrication)
  3. Set curriculum re: welding/fabrication classes
  4. Set schedule re; welding, fabrication classes
  5. Teach some welding and/or fabrication classes
  6. Research tying DMS in to certification programs for welding and/or fabrication(?)

Things to Purchase/Fabricate

  1. Metal shear
  2. Metal box brake/shear
  3. Slip roller
  4. Cold Saw (Discussion)
    1. Grizzly G0783 (suggested by Frank Lima)
    2. Scotchman CPO 275 PKPD (suggested by Bryan Gangware)
  5. Dry Saw (Discussion)
    1. Milwaukee 6190 (suggested by Ben McCall)
    2. DeWalt DW872 suggested by Andrew Spencer
      1. DeWalt DW8500 as possible replacement blade (suggested by Andrew Spencer)
    3. Morse CSM14MB (suggested by Andrew Spencer)
    4. Rigid 614 (suggested by Andrew Spencer, includes max stock dimensions)
  6. Dedicated Plasma Cutter
  7. Large Tubing/Pipe bender (>2" pipe)
  8. English Wheel
  9. More dies, set screws for small tubing bender (<= 2" pipe)

Things recently done

  1. Fire Marshall/building owner approved ventilation for the PlasmaCAM
  2. Repaired Small Tubing/Pipe bender (<= 2" pipe)
  3. Repair Miller 351/Coolmate 4 (cooler motor is locked up, likely due to lack of lubrication)

How to Contact

The best way to contact Metal Shop members is to hang out in Metal Shop. Electronically, please Use talk for communication.