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This page describes requirements and procedures for Board of Director elections. Committee elections are not included in this information.


The DMS Bylaws require an election of the Board of Directors at least once per calendar year. Detailed requirements for the Board election are also specified in the Bylaws.


The current election procedure is described at this link.

Voting Rights

  • The policy regarding member voting rights is presented in the Rules & Policies.
  • Voting rights must be requested; they are not granted automatically. Clarification is provided in the New Member 411, including how to request voting rights.


Candidates are required to file a signed "Statement of Intent" to be eligible for election.

2019 Election - Statements of Intent

  • Candidates should list their names and link to their statement of intent

2018 Election - Statements of Intent

2017 Election - Statements of Intent

2016 Election - Statements of Intent

2015 Election - Statements of Intent

Prior Elections 2011 - 2014 - Statements of Intent

Statements of Intent from prior elections 2011 - 2014 can be found by browsing the Statements of Intent Category.

Previously-elected Board Members are listed on the Board of Directors page.