2021 Statement of Intent - Justin Walker

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Hello, my name is Justin Walker, Skyspook on talk, and I am running for reelection for the board of directors. Over the past year it has been my pleasure to serve the space, especially through the pandemic.

Professionally I am in IT Management, working as a technical leader for a top 10 life insurance company. I have 20 years’ experience in software development, and 10 years managing teams and projects of various sizes up through the executive level. I consider myself an unabashed generalist, meaning my life and projects cross many disciplines -- I am not above picking up a mop and cleaning with everyone else.

I have been involved in Makerspaces for a decade, having founded The Makers' Alliance in Cleveland, OH. I have a passion for what DMS stands for.

Thoughout the pandemic, I have attempted to take the following actions:

  • Working with others on the board to reorganize and continue our expansion
  • Working with our treasurer to create budgets for our committees, and to gain understanding of our true operating costs
  • Expanding our online teaching ability, and working with committees to take advantage of such.
  • Working directly with committees and teachers to re-open classes safely
  • Teaching and giving tours 1:1 when available

I would be honored to continue in this position, and would continue to serve our membership proudly. My priorities for 2021:

  • Active Recruitment - Our membership numbers have dipped mostly due to COVID and attrition, and we've already begun planning for what tours and recruitment look like in the near future.
  • Continue to work through our expansion needs -- we have several tricky issues relating to our lease, the changing of ownership, and committee musical chairs.
  • Increase Dallas Makerspace's position in the community through improved outreach
  • Continue to improve our business operations
  • Continue to explore sponsorship opportunities
  • Invest in our digital platforms and infrastructure to better serve our membership

I welcome any questions, both in public and in private.

Thank you, Justin

Endorsements: Julie Harris, Curt Baker, Jason Harner, James Henningson