2017 Statement of Intent Brian Davis

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This is to serve as formal declaration that I, Brian Davis, am officially submitting my name to run for election to the Board of Directors for the Dallas Makerspace for the year 2017.

I fully understand the legal and ethical duties associated with serving as a Director, and agree to faithfully execute these duties as defined by the bylaws, and by the State of Texas.

If elected, I will pursue the following goals:

- At all times, work to improve the ability of everyone to trust that DMS leadership is acting in their interests, are obeying the law and by-laws, and will try to do what is right, rather than what is easy, or in their self-interest. When called upon to judge, make equitable and fair decisions.

- Work vigorously to increase the number of volunteers participating, and ensure that those who volunteer are not ignored. Look outward into new members, and those who show interest.

- Implement methods and policies necessary to give the membership absolute faith in our financial books and records

- Work to establish a Managerial system to provide day to day oversight and operation of the facility using volunteers, paid staff, or a combination thereof.

- Work to implement an annual budget system

- Working with other Directors and the membership, develop a plan to improve our system of operation, and make it more appropriate for an organization of our size

- Work towards a planned expansion/new site, while ensuring we do not jeopardize our future by overspending before we are ready. Implement a Capital Improvement Program.

- Look for ways to improve official communications with the membership. Talk isn't enough.

Professionally, I work as an Executive in the IT business and also perform legal work, particularly in Telecommunications Law. My experience includes a good many volunteer leadership positions in non-profit organizations, including 4 years as the Executive Director of Quakecon, Serving as Circle 10 Council's Youth Protection Chairman, Director level positions in multiple non-profit professional organizations, etc.

Privately, I came to DMS because I enjoy working with my hands, and wanted to learn machining, woodworking, and a number of other skills. I spend so much time volunteering, because I believe in the importance of Community Workshops, and what they bring to communities where such skills are very difficult to obtain without spending a lot of money. I also appreciate, that we are making it possible for people who can't afford their own expensive workshop to make things they never could have made without DMS. Ultimately, I hope to work to bring such spaces to other communities as well.

Nominated by: Robert Davidson, Lisa Selk, Andrew Zalaket