2016 Statement of Intent Robert Davidson

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This is to serve as formal notification that I, Robert Davidson, am officially submitting my name to run for election to the Board of Directors for the Dallas Makerspace for the year 2016. As part of this Statement of Intent, I also agree to the duties and functions expected of me in this position that include, but are not limited to:

Making every effort to attend the annual meeting(s) and regular meetings.

Perform the duties and responsibilities of Director as outlined in the Dallas Makerspace Bylaws as well as the Dallas Makerspace Rules and Policies.

Focus on the expansion of the Dallas Makerspace. ( I have organized and joined countless of the PR Event's hosted by Dallas Makerspace)

Promote an environment for learning and knowledge sharing. ( I focus on the large projects and getting Dallas Makerspace the best equipment that we can afford. I routinely meet with manufacturers and follow auction sites and Craigslist looking to purchase equipment to help us become the best of the Maker Movement.)

Achievements in 2014-2015

  • Focused on getting us the fastest internet possible! 500Mb-500Mb.
  • Built the Liability Waiver System .
  • Managed the Purchase and Acquisition of the Multicam CNC Router.
  • Managed Electrical Upgrades for the CNC Router, WoodShop, MetalShop, New Tesla EV Charger Line.
  • Managed the air-lines and focused on improving and maintaining the Air system that powers the Dallas Makerspace. (Successfully purchased a new Compressor to replace our aging compressor)
  • Upgrade the Medical Resources available at Dallas Makerspace. Including the administrating the maintenance contracts related to the Medical Containers and the AED and Oxygen.
  • Increased the amount of Fire Extinguishers available at Dallas Makerspace.
  • Worked with Alex Rhodes to make improvements to the WoodShop to make Dallas Makerspace a safer facility for all.
  • Organized and Evangelized Dallas Makerspace at local Maker events to spread the word about how amazing Dallas Makerspace is.

Achievements in 2015-2016

  • Purchased a SawStop for the Woodshop.
  • Purchased NI Equipment in electronics to increase the capabilities.
  • Continue organizing and attending events to represent Dallas Makerspace.
  • Continue my goal of expanding Dallas Makerspace to become one of the largest and safest facilities for the maker movement.
  • Continue working with the City of Carrollton to bolster the Image of Dallas Makerspace.

If elected, I am fully aware and understand the importance of my full participation as a productive and effective leader during my tenure on the Dallas Makerspace Board of Directors, and I agree to the terms and conditions set forth above. Nominated by:Alex Rhodes

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