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This meeting will be held in MIBS SRC3 format.

Time, location

20:00, Dallas Makerspace

Approval of prior minutes

Prior minutes

Officer/Committee reports

Committee chairs are requested to provide their reports in writing. Reports can be short bullet-points.



Committee Chairs

  • 3d Fabrication Committee
    • classes rolling out- future classes include tinkercad, e-machine shop, and a whole lot more scanner classes than you can shake a scanner at
    • weighing options on getting another printer
    • labels on the carts so people know where things go now
    • we have made a new ruling of please do not leave filament on storage areas in the warehouse without being wrapped in 2 gallon bags
    • slowly changing pie (from banana to raspberry)
  • Automotive Committee
    • Continuing work on KA24DE engine rebuild, currently have everything apart, crank and block are in good shape, will be reassembling starting next week, anyone is welcome to help out, thursdays 7:30
    • New shelving installed, we replaced shelving and organized area to increase available floorspace and improve the area.
    • Restocked consumables last week, X60 paper towels(jumbo blue roll on toolbox), WD40, brake cleaner, oilsorb, angle grinder cutoff wheels
    • New floor jack, new set of hose clamp pliers (lock closed to make it easy to remove/install)
  • Blacksmith Committee
  • Civic Hacking
  • Classroom Committee
  • Creative Arts Committee
    • Franczvai is back and is trying to get back onto the same page as DMS please note school starts soon so she will ghost for a bit as she cries herself to sleep nightly.
    • Creative Arts Committee meeting is scheduled for August 27th 3p everyone is welcomed and encouraged to attend.
    • At the committee meeting we are going to discuss recent acquisitions, plan for a few larger purchases, and talk about open house before breaking for a speed cleaning session.
    • Shapeoko is now enclosed and classes are being taught -huge thank you to the TEAM of dedicated members who made this happen (and a quick "nananaboobooo" to everyone who thought it couldn't/wouldn't be done).
    • Chris Marlow is working hard to update the wiki
    • Special interest groups to do inventory of each cabinet to help with the wiki entry
    • Had a very good meeting with a professor at A&M commerce about getting regular printmaking (letterpress and possibly more) classes up here.
    • 10X10 art show boards are cut and being offered to the community of DMS members - boards due back September 10th (instructions on talk and also attached to the board)
    • Pot Luck is going to be on the 27th at 6:30p (bring a dish, make some connections)
    • Going to paint the large wall (across from the long white hallway wall) and touchup the hallway on September 6th in preparation for open house volunteers wanted and needed please
    • Pinewood derby is rolling (get it) and we have kits available in the CA room
    • We are just rocking and rolling. I would like to thank Ray and everyone else who really stepped up during my long-self-indulgent absence. They got tons of stuff done and made this place sing.
    • At our meeting we are going to be discussing larger purchases so we might be asking the board for an infusion of funds (not a huge one but just some seed money).
    • Still looking for a silkscreen teacher (please help) stepping up sewing special interests. Leather and fibers are still taking off and diversifying and we are trying to fund supplies and direct growth that way.
    • I (Nicole) still hate the computers but thankfully people who actually know how to tame the beasts fixed the whole adobe issue (thank you).
    • Big thanks to Brian Davis and Walter Anderson for working with the fibers group to facilitate ankle loom creation on the CNC. This cross-polination is wonderful for opportunities and growth.
    • I personally would like to apologize for the flatness of the 3D/Electronics show. I simply didn't lead that cart very well and it fell flat. I'm having a hard time managing additional art shows here (getting the word out, getting work in) I'm going to address it as a committee to see how the work can be broken up with more people involved.
    • Tom (ahhh last name escapes me) the framing guy is going to facilitate a donation of a wall mounted matt board/glass/foam core cutter. This is a big deal for anyone. We should all be excited.
    • Considering putting a second story in the room anyone know anyone?
  • Digital Media Committee
  • Electronics Robotics Committee
    • Acquired two new Rigol Scopes
    • Acquired two new Signal Generators
    • Acquired same model Hakko soldering station for the yellow bench (NI)
    • Now have three benches with same functional gear, plus a bench with the NI virtual bench that has same functions, plus logic analyzer.
    • Color coded benches and tagged gear assigned to each bench.
    • Started replacing/fixing broken/stolen gear
    • Had first class in the Electronics room with six people successfully building a morse code radio transmitter for the 80m band. A second class is being offerred on the 20th and is full.
    • Class on the 17th for basic introduction to using virtual bench.
    • Amateur radio SIG, has workday this Saturday morning to install replacement antenna and scout coax run to verify quantity of material needed.
    • Planning on setting up bench between yellow and green benches for use of radio equipment.
    • Air monitor group project has made lots of progress, v2 hardware deployed, looking for anyone interested in helping doing something interesting with data being captured, from html dashboard to light/sound alarm that reacts to readings, etc. We have 4 internet connected raspberry pis running 24/7 mounted around DMS, there are lots of possibilities to do interesting things.
  • Financial Committee
  • Foundry Committee
  • Infrastructure Committee
    • Garage door opener broke again - please stop breaking things.
    • New cameras have been installed - please stop breaking things.
      • HUGE thanks to Aaron Sanders for running the network cabling for the new cameras!
    • Please remember to email [email protected] for any billing or badge issues - DMS is getting too big for walk-ups!
  • Jewelry and Small Metals Committee
  • Laser Committee
  • Logistics Committee
    • LED lighting installed in six additional locations
  • Machine Shop Committee
  • Metal Shop Committee
  • Public Relations Committee
    • Parking Day Dallas on 9/16
    • DMS 6th Anniversary Open House 9/17
    • Will be using funds that were allocated in April for painting in collaboration with Creative Arts.
    • Working on updates to New Member Handbook
    • Always looking for new members! Join PR!
  • Reloading and Gunsmithing Committee
  • Remote Control Committee
  • Science Committee
    • Fire Marshal Visit: All went well and we will continue with We don't have an official report but Dr. Ratcliff will be working on action items the Fire Marshal suggested. If you would like to help please contact Dr. Ratcliff.
    • DIY Lab Equipment: Jennifer will be giving a class based of of Richard Meyer's suggestion, $10 Build your own Microscope. 8/20
    • NEIWG lectures on upcoming egg experiment
    • Coffee Basics by yours truly Connor Ingle 8/18
    • Aligning the Raman otherwise, everything is built
    • Freeze Dryer Classes will be held twice a month. Upcoming 8/20 10 a.m.
    • Mojito Night will be held once a month.
    • Check out our Science Project Poll
  • VECTOR Committee
    • IFPA pinball tournament will be held in the purple classroom on September 10th. Games will remain through the following weekend for the Makerspace annual open house party on September 17th.
  • Wood Shop Committee


Note: The normal cut-off time for agenda items is the Sunday prior at 11:59pm.

Old business

New business

Propose change to DMS rules regarding providing W-9 forms for certain class situations. -- Zach Metzinger (zmetzing)

Problem: The DMS rules pertaining to honorariums have changed per the last board meeting. The text currently requires a W-9 to be submitted by the instructor for non-free classes where the fee is not being collected by DMS, even if said instructor has not requested the honorarium or is relinquishing the honorarium to the sponsoring committee. This implies that a 1099-MISC should be generated in those cases by DMS for the instructor, which is not the case per tax law. Additionally, collection of a W-9 form by DMS where not necessary increases the attack surface of identity theft for the instructor. Note that the cases where the honorarium is claimed by the instructor or where the class fee is collected via DMS and paid to the instructor would still require a W-9 form.

Solution: Change rule #1 of Events-Honorarium to read "The hosting member is required to provide a current W-9 form for the instructor prior to requesting non-committee-designated honorarium or receiving any part of the fees charged for classes, if those fees were collected by DMS and then forwarded to the instructor."

Relevance to our tax exempt purpose: DMS needs high-quality instructors to provide educational classes for our mission. Some instructors may be concerned that releasing personal information to DMS, especially where that information is not legally needed, may expose them to identity theft and therefore not be willing to provide classes.



1. Erik Smith
2. Luke Olson
3. Robert Davidson
4. Alex Rhodes
5. Art Givens
6. Walter Anderson
7. Erin Robertsen
8. Chuck Baber
9. Zack Metzinger
10. Michael Stovenour
11. Jay Phelps
12. Kent Bowling
13. Jayson Woods
14. Allen Wan
15. David Kessenger
16. Paul
17. Bill Gee - David Kessenger

(as noted in wiki)

Plasma cutter ventilation is being installed
 - Roof penetration complete
 - Waiting on rest of the installation

Alex Rhodes announcements:
 - Mouser Donation
   - Mouser is donating 2x fully-stocked benches to Electronics with ~$10k worth of 
   - Need to clean up electronics…
   - Trade-off: Mouser is putting their logo up on the wall
 - Calendar
   - Calendar is now live
   - Features are being added to the calendar
     - Attendance tracking
     - AD integration
 - White House event
   - Alex is attending an event in ~2 weeks
   - Office of Science and Technology

Woodshop dust collector
 - BOM has been revamped
 - Full BOM and final design nearly hashed out
 - Planer has arrived at Wood World

 - Painting will be done on September 6 

Electronics HAM SIG
 - Running/evaluating coax this Saturday from Hatcher’s to electronics to access 

20:22 - 16 voting members accounted for, quorum (22) not met, official meeting 
adjourned.  Informal meeting proceeds.

 - Item
   - “Change rule #1 of Events-Honorarium to read "The hosting member is required to 
provide a current W-9 form for the instructor prior to requesting non-committee-
designated honorarium or receiving any part of the fees charged for classes, if those 
fees were collected by DMS and then forwarded to the instructor."
   - No action taken: quorum not met
 - Discussion (informal)
   - Zach Metzinger: W-9 requirement for non-DMS-passthrough pay courses is ambiguous
   - Luke Olson: This should be a board agenda item for the next board meeting
   - David K: Some potential conflicts with DMS affiliation despite lack of 
organization sponsorship, endorsement
   - Luke Olson: It will hurt the space if we do not allow instructors to charge for 
their time
   - [No legal or process reason to force payment through our system for non-
honorarium classes]
   - Allen: Some potential liability for DMS when an independent contractor teaches 
a course that might risk bodily injury or property damage
   - David K: Committees are seeing tool depreciation whenever non-honorarium 
courses are taught
   - Zach Metzinger: some tax issues for members that use our resources to sell for 
   - Allen: long-standing DMS policy has been that we do not regulate commercial use 
due to the unreasonable administrative burden of attempting to do so