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Committees are voluntary groups, formed by members in order to achieve certain goals.
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The VECTOR Restoration Committee (Vintage Electromechanical Conservancy of Technology, Operation, and Restoration) serves as a knowledge hub and work space for amusement technologies developed from the turn of the 20th century onward. Our goal is to educate, preserve, and build upon the knowledge of the past.... "Learn. Fix. Play!"

Many of our projects serve as fascinating interactive learning platforms. Electro-mechanical pinball machines are an ideal "hands-on" example of the evolution of physical switches into the integrated circuits of today's modern age. Our projects are collaborative in nature and serve as useful teaching tools for describing the fundamental principles of electrical components and machinery. They are also a delight to interact with!

VECTOR provides a place to learn, restore, experiment, and build "arcade tech" and encourages the development of new unique projects.

How to Contact

Join our Facebook page! -

Got a project or idea in mind? Comments? Need more information about upcoming classes? Send an e-mail to the committee chairperson (Jayson Woods) - [email protected]

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Shawn Christian - Chairperson
Jayson Woods ("Is it working yet, Woods?")
Rodney Black
Nicholas Schell (aka "Nick Dangerous", VECTOR founder and social media coordinator)
Nick Sainz (proud Maker of many "signs")
Chuck Baber

Ken Purcell ("Lampy")
Haley Moore (late to the party, forgot the chips)
Benjamin Groves ("Hi, I'm Ben!")
Daniel Jackson ("DJ")
David Smart
Stacy Devino
Stephen "Stevo" Wylie
Mitch Cerroni
Jeremy Ortwine
Paul Wilson
Michael Sorensen
Raymond Jett (The fixer of the boards)
Patrick Thompson
john a. gorman
Mary Mathias ( The Asker of many questions "newbie")
Aaron McMillen
Joshua Wilson

Current Projects and Playable Machines

Playable Machines
Strange Science (1986 Bally-Midway - pinball machine) - Chuck Baber

Active Projects
Panthera (1980 Gottlieb - pinball machine) - Chuck Baber
Combat (1977 Zaccaria - pinball machine) - Jayson Woods
Dolly Parton (1979 Bally - pinball machine) - Kelly Baggett
Space Odyssey (1976 Williams - pinball machine - Gina Curbo
Ambush (1973 Midway - EM shooter gun game) - Jayson Woods

Group Projects
Liberty Bell (1977 Williams - pinball machine)

Upcoming Events

Come out and play! Latest DFW area tournaments here -

Photo gallery and media

Photo archives
Photos from Texas Pinball Festival 2017 -
Photos from Texas Pinball Festival 2016 -
Makerspace Talk forum thread w/photos -
An early photo gallery from our previous location (Ladybird Ln) -

Vector Logos:

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All committee reports and binding committee decisions will be facilitated by the committee chairperson.

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Parts suppliers

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Arcade Components (Raymond Jett / Highland Village, TX) -
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