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This meeting will be held in MIBS SRC3 format.

Time, location

April 14th, 2016 @ 20:00, Dallas Makerspace

Approval of prior minutes

Prior minutes

Officer/Committee reports

Committee chairs are requested to provide their reports in writing. Reports can be short bullet-points.



Committee Chairs

  1. Hosted a Ninjaflex training class, Ninjaflex printing works very well on Far Righty.
  2. How to build a 3D printer class and monthly RepRap user group meetups coming up.
  3. Got 2 gallon ziplock bags to store filament in, encourage members to store filament in bags.
  4. Aquired two rolling carts from Fred's warehouse, hopefully to be used to easily transport printer and computer to classrooms for 3D fab classes.
  5. Mendy is successfully printing, needs some further calibration, but it's usable.
  1. Race car saw some action and some repair work in the pits, more details in talk
  2. Videos of event to post on youtube are currently being worked on
  3. Will be a meeting in the next couple weeks to see if anyone else wants to be chair and talk about plans for our 240sx
  1. Next art show will be electronics and 3D printing so please start working on projects (due at the end of May to CA)
  2. Next board meeting we will be asking to take over the screen printing and vinyl cutter (it hasn't been official)
  3. Still wanting to have a consistent system of payment (keeping our ear on the ground)
  4. Lots of CA growth this year, lots of teachers stepping up, lots of people involved
  5. Thank you to the board for the funding and support this year
  6. Looking to sustain growth for the next year but very specific areas of growth to build out resources and encourage participation
  7. Art shows are going well - I hope you get a chance to participate in a few of them
  8. We have a twitter, Facebook group, instagram always looking for ways to connect with people
  9. Nicole (the chair) will be traveling quite a bit this summer and she wants everyone to know she will be gone for long stretches of time. Ray (soon to be Co-Chair) is aware and he's excited to get rid of me for awhile.
  10. Next potluck is coming up on April 30th - let's work on building community and our bellies at the same time
  11. I (Nicole) would like to put a bee in everyones thoughts about the possibility and potential of a mini-maker faire for Dallas for 2017 or 2018. While this would require lots of organization and leadership I believe it's something we could handle. It's a shift in philosophy from showing off makerspace as a whole to showing off the individual makers OF Dallas. Might hurt a bit to wrap around for some but the potential of us leading an event like this is needed.
  12. Many opportunities are available to get involved with CA just ask please we welcome your help and friendship


Note: The normal cut-off time for agenda items is the Sunday prior at 11:59pm.

Old business

New business

Board of Directors Election

Annual Board of Directors election, for more details see Announcement: Board of Directors Election 2016 on the forums. Online/proxy voting is available via the Voting System.

Logo Change

Keep the current logo or ratify changing to the suggested new logo. Online/proxy voting is available via the Voting System.


Dallas Makerspace Annual Members Meeting notes : April 14th, 2016

In attendance:
- Benjamin Groves
- Kent Bowling
- Andrew LeCody
- Alex Rhodes

Meeting called to order at 8:04pm

*** Prior Minutes ***
- Prior Minutes Pass

*** Committee Reports ***
- Committees made reports

*** Voting Results ***
- 98 votes submitted for Board of Directors
- Board of Directors for 2016 - 2017
 - Alex Rhodes - 60
 - Ken Purcell - 53
 - Robert Davidson - 51
 - Luke Olson - 45
 - Erik Smith - 43

- Other candidates
 - Chuck Baber - 42
 - Mitch Cerroni - 41
 - Lisa Selk - 38
 - Brian Terry - 34
 - Brandon Green - 32
 - Allen Wan - 27

- Logo Vote
  - Current Dallas Makerspace Logo recieved 48 votes
  - Proposed Dallas Makerspace Logo recieved 37 votes

Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm