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Original SVG

Vector Logo Black.svg

Traditional Colors SVG

Although the logo has no official colors, these are historical/traditional colors.

Vector Logo Traditional Colors.svg

SVG 6' by 3' Banner



Full Logo (2000x2402)

PNG Logo Black.png PNG Logo Coral.png PNG Logo Veronica.png

Logo Without Text (2000x2127)

PNG Logo No Text.png PNG Logo Coral No Text.png PNG Logo Veronica No Text.png


Logo & Site Colors

Item HEX # RGB HSV (°, %, %) Color Name Web Safe HEX #
Red Logo #FD3E27 253,62,39 6°, 84.6%, 99.2% Coral Red #FF4422
Red Buttons #FB3C2D 251,60,45 4°, 82.1%, 98.4% Coral Red #FF4433
NOTE "Coral Red" = #FF4040 255,64,64 0°, 74.9%, 100% "Coral Red" #FF4444
Purple Logo #9629FB 150,41,251 271°, 83.7%, 98.4% Veronica #9922FF
NOTE "Veronica" = #A020F0 160,32,240 277°, 86.7%, 94.1% "Veronica" #9922EE
Oasis Blue #009DDC 0, 157, 220 197°, 100%, 86% #0099CC

Suggested Font


Logo Dimensions for CAD

Dimensions are drawn in inches but could be rescaled as needed. Dimensions created by Kent Bowling.

DMS Logo CAD dimensions.jpg
Results can be seen at this image.

Logos for Embroidery

Computerized embroidery files for stitching in sizes ranging from 2.5" to 5" wide are available at this link.