Regular Member Meeting 20180511

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This meeting will be held in MIBS SRC3 format.

Time, location

5/11/2018 20:00, Dallas Makerspace

Officer/Committee reports

Committee chairs are requested to provide their reports in writing. Reports can be short bullet-points.



Committee Chairs

  • 3D Fabrication Committee
    • New double wide 3D printer
    • New tall printer
  • Automotive Committee
    • Reminder about not doing large multi-day projects in the automotive bay
  • Blacksmith Committee
    • Found money to buy propane tank holder
  • Classroom Committee
    • Starting work on the interactive Classroom flooring
  • Creative Arts Committee
  • Digital Media Committee
    • Update Adobe licenses.
    • Install RFID locks with logs so that equipment can be checked out.
    • Create streaming procedure for recording board meetings
    • None of the equipment in DM is “required training” but we still need to hold classes to make the gear more accessible.
    • We need more batteries for the Sony RX10. I’d like to start teaching classes on photography basics and product photography.
    • Inventory has been done, and I need to update the wiki.
    • Classroom recording is now very easy
  • Electronics Robotics Committee
    • Got a recent donation, some of it went to vector some of it to Electronics
    • Still sending donations to Foothills
  • Fired Arts Committee
    • Lampworking is starting soon
    • First slipcasting class in awhile
    • Potentially splitting to Glass committee
  • Infrastructure Committee
    • 12 8TB hard drives for new video storage
    • Looking for volunteers for running wires
  • Jewelry/Small Metals Committee
    • New kiln installed and operating. Problems network controller being addressed by mgf. Trainer the trainer for basic operation will be reviewed at next committee meeting
    • New steam cleaning machine put into service. Distilled water use only.
    • Mini Metal Maker PMC 3D printer donated. Seeking help from 3D fab on usage.
    • Pickle pots keep being left on. If you use them, you must power them off
    • Next committee meeting scheduled for Tuesday 5/29
  • Laser Committee
    • Violations of the committee area were really easy to resolve with the board
    • Laser has had 466 operators in each calendar years, lasers fail often, lasers can only be expected to last 5 years in a perfect environment.
  • Logistics Committee
    • Come help offsite
  • Machine Shop Committee
    • New Lathe
    • Aluminum saw is now ready to go
    • Install RFID interlocks on the major tools, dangerous and random people keep using them
    • Tiny little drill press that will
  • Metal Shop Committee
    • New VaporHone ready to go
  • Public Relations Committee
    • New display case ready in lobby
    • Open house October 6th or maybe October 20th
  • Reloading and Gunsmithing Committee
  • Science Committee
    • Cool classes coming up, superconductors. Contacting other professionals to acquire more talent.
  • Software Development Committee
  • VECTOR Committee
    • Vector is working on some new class ideas, previous successful has been cap repair on broken items.
    • Starting classes for logic probing, test meter
  • Vintage Computer Committee
    • Switched to scrum model for project management, getting development done
    • Taking on some of the development projects at the makerspace, two dedicated developers and two qas.
    • Meseum has couple of new projects ready to go, several old DOS games are available
    • Created inventory sheet tool to track donations, publically available for other committees
    • Teach the teacher class for docker the day after the board meeting
    • Putting together a general hack-a-thon of various DMS related projects
    • New class schedule has been solidified for every wednesday
    • AWS certificaiton prep course coming up soon
    • System monitoring for various DMS tools and resources
    • June 14th is the Circle of Hope Conference
  • Wood Shop Committee
    • Did filming for training of equipment
    • This Sunday at 6PM is Woodturning Epic event in interactive


Note: The normal cut-off time for agenda items is the Sunday prior at 11:59pm.

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