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Committees are voluntary groups, formed by members in order to achieve certain goals.
To join this committee, contact the committee chairperson. See Rules and Policies#Committees for more information.

Upcoming Events & Projects

Chair election: October 2017


- To educate members on pottery, stained glass, fused glass, glass bead making, metal casting, and other projects or arts that would fall under the category of "fired arts".

- To share resources, especially knowledge, of metal casting, pottery & glass; with an emphasis on collaboration.

Sand Casting


How to join:

1- Send a PM to @Fired_Arts on the Talk forum, letting us know you're interested.

2- Add your name (alphabetical by last name) to the "Members" section of this wiki page.

  • Chair: Christy Cooper
  • Beth Appleton
  • Tom Cook
  • Cairn Day
  • Andrew Garcia
  • Jen Garcia
  • Jennifer Goss
  • Dan Henderson
  • Nathan Jones
  • John Kulenschmidt
  • Jason Middleton
  • Heidi Phillips
  • April Pruitt
  • Jaynee Purchase
  • Shirley Reeves
  • Amna Soomro

Discussion and Online References

DMS Talk Forum

Facebook DMS Fired Arts Forum

Ceramic Arts daily

Hsinchuen Lin

Tim See


Fired arts suppliers


  • 5 wheels:

1 Shimpo VL-Whisper Machine Manual

1 Shimpo RK-Whisper Machine Manual

2 Brent Classic CXC Product description

1 other wheel

  • 3 kilns:

2 Paragon Sentry 2.0 kilns. DMS Fires at Cone 6.

1 Delphi Jen-Ken 15-6 ez pro kiln < currently not in use>

Important note: At this time, only the chair of Fired Arts is allowed to fire kilns.

  • Various potter tools such as sponges, wooden and metallic ribs, loop trimming tools, double sided ribbon trimming tools, heavy duty needle tools, cut off wires, and aluminum and wood scrapers, bats, cutters etc.
  • Glazes: various Amaco and Coyote glazes
  • Free clay is available for use. Check out the "Free clay" bucket. Please leave the towel so we can keep the clay moist.

Consumables & Consumables Fees

When using Fired Arts glazes, we ask you to donate what you feel is appropriate based on your usage (suggested donation: $1-$5). Donations to the Fired Arts department glaze box go towards keeping the shelf stocked with a variety of styles and colors. The donation box is located on top of the glaze shelf.

Cleaning requirements

How to clean DMS Fired Arts? Please see attached.

How to Clean DMS Fired Arts


Remember to leave a clean area for your fellow potters and that includes cleaning up the wheel, sweeping the floor, putting things away and cleaning up the table.

Future Projects

  • Stained Glass
  • Handbuilt Pottery/Throwing
  • Glaze