Regular Member Meeting 20161208

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This meeting will be held in MIBS SRC3 format.

Time, location

20:00, Dallas Makerspace

Approval of prior minutes

Officer/Committee reports

Committee chairs are requested to provide their reports in writing. Reports can be short bullet-points.



Monthly Operating December

Item Provider Amount
Rent (Denali) $10,771.31
Electric (Tara Energy) $3,375.08
Janitorial (Promise Total Services) $1,808.02
Insurance (Jeff Van Matre) $1,056.54
Welding Gas (Airgas) $120.65
Internet (Frontier) $420.10
Parts Cleaner (PartsMaster) $351.81
Trash (Progressive Waste) $400.00
Offsite Storage (Assured Self Storage) $139.00
Copier (Wells Fargo)
First Aid (Cintas) $54.43
Bookkeeping (Quickbooks) $90.56
Gas (Atmos) $48.54
Billing System (WHCMS) $17.45
Total $18,653.49

Committee Chairs

  • 3d Fabrication Committee
  • Automotive Committee
    • Our car and importantly our freshly rebuilt from ground up at DMS engine survived the 24 Hours of Lemons race at MSR Houston, videos and details posted here
    • Currently researching building a pulse jet, post here if you are interested in joining build
    • We now have a 22 ton bottle jack and 22 ton jack stands if anyone has an Armored personnel carrier or Semi to work on
    • New 3 ton gantry is fully operational, will purchase 1 ton crane scale if there is interest
    • Experimental speakers have been installed on lift for music listening while working in auto area, turn on receiver on top of ryobi shelf and use chromecast to play anything. Keep it quiet and reasonable to not disturb others. Anyone at any time can pause or stop the chromecast if they are connected to DMS Member wifi and have Google Home app installed.
  • Blacksmith Committee
  • Civic Hacking
  • Classroom Committee
    • To-do list:
      • Install new shelf and deploy the new projector in the Lecture Hall.
      • Investigate installing the old projector in the Interactive Classroom.
      • Install cameras in the classrooms.
      • Install tablets for displaying schedules outside classrooms and several other prominent places.
      • Resolve the issue with the soundproofing in the Lecture Hall.
  • Competitive Robotics Committee
  • Creative Arts Committee
    • Taught our first "intro class" that went over well - this will become a monthly meeting - December meeting will be Sat December 10th 10:30am, January will be Jan 18th 6:30p
    • Thanks to Nick Silva and Tom (OMG I can't think of his last name) for the donation of the hot foil machine and accessories- the addition of this machine will allow for obnoxious pencils, leather marking, and all sorts of personalization to happen.
    • New leather tools were purchased to help with classes and offerings - leather continues to grow and grow
    • New quilting supplies were added and we are offering our first into to quilting class in December - I believe this will expand quickly with interest
    • New envelope system is working very well for consumables we have been tracking since October and have only $28 worth of "mystery money" aka money donated without people telling us what it's for.
    • Everything is going really well, I'm hoping CA can go on autopilot for the month of December to be honest.
    • Ordered a huge amount of vinyl we should be good for a good amount of time
    • December is a crazy busy month for everyone so Nicole has decide not to have a committee meeting (hope that's ok)
    • It was a very long discussion but thank you to the members and the board who gave opinions about the fees charged in classes
    • December 17th 7p is a pot luck/festivus/sock exchange please come and let's have some celebrating after a year of enormous growth, growing pains and general joy of creating
    • Annex - I know it seems it has stalled, I assure you we are still moving forward with the advancements in that room. Our goal is mid-Jan for the cabinets to be up. Furniture (well, permanent furniture) will take a bit longer. The goal is that will be a "maker made" room - it's really important.
    • 10X10 show came down at the end of November. I asked woodshop to put together a show - I haven't heard much but I haven't been pushing it this is my fault.
    • Next CA committee meeting will be Jan 18th 7:30p All are welcome and encouraged to participate.
  • Digital Media Committee
  • Electronics Committee
    • The Pick n Place machine has been returned to its owner.
    • The Ryobi charger repair project is active again.
    • As of 12/05 there are issues w/ the cameras/video in the ELab. System seems to be stuck in "snapshot" mode. Other areas seem to have similar problems.
    • Amateur Radio SIG
      • Next meeting of the SIG is on Wed 12/14; We'll be terminating the HF antenna coax at the BYOR bench and testing out the antenna/tuner/etc.
      • We'll have the HF receiver placarded, inviting anyone who wants to listen to the bands to do so. No license required!
      • Next up: Repair/sell the two spectrum analyzers -- if sold, we'd use the funds to acquire a new spectrum analyzer, also get back to teaching Mighty Mite and receiver classes
  • Financial Committee
  • Foundry Committee
  • Infrastructure Committee
  • Jewelry and Small Metals Committee
    • 2lbs of stainless steel shot was purchased for the polishing tumbler. Stored in the cabinet with tumbler and other tumbling media. Great for polishing various types of small metals.
    • Hosted first Jewelry and Small Metals (JSM) orientation. Had a great turn out and plan to host monthly to help introduce new members to the department, ensure safety and longevity of department assets.
    • Currently researching and exploring interest to establish lost wax casting capabilities in 2017. Would like to collaborate with 3-d fab and or creative arts in mold making classes as part of the casting process.
    • Someone keeps leaving the pickle (crock) pot on and has burned it up twice in the past month. This could be a hazard and or ruin the pot. Please remember to always turn off and unplug all equipment after each use.
    • Next JSM Committee meeting tentatively scheduled for Jan. 11th 7PM. All are welcome and encouraged to participate.
    • New solid state relay installed on thunder for the blower motor. (it will again turn on and off automatically)
    • Acquired new relay for the thunder.
    • Made the camera facing the lasers public for the convenience of the membership.
    • Had 2 new instructors certified this month. (Tom Thomas and Ryan Caldwell)
    • Added the camera, tool board, and news section to the wiki.


Note: The normal cut-off time for agenda items is the Sunday prior at 11:59pm.

Old business

New business

  • I think we should take a minute and thank the board for all the extra work they do. It's a thankless and hard job. It's a full time job for some of them. Thank you for all that you do for all of us.
  • Discuss the rules of keeping member food in the refrigerator and whether its to the interest of the membership to keep the refrigerator.