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This meeting will be held in MIBS SRC3 format.

Time, location

October 12, 2018 @ 19:00, Dallas Makerspace, Interactive Classroom

Approval of prior minutes

Officer/Committee reports

Committee chairs are requested to provide their reports in writing. Reports can be short bullet-points.



Committee Chairs

  • 3D Fabrication Committee
  • Automotive Committee
  • Blacksmith Committee
  • Ceramics Committee
  • Classroom Committee
  • Creative Arts Committee
    • CA meeting October 11th - was awesome and huge next will be November 8th (2nd Thursday of the month)
    • Creation of "find us a printer SIG" lead by John A. Gorman - looking for members and will meet to discuss before November 8th and present findings
    • Several purchases were approved at the meeting large things - large investments in dye sub advancements, a floor loom, flat file, mat cutter and framing equipment (notes to come out soon)
    • Polls went out about printer, general spending
    • Next month we will sit down and talk about a leather sewing machine and also the printer and the digital room
    • Good things are happening - lots of things are happening - come out to the October 20th meeting for fun.
  • Digital Media Committee
  • Electronics Robotics Committee
    • At the meeting last night we discussed current electronics and amateur radio classes, ones being planned and also what classes would people be interested in that could be offered.
    • We also discussed the status of the rooftop antennas and the amateur radio bench. Will need to schedule a work day at some point when it quits raining to fix one of the antennas that was damaged in one of the recent storms.
  • Financial Group
  • GlassWorks Committee
  • Hatcher's Armory Committee
  • Infrastructure Committee
  • Jewelry/Small Metals Committee
    • Open house schedule published; Set up for open house is Friday, Oct 5th from 7p to 9p.
    • Richard Martin hosting a series of new classes for casting and other jewelry techniques.
    • Used equipment has been found and approved for purchase in preparation for expansion.
    • Committee meetings now held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.
  • Laser Committee
  • Logistics Committee
  • Machine Shop Committee
    • Nick Silva elected Chair, Tim Bene reappointed as Vice-Chair
    • Teachers are back from hiatus/vacation so classes are resuming. Big plans for 2019.
    • Open House was a big success.
    • We are gathering new equipment from donations. Currently stored until we move.
    • Committee meetings set for 4th Saturday of each month.
  • Metal Shop Committee
    • New Dynatorch CNC Plasma cutter is in, largely operational, train the trainers have begun, and classes will be hitting the calendar soon!
    • PlasmaCAM has been removed from premises by owner
    • Wretched "old" powder coat oven has been removed from premises by new owner
    • Discussing purchase of tubing notcher in cooperation with Machine Shop (each committee kicks in part of necessary funding) and/or refurb of existing (currently unusable) notcher
    • Committee meetings now to be held on the 1st Saturday of each Month (exception in October because of Open House).
  • Motorsports Committee
  • Printmaking Committee
  • Public Relations Committee
  • Science Committee
  • Software Development Committee
  • VCC Committee
  • VECTOR Committee
    • Open house went well for our area and we had lots of interest in what we are doing in our area. I had lots of questions from people about the games, where to find them, how to fix them, where to get parts, etc.
    • Next weekend we will be hauling games to Shreveport and beginning setup for the upcoming “Pinball: An American Game Experience” event that we are helping organize and provide games for at the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum during the 3 week run of the State Fair of Louisiana. Several of the games that will be going to that event are currently in VECTOR getting some minor repairs and tuneups prior to going to be used in the event. Silverball Mania, Time Warp, Slick Chick and Bumper that were at the open house event are going as well as several more.
    • We have several new projects from new VECTOR members that are about to come in as soon as the games leave for Louisiana. Will be ramping up on the pinball repair and restoration mentoring that we have been doing with some of the other members that are new to pinball.
    • Working on developing several new classes. Hope to get a few on the calendar soon as time allows in our work schedules.
  • Wood Shop Committee


Note: The normal cut-off time for agenda items is 48 hours prior to the meeting.

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