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Advisory Groups are working groups formed by the board in order to achieve certain goals.


The Financial Group (formerly Finance Committee) has been tasked with supporting the Treasurer in their duties.

Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the Treasurer and the Financial Group are defined in the official DMS Rules.


  • Jason Harner - Treasurer
  • Brad Sims
  • Stephenie Webb
  • Steve Wynne
  • Robert Davidson
  • Julie Harris
  • Sue Steele
  • Ken Purcell
  • James Henningson
  • Freddy Calvert

Procurement Officers (Members with DMS Credit Cards)

See the list of Procurement Officers.

Finance Resources and Forms


[email protected]

FORM : Dallas Makerspace Receipt of Sale

  • To be filled out and filed with the DMS Treasurer for the sale of any DMS Equipment

FORM : Dallas Makerspace Payment Request Form

  • To be filled out and filed with the DMS Treasurer for the purchase of used equipment/materials. Specifically purchases from members to avoid conflicts of interest.

FORM : Dallas Makerspace Missing Receipt Form

  • This form allows a proxy receipt in lieu of an actual receipt, in the event of missing receipt
  • This form must be co-signed by a Committee Chair or Board of Directors Member and approved by the Dallas Makerspace Treasurer
    • Dallas Makerspace Treasurer can reject the form, in which case the purchaser is still liable to reimburse as cited in rule #6 above
  • This form is not to be accepted as a receipt, in the event that a member is expecting reimbursement for a purchase they made
    • A proper receipt must be provided for direct reimbursement, or Receipt of Purchase form in exceptional cases

FORM : Dallas Makerspace Form: Receipt of Non-Cash Charitable Donation to Dallas Makerspace

  • To be filled out and signed by the person receiving the property. Give one copy to the donor and provide Finance Group with a copy (put in mail box by server door is fine). DMS does not list any values on the form. The donor will claim the value on their tax return, DMS does not establish the value of the property.

FORM : Dallas Makerspace Deposit Form

  • To be filled out and sent to onsite Bookeeper so they can match up deposits

FORM : Dallas Makerspace Expense Form

  • This is for reimbursement for expenses made on behalf of DMS
  • To be filled out and sent to onsite Bookeeper so they can match up expenses

FORM : Dallas Makerspace Tax Exempt Form

  • To be filled out and provided to a vendor to purchase materials tax free. NOT FOR PERSONAL USE!

FORM: Capital Equipment Request Form

  • To be filled out and submitted to the Board two weeks in advance of a capital request
  • Required for all equipment purchase or lease exceeding $1000 for which funds are requested from the Board in part or total, at least two weeks in advance of the board meeting. (per Board Resolution 7/16/2017)
  • The template file is available in .xlsx format on the committee drive, /Board of Directors/ folder.


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