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This meeting will be held in MIBS SRC3 format.

Time, location

6/8/2018 20:00, Dallas Makerspace

Officer/Committee reports

Committee chairs are requested to provide their reports in writing. Reports can be short bullet-points.



Committee Chairs

FA has developed a Six Month Plan to help direct and organize our volunteer hours over this next term. Tasks have been prioritized and parceled out to happy volunteers and we are moving forward on committee development with an eye towards future expansion needs.

    • Glass

After a great turnout of voters, Ceramics and Glass are gong to split into individual committees to better and more safely serve the community. Big cheers for a great new group. Contact Anita Willis for further information.

    • Slipcasting Molds

Committee members are still working on an enormous acquisition of ceramic slipcasting molds. If you are interested in buying molds or in helping organize/move molds, please contact Julie Harris.

    • Classes

June classes are up for handbuilding, throwing, trimming and slip casting.

    • Raku Class And Event

FA members are getting together to learn more about raku firing and will be heading out to a local potter’s home to do another specialty firing. We are going to kick back, picnic, and catch things on fire! June 28th and 30th.

Currently the Hatcher’s Committee is stuck in a seemingly perpetual state of Limbo. There are 2 major issues facing the Committee. First, is the interactions with the ATF. Hatcher’s was asked many months ago to get an opinion from the ATF on the legality of hosting an AR-15 Build Class. After receiving a formal response from the ATF condoning the class, the DMS BOD appealed the response and ask for another response from the ATF. To the best of my knowledge, the BOD had a private meeting with a member of the ATF without inviting anyone from the committee to participate. From there the BOD put a temporary ban on all firearms related activity at DMS until we got the full report. The BOD also in a emergency meeting after the regular BOD meeting removed the funds allocated to Hatcher’s for handling the Review of Fire Code required to solve the second issue with Hatcher’s of the Fire Marshal locking the area due to possible fire code issue.

As committee elected and BOD appointed committee head, I and the rest of the committee are still stuck in limbo. We seem to be under a communications freeze and until we get the full report from the ATF. To make matters worse, the ATF member the BOD spoke to has missed multiple deadlines for handing the last of the information over to the BOD. The BOD has stated that neither the committee, the committee head, or the rest of the membership will be privy to any information surrounding this issue till they have the last part of the report from the ATF.

This is the current state of Hatcher’s. We hope to empower the membership to push for more transparency working with the committee around the issues surrounding Hatcher’s.

The previous committee leadership has neglected their duties. In response the Software Development Committee has voted for Denzuko to be Chairman and Corey to be Vice Chair.

Our first order of business is to define a core classroom curriculum and build out virtual and physical development labs for modern programming languages such as C/C++, Python, and Ruby.

  • VECTOR Committee
    • First meeting with the expansion team has been completed. Will be reporting back with answers to their follow-up questions soon.
    • Working on getting the materials and other stuff together to teach several classes starting in the coming weeks.
    • VECTOR has been asked to take part in another event at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History on Saturday August 18th. Planning is underway for the event.
  • VCC Committee

Teach the teacher classes have been going well. One of our members is working on a simplified version of the Docker Certification Class as a 302 rapid track class. The Chairman has proposed that we create a Docker User Group at the space which would focus on the education and application of docker within one's workflow. This work group would work in tangent with the Linux User Group and reach out to our colleagues at the Univ. of Texas at Dallas Student Body to gartern further cross pollination to encourage additional membership growth and education.

We're also updating the Obihai devices to continue supporting the dial in BBS conference lines.


Note: The normal cut-off time for agenda items is the Sunday prior at 11:59pm.

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