Board of Directors Meeting 20140907

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This meeting will be held in Modified SRC3 format.

Time, location

16:00, Dallas Makerspace

Prior minutes


Officer/Committee reports

  • 3d Fabrication Committee - Lisa Selk
  • Amateur Radio Committee - Benjamin Groves
  • Aerospace Committee - Romeo Espana
  • Automotive Committee - Brandon Green
    • Awaiting landlord response
    • Looking into requirements for installing 2 post lift
  • Blacksmith Committee - John Haskins
  • Bio Committee - Andrew Floyd
  • Civic Hacking - Stephen Wylie
  • Classroom Committee - Gus Reiter
  • Creative Arts Committee - Haley Moore
  • Electronics Robotics Committee - Daniel Jackson
  • Financial Committee - Paul Brown
  • Foundry Committee - John Kuhlenschmidt
    • Had a Come learn to throw clay day last week.
    • Upgrade two shelfs.
    • Got Digital Kilm back. It is now wire for 208 & tested by Paragon Industires to get up to cone 8. Thanks to Stephen Bartholomew for making it happen.
  • Laser Committee - William Petefish
    • Reminder: You don't have to join the committee to be trained on how to use the laser.
    • Reminder: Don't save your work to the desktop of the computer. It WILL be erased. Save it in the proper folder on the network drive.
    • Reminder: The laser committee does have a list. ([email protected]) USE IT if there is an issue with the laser. Don't try to repair it yourself.
    • Reminder: If YOU break the laser, let the committee know so we can fix it.
  • Machine Shop Committee - Bryan Gangwere
    • HAAS Training is in progress
    • Lathe tooling has been purchased
    • Bridgeport tooling has been purchased
      • New X-axis scale has been purchased but not yet installed
  • Operations and Facilities Committee - Andrew LeCody
  • Photography Lab (Darkroom Committee) - Steve Reeves
  • Public Relations Committee - Steve Blanchard
  • Workshop Committee - Alex Rhodes
    • First Woodworking 101 Class was taught - Some adjustments will be made to the next class
    • Clamps and other equipment was purchased
    • Donations for Router table still being collected - Look to purchase equipment in about 2 weeks
      • Once Router table is up 2 - 3 weeks after that we will have a box making/joinery class
    • Organization on going in Metal working
    • Awaiting landlord response for Grounding Rod for Plasma Table
    • Awaiting landlord response to drill holes for pipe bender

Consent Agenda

Newly proposed agenda items appear in the consent agenda. Any member present at the meeting may pull an item out of the consent agenda for discussion, at which point it goes under "New Business". If nobody objects to the solutions presented by the consent agenda, everything in the consent agenda passes by consensus. Items that have more than one proposed solution should be moved to the "New Business" section.

Any member may edit this wiki page and place an item on the consent agenda. However, discussion of agenda items should be done via the mailing list. The cut-off time for addition to or revision of the the agenda's items is 48 hours prior to the meeting. Please note, agenda items that request spending $250 or more must include a section on "Relevance to our tax exempt purpose".

VECTOR committee creation (Nicholas Schell)

Proposal: Seeking formal approval of this committee. Wiki page:

AV Conference Room Improvements

Problem: Far conference room (AV room) still needs acoustical improvements and scissor clamps for supporting lights from the ceiling.

Solution: Authorize spending of $170 to go towards the following. Items below (except mounting hardware) can be easily removed or used in other areas as needed:

  • Grommeted Industrial Blankets for echo reduction, $17.99 ea plus shipping. QTY 5.
  • Mounting hardware (drywall screws, 3D printed posts), approx. $10
  • Filmtools Scissor Clamps for hanging lights from the drop ceiling, $15.30 ea plus shipping. QTY 3.

Dock Stairs (Brandon Green)

Problem: Built dock stairs without pre authorization of spending funds

Solution: Reimburse Brandon Green $79.13 (from build out fund?)

Lecture Hall Acoustic Improvements (David Guill)

Problem: Lecture hall acoustics are presently poor. Understanding a lecturer across the room is at times more difficult than necessary, especially for the hearing impaired. (Reverberation has a greater impact on intelligibility of speech for the hearing impaired.) Sound from the workshop can also be disruptive to classes.

Solution: Requested is the allocation of funds for the purchase of materials for an initial 6 acoustic baffles to treat one wall of the lecture hall. This improvement will enhance intelligibility of speech and will make sounds from other parts of the building diminish in intensity more quickly.

A total of $165.67 in funds is requested for this project, broken down as follows:

  • $54.88 for 42 linear feet of 1"x8" wood (wide for minimum cost/area - will be cut to necessary width)
  • $46.97 for 12 rock wool panels (16"x48"x3")
  • $53.82 for 18 yards of 43" wide muslin
  • $10.00 for miscellaneous fasteners/hardware

One Year of MPLC Umbrella License (David Guill)

Problem: Presently, we have very limited ability to legally show films at Dallas Makerspace. This limits our ability to show films which could be used for education and, to a lesser extent, to enhance new member recruitment and old-member retention. Dallas Makerspace is also liable if films are illegally shown on the premises.

Solution: An MPLC Umbrella License would allow us to legally show films from many studios ( on the premises, so long as certain license requirements are met. The basic requirements of the license are as follows:

  • Members can attend viewings.
  • Non-members who sign up for a class can attend a viewing related to the class they're attending.
  • The general public cannot attend viewings.
  • We cannot advertise, but events can be placed on the calendar so long as the work's title isn't mentioned.

Requested is the allocation of $565 for a one-year MPLC Umbrella License. This can be renewed yearly, but it is also recommended that the usage of the license be reviewed later to determine if it carries enough value to renew.

Relevance to our tax exempt purpose:

  • Some educational and training films (e.g., McGraw Hill films) are covered by this license.
  • Many films of cultural significance are definitely covered by this license, which would facilitate a series of film study/animation study/cultural study events and classes.
  • Dallas Makerspace is no longer legally liable if license-covered films are shown on the premises, even without DMS official approval.

New Business

Approve Build-Out Overspending (Paul Brown)

Problem: About $15,000 more was spent on build-out than the $45,000 that was planned in our original budget. (~$60,000 total, this includes $16,935 of spending on Electrical build-out) <More detailed reports to be added>

Solution: Approve build-out overspending.

Relevance to our tax exempt purpose: The expenses required to equip our larger new space have made it possible to pursue our educational mission in a larger way.

Woodshop WoodWorking Table (Alex Rhodes)

Problem: Currently do not have a proper wood working table

Solution: Buy a used one for $200 if still available (while not the table to end all tables, it will suffice)

Relevance to our tax exempt purpose: This table will allow us to educate people how to use hand tools for finer woodworking.

Workshop Maintenance Funds (Alex Rhodes)

Problem: Some machines are in need of repair or fixing and the workshop encompasses a lot of areas that are used by a majority of the members.

Solution: Allow workshop to purchase shop vac dedicated to Sandblaster so people don't end up spraying sand all over the workshop. Buy new blades and get teeth replaced on 2 existing blades missing teeth. Other misc items. $300 to the workshop committee.

Relevance to tax exempt purpose: These funds will allow other classes to be taught at the space and make it possible to pursue our educational mission.

Increase Operations Funding (Andrew LeCody)

Problem: Operations and Facilities Committee funds are depleted and the current allocation for $150/mo is not enough to cover expenses for the new location.

Solution: Increase Operations and Facilities Committee monthly allocation to $400, dated as of Sep 1st (so funds are available immediately for this month).

Relevance to tax exempt purpose: Operations covers basic expenditures (toilet paper, towels, soap, cleaning supplies, minor maintenance, etc) to keep the organization running and the space usable.

Build out vent for Kiln

Problem: In current build do not have a vent to area.

Solution: Build out the vent for Kiln. About 285 will be required to connect the Orton kiln vent to the 18in vent hole above the air pump room. For information on kiln vent information see . List of Items need(broken down as follows: Y pipe from Standard Supply, 3 90angle, 2 25ft pipe, misc parts & maybe a lift if can't reach the hole.

Relevance to tax exempt purpose: This will allow use to continue to educate members on pottery & also with the digital kiln running to teach advanced glass fusion processes.

Old Business


DMS Board Meeting 9-7-14

In Attendance:
- Andrew LeCody
- Andrew Falgout
- Robert Davidson
- Pearce Dunlap
- Benjmain Groves

Meeting Called to order at 3:59pm

*** Previous Minutes ***

*** Committee Reports ***

- To Do Item - Robert Davidson to contact Verizon
- To Do Item - Andrew LeCody to call Plumber about broken toilet


- Dock Stairs (Brandon Green) approved by consensus
- Lecture Hall Acoustic Improvements (David Guill) approved by consensus

VECTOR Committee Creation (Nicholas Schell)
- Proposal adjusted to cite Nicholas Schell as Chairperson
- BOD encourages the VECTOR committee to be outward facing and conduct classes / seminars
- Proposed as written by Andrew LeCody, seconded by Benjamin Groves
  - Unanimous Vote - Passes

AV Conference Room Improvements
- Proposal of $100 to Creative Arts Committee with the intention to be used for sound dampening in the AV Room
- Propsed by Andrew LeCody, seconded by Andrew Falgout
  - Unanimous Vote - Passes

Fix Plumbling
- Authorize Spending on Plumber to fix plumbing issues in Dallas Makerspace
- Proposed by Andrew LeCode, seconded by Benjamin Groves
  - Unanimous Vote - Passes

One Year of MPLC Umbrella License
- Authorize $565 from general fund for Robert Davidson to spend on a MPLC licnese if he sees the license as an appropriate solution for DMS
  - Check on wording of license to see what films are covered, if there are any usage caps
  - This is intended to be a one-license purchase, future renewals will need to handled by committees or membership
- Proposed by Robert Davidson, seconded by Andrew Falgout


Approve Build-Out Overspending
- Build out is considered done
- Purchases are moving toward OPs and maintenance configuration
- Proposed as written by Andrew LeCody, seconded by Andrew Falgout
  - Unanimous Vote - Passes

Woodworking Table
- Tabled, to ask Alex for more information or to suggest payment through honorarium

Workshop Maintenance Funds
- Proposed as written by Robert Davidson, seconded by Pearce Dunlap
- Unanimous Vote - Passes

Increase Operations Funding
- Proposed as written by Andrew Falgout, seconded by Pearce Dunlap
- Unanimous Vote - Passes

Build Out for Kiln
- Propose allocating up to $285 for Kiln by Andrew LeCody, seconded by Andrew Falgout
- Vote
  - 4 in favor
  - 1 against
  - Motion Passes

Next Board Meeting Sunday, October 12th @ 4:00pm

Meeting adjourned at 5:46pm