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This meeting will be held in Modified SRC3 format.

Time, location

19:30, Dallas Makerspace

Prior minutes


Officer/Committee reports

Committee chairs are requested to provide their reports in writing. Reports can be short bullet-points.

  • Request new Amateur Radio Committee area to be located in room labeled as #26 on the floor plan
  • This is for proximity to the outside where an antenna can be mounted (on outside wall if need be)
  • We imagine we can mix-use the room with other groups, for example sharing space with a the milling committee and a small number of computers / manuals
  • Amateur Radio Committee needs a table, 2-3 chairs, and a 110v wall socket - similar to what we have now
  • Plan to rev this up again!
  • Had a success full casting demo June1 see pictures at
  • Added two new people to foundry members - Joyca and Rhett
  • Talk with Aaron about loan/donate of a Digital Kin/Electrical Pottery wheel and directed him to Ben.
  • Test fire a glass fusing project for a class later.
  • Request Kiln to be located Room 23 store app 6 by 6 area (Benefits limited access when on) or just outside this room. If outside room may need a Vent-A-Kiln like htty:// or build one (Check put a vent-a-kiln together for a school. app70-300 cost). Place the potter wheels, wedging table, glass cutting assembly table & shelf outside Room 23 store behind the HASS Mill (similar to now) With the shelf on side wall. Approximately area 16 by 27.
Shelf 1 Greenware, Shelf 2 Bisque, Shelf 3 Glaze, Shelf 4 Stain Glass Projects & Shelf 5 Finish objects to pick up and also to display.
Will need to build/buy 3 shelf app cost 80 - may used some of the current wood in workshop to build.
  • Request Power
  • Two 240 volt 50amp 14-50P & four 115 volt 20 amp standard 5-15R receptacles for the kilns & pottery wheels. Lance did it last time app 200 hardware cost. Depending on current hardware.
  • Laser Committee - William Petefish
    • During the move the laser will be down for at least one week. If you need to cut/etch something, do it before the move if it cannot wait till after the move.
    • We are shooting for a date of the 23rd for downing the laser for the move.
    • After the move everyone will need to be re-certified so everyone can be entered into the access control system.
    • Try to get help building a new/improved storage solution for the acrylic - (Lisa)
  • Mill Committee (HAAS) - Bryan Gangwere
  • Request location for CAD/CAM PC, suggest room #26

Consent Agenda

Newly proposed agenda items appear in the consent agenda. Any member present at the meeting may pull an item out of the consent agenda for discussion, at which point it goes under "New Business". If nobody objects to the solutions presented by the consent agenda, everything in the consent agenda passes by consensus. Items that have more than one proposed solution should be moved to the "New Business" section.

Any member may edit this wiki page and place an item on the consent agenda. However, discussion of agenda items should be done via the forums. The cut-off time for addition to or revision of the the agenda's items is 48 hours prior to the meeting.

New business

Saving For Insurance Payment In November

Problem: We will need to make an ~$8,000 insurance payment at the End of November and we need to budget for this expense.

Solution: Allocate $1,600 each month to a "Next Year's Insurance" fund until the fund reaches $8,000. Also, approve spending funds from the "Next Year's Insurance" fund and any additional funds required on insurance for 2015.

Relevance To Our Tax Exempt Purposes: Insurance is required by our lease. It also helps the makerspace survive catastrophic events and continue its tax exempt activities.

Build-Out and Move Budgeting

This item is for discussion of what spending will be authorized for the move and build-out. The committees have been directed to provide a finalized wishlist prior to this meeting, failure to do so will result in no allocation during the build-out/move process.


  • Shelving - $300


  • Network Infrastructure
  • 5x Window kits for doors (2x woodworking, 2x metalworking, 1x office-to-workshop) - $750 ($150/ea)
  • RFID system (readers, controller, etc):
    • 2x Badge readers - $26 ($13/ea)
    • We use Cat6 to wire them in. One wire run per secured door.
    • New space already has door strikes installed.
    • We already have controllers we can use. Consider reimbursing Paul for buying them a few months back ($50 each?).
  • 5x Fire Extinguishers - $229.85 (already purchased via Director and Ops funds, but it would be best to authorize this from the general budget)
  • 100x Boxes Lids? - $500 ($5/ea) - These will be used to help pack-up rooms and then will be used as member boxes.
  • Trailer Rental - $300 for a series of U-Haul trailer rentals as needed (we will try to source members' trailers first)

EV Charger

Temporary EVSE Install Location

Temporarily install our current EVSE between the garage doors inside the rear of the building. This will let us cheaply and quickly get the EVSE up and running at the new location with similar utility to what we have now. This would benefit both members and guests that drive Electric or Plug-in Hybrid vehicles. The current EVSE would allow many OEM (and some DIY) EVs to charge at up to a 30A rate. Having a 240v 30A socket near the garage doors would also allow use of a portable welder to repair equipment that won't easily fit inside the warehouse.

  • ~$250 Hardware Costs
    • 40A set of 220v breakers (~$20)
    • 4 AWG wire & conduit (6 AWG for ground) for 40A ~30ft circuit. (~$210)
    • NEMA 14-30 socket and surface mount box (~$15)
    • 4-Prong 30-Amp Dryer Cord ($23, already installed on EVSE)
    • 220V/30A EVlink Pedestal EVSE EV230PSR ($1999, donated by NRG eVgo via
    • mounting hardware (~$5)

Tesla High Power Wall Connector

Start the paperwork to get a donated Tesla High Power Wall Connector. The BOD would have to make the request for Tesla to consider donating to DMS. The Tesla HPWC could be temporarily mounted similarly to our current EVSE with a 30A plug in cord. This would encourage Tesla owners to visit DMS and possibly join.



  • Moving Services by B&W - $980
  • 8 5-Gallon Buckets and Lids for coolant - $34.40 ($4.30)




  • Dust Collector System $7K Still getting quotes should have a definitive number by tomorrow as they did not get the BOM today.

3D Fab

Item URL if available Urgency Quantity Approx Cost Per Unit Estimated Total Cost
30"W x 48"L desks/tables for the PolyPrinters / PCs [One Red], [One Yellow] High 2 $94.99 189.98
30"W x 48"L desks/tables for desks/tables for the (Rostock/PC) and (David Scanner/PC) [One Red], [One Yellow] High 2 $94.99 189.98 - See NEXT Line for ALT to this line
30"W x 72"L desks/tables for the (Rostock/David Scanner/PC) [One Yellow] High 1 $116.99 $116.99 - See PREVIOUS Line for ALT to this line
Good Surge Protector Power Strips like the recent ones purchased at the 'Space Unknown High 2-4  ?  ?
Reasonably comfortable and nice looking chairs to use at the tables/desks. Bonus if they roll! [Sample 1], [Sample 2] High 4-6 $30-$50 $120-$300
Filament Storage (built or bought) Unknown Medium 2-4 Unknown $150-$250 (roughly based off price of KALLAX units, plus modifications needed for the filament)
Something "comfortable" to sit on during hours of waiting on prints to finish (like the recliners we currently have in the lounge) Unknown Medium-Low 1-3 Free if current one from Lounge becomes available. Otherwise $300-$800 Free if current one from Lounge becomes available. Otherwise $300-$800
One 42" Flat Screen TV Unknown Low 1 Free if current one from Lounge becomes available. Otherwise approx $300 Free if current one from Lounge becomes available. Otherwise approx $300

Creative Arts

1 3x6' table built to match the Room 1 tables

Replacements for the 2 melamine folding tables we have for the computers

2 4' folding tables - Small tables for extra workspace or countertop height work. $165

2 50' ceiling power cords - for power in the middle of the room. $200

4 Canvas drop cloths - So we can do messier things (mold making, painting) without getting the floor dirty. $90

DIY bin cabinets - $159 Lids for bins - $120

Total: $854


Dallas Makerspace Board of Directors Meeting - 06/11/14
Attending : Andrew LeCody, Robert Davidson, Pearce Dunlap, Benjamin Groves

Meeting Called to order at 7:42pm

*** Prior Minutes ***

- Prior Minutes Passed

*** Consent Agenda ***

- Nothing in Consent Agenda

*** Committee Reports ***

- Committees Reported

*** New Business ***

- Insurance Payment
  - Approved as written proposed by Andrew LeCody
    - Pearce Dunlap seconded
  - Passed with unanimous approval

- Budget
  - Board authorizes the spending of $45,000 to be spent at the consensus of the president and treasurer for the purpose of building out and equipping the Monetary Lane location.
  - Spending guideline :
  - Approved statement written above by Andrew LeCody
    - Robert Davidson seconded
  - Passed with unanimous approval

- Ongoing Payments
  - Authorize recurring expenses for utilities and rent at the Monetary location.
  - Approved as written proposed by Andrew LeCody
    - Pearce Dunlap seconded
  - Passed with unanimous approval

- Electrical Car Charger
  - Authorize William Petefish to apply for a donation of one or more car chargers from the Tesla Automotive corporation.
    - Approved statement written above by Andrew LeCody
    - Robert Davidson seconded
      - Passed with unanimous approval

Next board meeting Wednesday June 18th at 7:30pm

Meeting adjourned at 10:19pm