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This page is for planning and discussion of the layout and build-out of our new space. If you would like to help, please add to this page. The official TODO list will be updated based on the information on this page.

General Info

Click Here To See The Construction Plan

Monetary map.png

1825 Monetary 104.png

Monetary Original.png

Sales PDF


Changes Approved By Landlord

We were given a Tenant Improvements budget of $26.7k, but the improvements we needed came out to roughly $54k. This means we will pay $27.3k out of pocket. The following changes have been approved and will be performed by a contractor:

  • Combine rooms #02 and #03, VCT for floor
  • Room #04, VCT for floor
  • Combine rooms #06 and 07, VCT for floor (incorporate the hallway into this new room)
  • Combine rooms #16, 17, and 18, add a door from the anteroom, place carpet
  • Add ramp on 1 dock
  • Room #01, exit only door (crash/push bar)
  • Room #20 carpet
  • Room #21 carpet
  • Build walls to enclose room #22, and to divide it into two parts. Double doors to each of the new rooms.
  • 2x 6" vent holes, placement TBD
  • Convert the front-most women's restroom to unisex and make it ADA compliant.


  • 100% A/C
  • Pre-existing access control system (may need to be redone for our style of badges [EM vs HID])
  • Verizon FiOS available, 500 Mbps down, 100 Mbps

Click Here To See The Build Out Status


Construction Expenses

  • The landlord is giving us $26,778 for improvements.
  • The total cost of the planned improvements will be $54,095.44.
  • This means we need to pay a total of $27,317.44 out-of-pocket. (we may get 10% of this back, since they're including a Project Continguency Fee of 10%)
  • Details of the final bid is available here:

Required Expenses

These expenses are critical to the operation of the space and will be required by July 1:

Expense Quantity Cost Per Unit Estimated Cost
Haas Mill Move $980
An extra month of 2995 Ladybird rent $1,100*2 (rent doubles) $2,200
Repairing Ladybird and Monroe space (security deposit could pay for this?) At minimum restore classroom wall & wall between ladybird/monroe $2,000 - $5,000
Ducting and electrical costs for laser $300
Electrician costs for wiring lathe, laser, mill, and additional power drops in workshop  ? (possibly $3,000+?)
Current Insurance (General Liability + Commercial Property + Business Interruption) Cost Increases $2,651.92
Automotive + Workers Comp Insurance (waiting on response from landlord, may not be required) $977.55
Compressed air system $500
Fire Extinguishers 5 $50 $250
Air Conditioning Maintenance Contact for 1 Year (required by lease) $2000 (based on 2 quotes)
Permits $100 Occupancy ($50 reinspection) + $75 Alarm $225

Additional Expenses

In addition to the improvements on the building, there are a lot of things we want to buy to make the space 100% functional. Here's a partial list:

Expense Quantity Cost Per Unit Estimated Cost
Stackable Chairs For Room #1 and New Classrooms 127 $32.99 $4,190
Dust collection system for workshop $7000
Large tables for break room 5 $100 $500
Windows + glass for new workshop doors & ladybird door 5 $200
Fire Extinguishers 5 $229.85
First Aid Kits 2 $70.00 $140.00
Trash Cans 4 $70 $280
Materials to build rolling whiteboards 5 $100 $500
AV Budget for Classrooms (needs input from classroom committee) $3000
Materials to Build Warehouse Workbenches 8 $125 $1000 (4 may be donated)
Materials to Build Worktables for Room #1 (need to find better deal on solid wood counter) 8 $340 $2760
Conference Table for Room #14 (build or buy?) 1 $400
Wood for new pallet rack (OSB + 2x4s) $300
Outdoor sign  ?
Thermostats (current ones are old-school) 10  ?  ?
Materials to Build Training Room Tables For Room #21 8  ?  ?
Paid Storage Lockers (materials to build) 8  ?  ?
Emergency Lighting (already has exit signs) 10 $25 $250
Wireless Access Points 3 $230 $690
Boxes of Paper Towels (bathrooms have dispensers) 4 $20 $80
Tampon & Pad Dispenser (Can be set to cost $0.25 or even $0.50 per tampon/pad to recover the cost of refills. I would suggest $0.25) 1 $105.49 $105.49
Tampons 1 $61.10 $61.10
Pads 1 $33.47 $33.47
Ethernet Cabling + Outlets $200
Security Cameras 4 $90 $360
RFID Readers (narrow ones that fit the door, front & back already have electric latches and are wired) $25
Network build-out (routers and switches) $250
Electrical + Air Hose Reels for Workshop (and solution to avoid mounting directly to drop ceiling) 10 $100 $1000
Personal Storage Boxes (also used for packing) 100 $5 $500
Personal Storage Holders 5 $100 $500 (Steel)
Greenhouse for Bio 1 $600
Additional Electrics Room Furniture  ?
Additional Arts & Crafts Room Furniture  ?
Additional 3d Fab Room Furniture  ?
Installing Electric Car Charger  ?
Pallet Truck 1 $300 $300
Trailer Rental $300

Build-out expenses for Monroe building (only 2k sq ft): media:Monroe_buildout.pdf

Office Area

Here are the current plans for the office area:

Large Meeting Room (#01)

Monetary room1.png Monetary room1 2.png Monetary Room1.png

This room will have an exit-only door and be an open meeting area. The exit-only door is to prevent interruptions.


Studio (#02 and #03)

These rooms will be combined, given VCT flooring and become a committee room. It has a floor to ceiling window along one side.

Block off the door into the hallway to get more wall space for shelves.


  • Layout (need at least one additional work table)
  • Finalize computer locations so Andrew and Brooks can put in network drops.
  • Plan for front window - art?

3D Fab (#04)

This room will be given VCT flooring and become a committee room. It has a floor to ceiling window along one side.

  • Lisa: I would LOVE to see this room be painted in loud bright colors (think "skittles colors" - seriously) like our current 3D Fab Room. It's lively, attention getting and likely to capture at least enough interest to enter the room and look around.
Image from that link

Lobby (#05)

Monetary Lobby3.png Monetary Lobby2.png Monetary Lobby1.png

This will be the main entrance and lobby. Future location of pinball machines?

Brooks: Maybe a professional desk for if/when we get an employee? Would also look nice.


  • Layout and furniture
  • Should the door to the rest of the space require RFID too?
  • Should we have seating in here, or a welcome desk?

Electronics? (#06 and #07)

These rooms will be combined, given VCT flooring and become a committee room. This room has no windows. Electronics?

Kitchen/Break Room (#08)

Monetary Kitchen1.png Monetary Kitchen2.png Monetary Kitchen3.png

This will be the kitchen and eating area. It could also serve as a lounge or community work area.


  • Figure out how to get an oven/stovetop in here.
  • Ideas for layout, tables, chairs, etc
  • Permanently close the door to the workshop?

Bathrooms (#09, #10, #11, #12, #13)

No action required (?)

Are any of the bathrooms ADA compliant? Some compliance tips are available here:

Room #14


  • Make it a Conference / Small Meeting Room. Keep the usage of this room flexible by adding a conference table (bowling alley table), wall mounted TV, white boards, and lots of seating.
  • Observation: The conference room at our current space (with the bowling alley table) gets used a ton. Small rooms with a very specific purpose (like the security room, the old AV room, and darkroom) mostly go unused at the current space.

Room #15

Same as Room #14

Lisa: It would be most awesome to either paint the two opposite walls with Chroma Key Paint (one wall Chroma Key Green and the opposite wall Chroma Key Blue) - or purchase two Chroma Key Muslin Screens (one blue and one green). The screens can be found online for under $30 each (some about half that price). There has been talk from several people showing interest in having either blue and/or green Chromakey walls / screens available; and, this seems like the perfect room for it! :)

Andrew Floyd: I am begging you. Let me make this into the new bio/chem lab. I need to get out the closet.

Classroom 1 (#16, #17 and #18)

These will be combined and become a classroom.


  • Planning for layout and AV setup.

IT Closet (#19)

Itcloset1.png Monetary Itcloset3.png Monetary Itcloset4.png

Brooks: This room should be controlled-access, with only the Ops/Network members having access. No one else needs to go in there, honestly.

Classroom 2 (#20)

Monetary Room20 3.png Monetary Room20 2.png Monetary Room20 1.png

This will be a classroom, primarily with chairs.


  • Planning for layout and AV setup.

Classroom/Conference Room (#21)


  • seminar style classroom
    • One row of desks could be set up to the left/right of the pillar
    • Could put computers on the desk and make it a computer lab, this would be useful for things like blender class
  • This room screams white boards, IMHO. Gus


Monetary Workshop1.png Monetary Workshop2.png Workshop3.png

The workshop should be broken up into areas based on the following needs:

  • Dust Collection - Things that generate dust.
  • Fume Extraction - Things that generate fumes that must be filtered.
  • Air - Tools/workflows that require access to compressed air lines.
  • Enclosed - Areas that should be enclosed to reduce mess.
  • Power - Areas that require power greater than standard 110v outlets.
Area Dust Fumes Air Enclosed Power Other Location
Painting yes yes yes Need to make a paint booth
Grinding yes yes  ? yes Will probably go inside welding area
CNC Plasma  ? yes yes  ? yes Will probably go inside welding area
Welding yes yes yes screens Needs its own "welding area"
Woodworking yes yes yes A room inside the current room #22
CNC Routers yes yes yes Could go inside the "woodworking area"
Automotive Can not be accommodated at this time due to lease restrictions.
Ceramics/Kiln Some depends yes generates heat min & could build Kiln Vent for less Gas one is portable and done outside. Electric one need to be done inside or GFI etc. (needs two 240 50 amp 14-50P and 4 115 20amp 5-15R)
Blacksmithing generates heat May need to be made portable and done outside.
Machining yes yes Chips/Mess Near mill
CNC Mills yes yes Chips/Mess Near 3 phase power (upper right corner near electrical closet)
Laser yes yes yes Area #22? (needs 220v 30A and 110v 20A)
EV Charging yes 240v 40A between garage doors

Area #22

Area22 2.png Monetary Area22 1.png Area22 3.png

This area is going to be turned into two rooms, one for woodworking and one for metalworking.


  • Put large sink in this area because of its proximity to existing water lines? Similar to this picture but deeper. Maybe 2 or 3 basins.

Andrew LeCody's Suggestion

  • Room #22 will be enclosed and split, the larger part can be used for woodworking, including CNC router, contain the sawdust and install a dust collection system.
  • The smaller portion of the newly enclosed room #22 should be for welding, we can have a vent installed in the roof for fume extraction.
  • Build a paint booth, place it somewhere and get a vent.
  • Put the mills, lathe and laser in the top right corner of area #23. No containment is needed, only the laser requires fume extraction which can be done vertically through the roof.
  • Put workbenches for electronics/assembly/mechanical activities (like what Paul suggested), in area #23. Clearly label them with "NO PAINTING, NO WOODWORKING, NO METALWORKING" as people should be using the designated areas for these activities.
  • Place storage shelves (personal, project and committee) all along the walls that area #23 shares with the classrooms. Place foam board behind the shelves for noise dampening.


There will be no automotive work area in the workshop due to restrictions in the lease preventing automotive work on the premises. Potential exists to renegotiate this with the landlord in the future.


This includes Parking lot, weather exposed installations, signage, EV chargers, handicapped and other zoned spaces.


Will the roof be available for installations such as HAM antennas? Can we install solar on the roof in the future? What are the rules for roof access?


Will the building management bring our portion of the parking lot into compliance with the ADA 2010 Title III requirements? If the only handicapped entrance is in the rear, how many of those spots will be required to be handicapped? How difficult would it be to have handicapped entrances at both the front and rear?

How many parking spots, in front, and in back, are ours? Will the management mark our spots, or allow us to do so? How much of the open parking lot at the south end of the property can we use?

EV Chargers

Task Force workspace: Monetary_Ln_EV_Charger_TaskForce

Committee Requirements




Use Voltage Amperage Plug Type Location
CNC Plasma 240v  ?  ? Welding room, bottom left
Welder #1 240v  ?  ? Welding room, top center-left
Welder #2 240v  ?  ? Welding room, top center-right
Laser (blowers) 240v 30A 14L30 Between rear exit and welding room
Laser (computer) 110v 20A standard (2 outlets) Between rear exit and welding room
Laser 110v 20A standard (2 outlets) Between rear exit and welding room
EV Charger 240v 80A NEMA 14-60 Between Garage Doors
General 110v 20A Standard (2 outlets) Between Garage Doors
Air Compressor 230v 30A? Hard-Wired Electrical room (or it's sub-room)
Mill 240v 3Phase 25A Hard-Wired SE area of workshop
Mill 110v 20A Standard (2 outlets) Same location as 3-phase
Mill (workbench) 110v 20A Standard (4 outlets) Near mill
Mill (computer) 110v 20A Standard (2 outlets) At CAD/CAM PC location (proposed room 26)
Metal Lathe 230v 20A? Hard-Wired? SE area of workshop, west of mill
Machining #3 230v  ?  ? SE area of workshop, west of lathe
3D Fab Equipment 110v 20A standard (2-4 outlets) plus 3-4 GOOD Surge Protector Power Strips Throughout the room
General 110v 20A standard (2 outlets) Pillar in workshop
General 110v 20A standard (2 outlets) Pillar in workshop
General 110v 20A standard (2 outlets) Other pillar in workshop
General 110v 20A standard (2 outlets) Other pillar in workshop
Foundry 110v 20A standard (4 outlets) On wall
Foundry 220v 50A 14-50P (2 outlets) On wall
Committee Location
Example Example
Mill At mill
Mill At mill workbench
Mill At CAD/CAM PC location (proposed room 26)
3D Fab PC (For Lefty)
3D Fab PC (For Righty)
3D Fab Future PC (For Rostock)
3D Fab Future PC (For Full Body Scanning Rig)
3D Fab Security Camera


Committee PSI CFM Location
Example 90 2 Example
Mill 100 >4 At Mill
3D Fab 90 2 We currently have one. If it doesn't go to another location that needs it, then it will be used to keep the filament dusted off.


Committee Location Details
Example Example Example
Foundry Area 22 May need Canopy Hood or Downdraft in this area. For detail see Board of Directors Meeting Report 6-11-2014

and article understanding Kiln Ventilation.


Committee Location Details
3D Fab Walls Loud Bright Colorful (Satin or Semi-Gloss) Paint like we have in our current room. Think "Skittles Colors"! :)
3D Fab Door Loud Bright Orange (Satin or Semi-Gloss) Paint to match our wall & furniture colors; and, match the 'color line' that will guide visitors to our room, if we do the lines on the hall walls.