Board of Directors Meeting 20131220

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This meeting will be held in Modified SRC3 format.

Time, location


Prior minutes


Officer/Committee reports

Consent Agenda

Newly proposed agenda items appear in the consent agenda. Any member present at the meeting may pull an item out of the consent agenda for discussion, at which point it goes under "New Business". If nobody objects to the solutions presented by the consent agenda, everything in the consent agenda passes by consensus. Items that have more than one proposed solution should be moved to the "New Business" section.

Any member may edit this wiki page and place an item on the consent agenda. However, discussion of agenda items should be done via the forums. The cut-off time for addition to or revision of the the agenda's items is 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Matching Donations and Establishing a Project Fund for Mill (Robert Davidson)

Problem: Funds raised by the CNC Mill Fundraiser have not been matched yet (as promised). Also, we need to clarify how the funds will be used for this project.


  • Establish a CNC Mill Fund for the purpose of purchasing CNC Mills and things necessary for using CNC Mills effectively.
  • Authorize the purchase of a CNC Mill and things necessary to the use the CNC Mill effectively from the new CNC Mill Fund.
  • All funds raised by the membership for the purpose of acquiring a mill and acquiring things required to use the mill will be placed into this new CNC Mill project fund.
  • Allocate $7,235 from the General Fund to the new CNC Mill fund. (matching the current donations)

Approve Spending for Storage Unit (Robert Davidson)

Problem: The Mill will need to be placed where storage shelves are currently placed. We do not have a place to store the items which will be displaced by the mill.

Solution: Approve contract for lease of a storage unit and up to $125 in spending per month until the extra storage is not necessary. (Approx cost is $109-121 a month for a 10'x20' unit)

Old business

These are the issues that remained unresolved from the last meeting. In a perfect meeting, there is no old business.

New business


Andrew LeCody changed the topic to BoD Meeting - Dec 20th

Andrew LeCody - 1:52 PM
I call the meeting to order at 13:52
Roll call: Please state that you are here.

Peter Smith - 1:52 PM
Peter Smith here present

john a. gorman - 1:52 PM

Robert Davidson - 1:53 PM

Andrew LeCody - 1:53 PM
We are waiting on Paul

Paul Brown - 1:56 PM
found it, i'm present

Andrew LeCody - 1:56 PM
All in favor of waiving the notice requirement for this meeting, please say Aye.

Paul Brown - 1:56 PM

Peter Smith - 1:56 PM

john a. gorman - 1:56 PM

Robert Davidson - 1:56 PM

Andrew LeCody - 1:56 PM
Motion passes unanimously.
Due to the constraints of this format, I will request that each board member respond with "no objection" when asked for objections.
Are there any objections to the prior meeting's minutes?

Robert Davidson - 1:57 PM
no objections

Paul Brown - 1:57 PM
no objection

Peter Smith - 1:57 PM
no objections

Andrew LeCody - 1:57 PM
no objections

john a. gorman - 1:57 PM
No ne

Andrew LeCody - 1:57 PM

john, please clarify

john a. gorman - 1:57 PM
no objections

Andrew LeCody - 1:58 PM
Thank you. Prior minutes have passed.
Are there any objections to passing the consent agenda as proposed?

Peter Smith - 1:58 PM
No objections

john a. gorman - 1:58 PM
Yes. I pull.

Andrew LeCody - 1:58 PM
If you would like to pull an item, please state the name of the item.
No objections

john a. gorman - 1:58 PM
" Matching Donations and Establishing a Project Fund for Mill"
No objections to the second item

Andrew LeCody - 1:59 PM
"Matching Donations and Establishing a Project Fund for Mill" has been pulled for discussion. Waiting on Robert and Paul.

Paul Brown - 1:59 PM
i'm fine with pulling the mill item for more discussion, i consent on the 2nd one

Robert Davidson - 2:00 PM
Consent on the 2nd one

Peter Smith - 2:00 PM
I have no objections to the 2nd item

Andrew LeCody - 2:00 PM
  Robert, say "no objections" or pull an item

Robert Davidson - 2:01 PM
no objection

Andrew LeCody - 2:01 PM
"Approve Spending for Storage Unit" has passed.
We are now discussing the item "Matching Donations and Establishing a Project Fund for Mill"
I'll let John go first since he pulled it.

john a. gorman - 2:02 PM
Thank you
The membership really came thru with the funding for a CNC Mill.
It is awesome.
My concerns with the agenda item proposed is there is no budget, no real numbers for what will be needed.
We are assuming the price is $9000 for the mill. The agenda item allocates ~$5,500 over the price.

Paul Brown - 2:05 PM
we also need to clarify what was said in regards to matching
this is what robert said:
"I have got a Consensus from the Board to go forth with offering a Matching Donation's. (we will formalize this ruling if we reach the goal)"

Robert Davidson - 2:05 PM
My concern is we told the people that we were going to match we should match

Paul Brown - 2:05 PM
we were super vague about what was being matched, before that, we were talking about matching donations for the purchase of a mill
the mill is only $4,500
but after that, i said  "These donations will go toward a mill or things required to run the mill (accessories)."  

[CLARIFICATION] Paul would like it noted that he meant HALF of the mill is $4,500.

john a. gorman - 2:06 PM
I would be much more comfortable funding an initial amount of $2,000 - 3,000 to launch the project and take the time to determine a real budget.
Specifying how much for air, coolant, trainers, clearing the area, and tooling.

Paul Brown - 2:07 PM
i also think $2-3k should be sufficient in getting it up and running, and i want to keep the temptation of extravagant purchases to a minimum

[CLARIFICATION] Paul would like it noted that $2-3k would be the amount which is left to spend after the purchase of the mill if only half of the cost of the mill was matched.

Peter Smith - 2:07 PM
I only support fully matching the donated funds and if there are funds remaining from the purchase they be re-allocated or used for the mill.

Andrew LeCody - 2:07 PM
I agree with Robert, I feel we should match the full amount. We can always reallocate if needed.

Peter, to clarify, do you mean go with the item as written ($14,470)?

Robert Davidson - 2:08 PM
I believe we had a good turn out due to matching donations by not matching there part your saying that my money is not going to be matched because we hit a goal. these people want good tooling etc

Peter Smith - 2:09 PM

Andrew, yes, I support going with the proposal as written.

Paul Brown - 2:09 PM
want to start a motion to vote on it?

Peter Smith - 2:09 PM
If an emergency arises the board can always re-allocate or withdraw moneys from the fund

Andrew LeCody - 2:09 PM
Yeah, in the interest of time I'm going to purpose that we approve it as written.
Anyone second that?

john a. gorman - 2:09 PM
I disagree. Many members turned out because they want the machine. The MakerSpace helping by matching was a bonus.

Peter Smith - 2:09 PM
I second that.

john a. gorman - 2:10 PM
If they had raised $15,000, are you saying we would match that amount?

Andrew LeCody - 2:10 PM
Alright, all in favor of approving the item as written, say "aye".

Robert Davidson - 2:10 PM

Paul Brown - 2:10 PM
nay, i would like to see a more solid plan on how the funds will be spent beyond the ~$2-3k

Andrew LeCody - 2:11 PM
All opposed, please say "nay"

Paul Brown - 2:11 PM

john a. gorman - 2:11 PM
Nay. I would also like to know what the members money is for.

Peter Smith - 2:11 PM

Andrew LeCody - 2:11 PM
3 Aye - 2 Nay, the motion passes.
The next meeting is scheduled for Jan 5th at 18:00.
Meeting adjourned.
feel free to leave this chat, we'll create another if we do another meeting this way

Next meeting: Board_of_Directors_Meeting_20140105