Board of Directors Meeting 20130929

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This meeting will be held in Modified SRC3 format.

Time, location

19:00, Dallas Makerspace

Prior minutes


Officer/Committee reports

Consent Agenda

Newly proposed agenda items appear in the consent agenda. Any member present at the meeting may pull an item out of the consent agenda for discussion, at which point it goes under "New Business". If nobody objects to the solutions presented by the consent agenda, everything in the consent agenda passes by consensus. Items that have more than one proposed solution should be moved to the "New Business" section.

Any member may edit this wiki page and place an item on the consent agenda. However, discussion of agenda items should be done via the forums. The cut-off time for addition to or revision of the the agenda's items is 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Reimburse Paul For Flooring Project (Paul Brown)

Problem: Paul Brown paid for the new floor in the 2995 Ladybird hallway out-of-pocket and would appreciate being reimbursed for it.

Solution: Reimburse Paul Brown with a check for $376.21 ($101.21 for renting the coating remover + $275 for the materials).

Approve 9983 Monroe Build-Out Overspending (Paul Brown)

Problem: Mostly due to the purchase of several large TVs for the conference room and classroom (for presentations), the Monroe build-out fund has gone $2,444.23 over budget.

Solution: Approve an allocation of $2,444.23 to the Monroe Build-out fund and close the fund.

Approve Sponsorship of Etsy Dallas Event (Robert Davidson)

Problem: Spend 500$ to Sponsor Etsy Dallas Event

Solution: Approve an allocation of $500 to the Etsy Dallas Group

Old business

These are the issues that remained unresolved from the last meeting. In a perfect meeting, there is no old business.

New business

Corporate Membership (Paul Brown)

Problem: We've been asked by UTD, Collin County College, and CircuitCo if we have a special membership for groups and corporations. Currently, they would need to pay for each membership individually or work with us to pay for multiple memberships at a time. We need an easier way for corporations to support DMS.

Solution: We create a class of membership called a "Corporate Membership" (similar to Artisan's Asylum's "Institutional Membership") which makes it easier for a company to pay for a membership that their employees can use.

Facts about the Corporate Membership:

  • The corporation will be required to sign a waiver specifically for the corporate membership.
  • The corporate membership will not include voting rights, but will include all of the other benefits of a monthly and yearly membership.
  • The cost of the corporate membership will be $150/month or $1,620/year and will include a single access card. Additional access cards will cost an additional $50 per month.
  • The memberships will not be linked to a specific individual, and can be used by persons affiliated with the organization (students, employees, contractors, but not customers).
  • Organization must be officially recognized as a nonprofit or for-profit corporation under Texas state law.
  • A primary and alternative point of contact must be provided (email and phone#, in case of emergencies).


  • This helps earn revenue by making an ideal way for corporations to get a membership.
  • This helps us to get local corporations involved with DMS, which should have other benefits.


  • There is potential for abuse with the following: "can be used by persons affiliated with the organization"
    • A flood of people from the same company wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, as long as they're being excellent.
    • I expect corporate members to be well behaved (especially since we know how to contact their employer/dean), and I don't foresee this being an issue.
    • They would probably want to purchase more RFID cards.
    • If this is an issue, the rule can be modified.

Security System (Robert Davidson)

Problem: The security system at DMS need's some love

Solution: I would like $1000 to fully upgrade it

  • <Install Blue Iris (Software)>
  • <Build/Buy New Dedicated PC>
  • <Install at least 2 New Cameras this would cover the outside, storage and security room >
  • <Implement an Off-site or location backup>
  • <Provide Committee's the ability to add a camera at there request >
  • <This system will scale to any foreseeable bldg in the future >
  • <Shield the Door so it can't be pried open >

Solution 2 (Paul Brown): Use the $300 we already allocated for outdoor cameras and do not allocate funding for things that aren't likely to actually improve the security of the space.

Advertising (Ryan McCutcheon)

Problem: Monthly Allocation for Advertising

Solution: I would like $300 Allocated to PR for Advertising

  • <Facebook Advertising>
  • <Twitter Advertising>
  • <Local Advertising, Newspaper, Magazine, Blog's, Publications >

Solution 2 (Paul Brown): Allocate a $300 one-time budget for creating a tour video. We've had a few members offer to do this, but not follow through. It would be easier to hire a professional. We could post it to hack-a-day, twitter, facebook, youtube, and the front page of our site. It will probably be more effective (and less expensive) than spending the same amount on facebook, twitter, or local advertising.

Screen Printing (Robert Davidson)

Problem: Buy a Screen Printing Setup

Solution: I would like $500 Allocated as a Project Fund to start Screen Printing

3D Printer (Robert Davidson)

Problem: A Second Printer is Needed to cover the Utilization

Solution: I would like $1800 Allocated to purchase a new PolyPrinter

Kiln (John Kuhlenschmidt)

Problem: Can only fire the ware that would fit on the kiln bottom.

Solution: I would like $300 Allocated to purchase a Furniture Kit. For ex see

Problem: Would like to show/class on glass fusing

Solution: I would like $300 Allocated to purchase Glass Intro Variety Package & ACSC Sagger & Slump Glass Molds For ex see

Retro-actively Approve Expenditures for AC work

Problem: AC functionality in the space is a very high priority item, recently some work was performed and the costs must be approved, retro-actively.

Solution: Approve the expenditures.


20130929 1937
Andrew L beginning meeting.
Present: Robert D, Peter S, Andrew L, John G, Paul B

Prior minutes pass by consensus.

== Officer/Committee reports  ==
3d Fabrication Committee - Andrew Falgout, David M reporting
Amateur Radio Committee - Pat Hykkonen, Andrew L reporting
Aerospace Committee - Romeo Espana, John G reporting
 There is an article out there about the Aerospace ocmmittee.
Automotive Committee - Luke Olson, reporting
 The tools seem to be getting a lot of use; they haven't wandered off
 Considering getting a gantry crane, so metal etc can be moved.
 Automotive lift; insurance is claimed to not be covered.
 At least at this location, a lift is not an option.
Bio Committee - Andrew Floyd, not present
Civic Hacking - Steve Rainwater, not present
Classroom Committee - John Fields, John G reporting
Creative Arts Committee - Dawn Ellis, not present
Electronics Robotics Committee - Daniel Jackson, not present
Financial Committee - Paul Brown reporting
 guestimate is 16k about.
  Notices that went out from WHMCS, when someone stops paying, Paul will send a reminder and a payment.
Foundry Committee - John Kuhlenschmidt reporting
 Lance said there are 2 boxes in; rewired one, for the larger kiln.
 The wires inside are done oddly; the inside got cooked?
 All the kilns to power up. The large one, the elements got lose from it being moved.  The elements had been tested, but
 when plugging it in and powering it up, there maybe some misalignment.
 Planning on collecting the parts onto a shelf, to make it easier to find the tools
Laser Committee - William Petefish, Robert D reporting
LifeMakers Committee - Lisa Selk, John G reporting
 Grill is working great; however, need a propane tank.
Operations and Facilities Committee - Andrew LeCody reporting
 Cleaning people are coming out each week; both AC units have been fiddled with; general maintenance on both of them.
 Flooring was updated.
 Some details on the wifi-link, a mast will be loaned to us to test it.
 Have some air filters;
Photography Lab (Darkroom Committee) - Nicole LeCody, not present
Public Relations Committee - Cone Johnson, Robert D reporting
 Been busy; currently on Thurs, had the "On The Edge", the Thompson Reuters employees, security communities, other events.
 Went to the Eismann Center on Weds night; Cards are going out, get used more.
 There was a meeting about a month ago;
Workshop Committee - Greg Needel, Luke O reporting
 Plasma cutter--working on training materials for this; the lathe works mostly;

Consent Agenda

Pulled items:
Approve Sponsorship of Etsy Dallas Event (Robert Davidson)

New business
Corporate Membership (Paul Brown)
Paul Brown proposes that the board approve the item as written, on the condition that a new, seperate liability waiver is
created and approved by a minimum of three out of five board members.

John G seconds

Aye: 5, unanimous.

Security System (Robert Davidson)

Andrew L proposes that the Makerspace re-allocates the moneys from the Powerwheel Fund into a fund for improving security at the Makerspace.
Robert D seconds.

 aye: 3 
 nay: 2
 abs: 0

Motion passes

Advertising (Ryan McCutcheon) John G presenting

Paul B proposes that the Makerspace allocate $300 for the purpose of creating a tour video for the Makerspace.
Robert D seconds.

Aye: 3
Nay: 2
Abs: 0

Screen Printing (Robert Davidson)

Robert D proposes that the Makerspace accept the item as written.

 Aye: 5, unanimous

3D Printer (Robert Davidson)
 David M presenting.

Andrew L proposes that the Makerspace accept the item as written.

John G seconds

Aye: 4
Opp: 1
Abs: 0

Motion passes.

Kiln (John Kuhlenschmidt)

Andrew L proposes that the Makerspace allocate $100 to the existing budget of the Foundry Committee.
Paul B seconds.
 Aye: 5, Unanimous

Motion passes.

Retro-actively Approve Expenditures for AC work

Andrew L proposes that the Makerspace accept the item as written.
Paul B seconds

 Aye: 5, unanimous

Motion passes.

Approve Sponsorship of Etsy Dallas Event (Robert Davidson)

Robert D proposes that the Makerspace accept the item as written.
Andrew L seconds

 Aye: 5, unanimous.

Discussion about carpetting in the Monroe Classroom.  Ops and Facilities will be checking/handling carpetting for it.

Makerspace Fellowship Fund discussion.

Andrew L proposes that the Makerspace provide 3 months of membership for Raymond Cassidy to be drawn from the Makerspace Fellowship Fund.

Paul B seconds

 Aye: 5, unanimous

Paul B proposes that the Board of Directors retro-actively approve the costs incurred for the Dale Dougherty event, the Software Freedom Day event,
and the Member Appreciation Day event.

Andrew L seconds

 Aye: 5, unanimous

Schedule next meeting.
Andrew L sets meeting for 20131020, 1800.

Action item:
- Andrew L to produce the PDF and/or form for tax exemption purchases made for the Makerspace.

2143 Andrew L adjourns meeting

Next meeting: Board of Directors Meeting 20131020