Regular Member Meeting 20131212

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This meeting will be held in MIBS SRC3 format.

Time, location

20:00, Dallas Makerspace

Approval of prior minutes

Prior minutes

Officer/Committee reports



Committee Chairs


Note: The normal cut-off time for agenda items is the Sunday prior at 11:59pm.

Old business

New business

Vending Machine Donation (Paul Brown)

Problem: Paul Brown would like to donate a working cold food style vending machine (one of the ones with compartments and sliding doors) to DMS, and he would like DMS to use it as a fundraising tool. However, there are some things that need to be done first.


  1. Authorize getting a sales tax permit and remitting sales tax on the sales from the machine.
  2. Authorize a small budget of $200 for hiring a moving crew and having the machine moved to DMS.
  3. Authorize placement of the machine next to the entrance of the ladybird building's front entrance (inside the building).
  4. Request that the board of directors appoint Paul Brown as "Vending Machine Czar" and give him discretion in how the donated machine is managed (profit sharing, rental agreements, managing inventory, etc).
    Note: Appointing an officer will require final approval from the board.

More details about the project:

Alcohol Policy (Allen Wan)

Problem: There are some who insist that the Space allows them to come to the Space and get drunk while at the Space. They have insisted that the Space has no policy against either being drunk at the Space or coming to the Space to get drunk as long as they do not use tools while drunk.

Solution: I ask the membership to reiterate existing policy regarding alcohol which as I understand it is as follows. "Although there is no specific ban against consuming alcohol at the Space, and once an individual is drunk, asking him to leave is a safety hazard as there is a high likelihood that he will try to drive while under the influence of alcohol, the Space strongly frowns on any individual being drunk at the Space."



20131212 2001
Minutes membership meeting


A loose vote for presentation of the meeting, options were Nick Sainz and Paul Brown;
Vote went to Paul Brown.

Paul Brown presiding over the meeting, and now starting the Social Meeting portion at ~ 20:07

New member introductions.

3d Fabrication Committee - Andrew Falgout, Pearce D reporting

Question about the current status of the delta robot.

Amateur Radio Committee - Pat Hykkonen, not present

Aerospace Committee - Romeo Espana, John G reporting

Automotive Committee - Luke Olson
There's a 24 hours of Lemons race in April, planning on having a team, if interested please contact
Luke O or Chuck G.  Cutoff for participation is Dec 21st.

Bio Committee - Andrew Floyd
Have a Google Group.  Tried to rennovate the WIKI, trying to get
the committee going. Last class was lactic acid permentation. Made
ginger ale, will be making more. Working on the beer brewing.
Will be receiving some mushrooms for growth.
Introducing Aubrey, wanting to keep the potter's wheel.

Civic Hacking - Steve Rainwater, no report

Classroom Committee - John Fields
Request for anything in the classrooms as far as equipment.
Going to swap TVs, it works OK in that configuration.
Question about a 50" plasma for the Ladybird classroom.

Creative Arts Committee - Dawn Ellis, Heather W reporting
No updates on the class, but every Weds there is the Subversive Knitting.  Currently working on a "Loopy Shawl"

Electronics Robotics Committee - Daniel Jackson reporting
Still getting messes on the bench in the room.  Will try to have a SMD soldering class in January.

Financial Committee - Paul Brown reporting
At ~ 250 members, made about $7500 from donations for the mill.
Depositted about $6500 in mill donations so far.
Presentation of the "Funds" page from the WIKI.
Spent $2800 for insurance.

Foundry Committee - John Kuhlenschmidt reporting
Some guy was hoping to do some casting.  Since it is Christmas coming up, going to be casting ornaments.
Working on 3d printing the item.
Blacksmithing this Sunday.

Laser Committee - William Petefish reporting
Laser cutter is now back up.
Question, what is wrong with the Hex mesh?  It isn't straight currently.

LifeMakers Committee - Lisa Selk, Pearce D reporting
She will be back in February

Operations and Facilities Committee - Andrew LeCody, Paul B reporting
The heat is working!

Photography Lab (Darkroom Committee) - Nicole LeCody, not present

Public Relations Committee - Cone Johnson, Robert D reporting.
have some quick guidelines for tours.  Did the Tanner's event.  Also had the Etsy event.
John G announcing an informal Christmas party on the 24th.
Speak to Steven Blanchard regarding additions or changes for the tour guidelines.

Workshop Committee - Greg Needel, Robert D reporting
Have a new sliding Miter saw
Soon will have the router running.
The Lathe is working.
The mill is on the radar.
Always need help, please join the committee.  Join the Google groups for it.

Nick S motions to accept the last meetings minutes as written but with a change to the last vote to add "yea" to the "unanimous".
John G seconds

Aye: Unanimous
Nay: 0
Abs: 0


Old business
New business

Vending Machine Donation (Paul Brown)

John G motions that the DMS accepts the donation for the vending machine from Paul Brown.
Stan S seconds

 Aye: 25
 Nay: 0
 Abs: 5

Nick S motions that the meeting table the discussion on this agenda item.
 Aye: 6
 Nay: 24
 Abs: 0

Paul B motions that the membership accept the solution(s) as written

 Aye: 21
 Nay: 9
 Abs: 1

Alcohol Policy (Allen Wan)

Nick S motions that our policy of "Be Excellent To Each Other" covers our policy on alcohol and that no change is necessary.
John G seconds.

 Aye: 21
 Nay: 5
 Abs: 1

Motion passes.

Alan W motions that membership approve the Solution as stated.
Ralph G seconds.

 Aye: 11
 Nay: 7
 Abs: 9

Paul B adjourns the meeting 2121

Audio Recording