Current Chairpersons

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  • Current as of 2019-10-18
  • Contact the [Secretary] for updates to this page. Please come with documentation - such as contemporaneous meeting minutes.

When committee chairs/vice-chairs change, various administrative changes must be made. Click here to see the list of tasks.

Committee Chairperson Vice-Chairperson

(subject to updates by Chair)

3D Fabrication Committee Max Kirkland


Luke Andrasi 


Automotive Committee Jim Hartnett


Michael Bayern


Blacksmith Committee Mike Churchill


Joe Brown


Ceramics Committee Brenda Villafuerte


Monika Troester


Creative Arts Committee Laura Gonzalez


Judy Kriehn


Digital Media Committee Kevin Patel


Education Group Doug Emes


Electronics Robotics Committee Art Givens


Raymond Jett


GlassWorks Committee Jennifer Goss


Anita Willis 


Hackerspace Committee Ben Bangerter

Interim Chair


Hatcher's Armory Committee Matthew Hawes


Tim Dugger


Infrastructure Group Jim Hartnett


Jewelry/Small Metals Committee Johnny Bluejacket


Joseph Lahoud


Laser Committee Michael Bayern


Kris Wong


Logistics Group Pearce Dunlap


Machine Shop Committee Tim Bene


Charles Procter


Bob Karnaugh


Metal Shop Committee Jim Hartnett


Tim Bene


Motorsports Committee Chuck Graf


Bryan Smith


Printmaking Committee Jeff Whitcomb


Robert Hines


Public Relations Group JJ Perry


Michelle Noble (Not confirmed)


Science Committee Adair Claycomb


Kobin Caddick


VECTOR Committee Stephen Wylie


Jayson Woods


Woodshop Committee Paul LaChance