Current Chairpersons

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Here is the current list of Chair and Vice-Chairs, along with their respective Talk usernames.

When committee chairs/vice-chairs change, various administrative changes must be made. Click here to see the list of tasks.

(Note: Names taken from committee pages, please update if needed)

Committee Chairperson Vice-Chairperson
3D Fabrication Committee Max Kirkland


Musashi Sampson @Mrmusashi
Axey Robertson @axey
Automotive Committee Tom Tansey


Blacksmith Committee Brad Sims


Joe Brown


Ceramics Committee Brenda Villafuerte


Monika Troester


Creative Arts Committee Shay Galland


Lara Rosenblith


Digital Media Committee Adnan Chahbandar


Education Committee John Gorman


Bill Gee @Bill
Nancee Heim @designcat
Cairenn Day @Cairenn_day
Electronics Robotics Committee Art Givens


Shawn Christian


GlassWorks Committee Anita Willis


Diana Rhodes


Hatcher's Armory Committee Mike Cole


Matt Hawes


Infrastructure Committee Fred Calvert


Jewelry/Small Metals Committee Anne Gullett


Johnny BluJacket


Laser Committee Andrew Kongs


Joshua Wims


Logistics Committee Pearce Dunlap


Beth Appleton


Machine Shop Committee Nick Silva


Tim Bene


Metal Shop Committee Jim Hartnett


Tim Bene


Motorsports Committee Chuck Graf


Bryan Smith


Printmaking Committee Matthew Mulherin


Ingrid T


Public Relations Committee Coulson Mullen


James Henningson


Science Committee Josh Melnick


Brian Terry


Software Development Peter Alexander (chair-elect)


Mike Cole (Draco)


VECTOR Committee Shawn Christian


Jayson Woods


VCC Committee Dwight Spencer


Woodshop Committee Mark Salas


Mike Jury