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Committees are voluntary groups, formed by members in order to achieve certain goals.
To join this committee, contact the committee chairperson. See Rules and Policies#Committees for more information.


The jewelry and small metals department offers a large assortment of tools and equipment for a wide variety of jewelry making techniques. Many disciplines such as basic fabrication, enameling, wire wrapping, chasing, chainmail, metal clay and lost wax casting in bronze, silver, and gold are done here. Using the 3d fab’s resin printer and our induction casting machine, end-to-end production can all be achieved at DMS. A general safety orientation is required, and committee meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month if you would like to get more involved.


  • Maintain the order, organization, safety, cleanliness, and utility of the jewelry and small metals tools.
  • Establish safety guidelines for use of tools and equipment.
  • Create necessary training materials and certifications that allow makers to effectively and safely use the various pieces of equipment.


  • Joseph Lahoud (Chairperson)
  • Anne Gullett (Vice Chair)
  • Nadira Charaniya
  • Katiri Peters
  • Terry Sikes
  • Cairenn Day
  • Austin Greenfield
  • Hannah Pickett
  • Sue Rogers
  • Dave Heffley
  • John a. gorman
  • Johnny Bluejacket
  • John K
  • Darryl Alexis
  • Lara Rosenblith

How to Join

  • Attend monthly Jewelry and Small metals committee meeting
  • Attend area orientation and safety training
  • Email Joseph at [email protected] for more information

Safety & Training Information

  • Department orientation is required for anyone using department resources. Check the Upcoming Classes and Events page tor the next available class.
  • Training is required for all equipment as designated on the DMS Tool page and or otherwise designated by physical markings.
  • Mind the posted rules and or other posted information.
  • Members interested in working in Jewelry should review this Health and Safety in Metal Jewelry: Overview
  • Safety concerns should be reported to the Department Chairman, Vice Chair, designated safety officer, a DMS Board member immediately, or on the TALK Forums
  • Safety is a choice we make. If you see someone doing anything that you believe may be unsafe, speak up and say something.

Meeting Minutes

JSM Committee Meeting 20180221

JSM Committee Meeting 20180529

JSM Committee Meeting 20180711

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JSM Committee Meeting 20190212

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JSM Committee Meeting 20190611

JSM Committee Meeting 20190709

JSM Committee Meeting 20190813

JSM Committee Meeting 20190910

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JSM Committee Meeting 20200114

JSM Committee Meeting 20200114

JSM Committee Meeting 20200310