JSM Committee Meeting 20200310

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Hosted by J BlueJacket


Jonny Bluejacket

John Stenger

John K.


Sue Rogers

Joseph Lahoud

Nadira Charaniya

Heather Carllolson


Discussions - Need a platform for the small kiln for enamel classes. - Nadira brought up purchase of new furnace. Ours is too dangerous.

No safety issues reported and no out of Order equipment

Needs - Large kiln grate. New locks.

Voted unanimously to replace our furnace. 8 in favor up to $600 for furnace and crucible. https://pmcsupplies.com/casting-supplies/furnaces-kilns/electric-furnaces/shop-by-brand/mf-procasttm-series-furnaces/mf-series-furnaces

Classes - Thanks to Nadira for casting classes and working on enameling.

Lapidary - Nothing to report. Genie update, on the way.