Jewelry Committee Meeting 20200112

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Jewelry Committee Meeting Jan. 12th, 2021

Hosted by J Lahoud on location and on Meet [email protected] 7PM


Jonny Bluejacket - Chair (Meet)

John Stenger (Meet)

Anita (Meet)

Joseph Lahoud (Vice-Chair & MEET Host)

Welcome and Thank Yous: Chris Marlow for helping figure casting costs

Volunteer needs: Hang the new airline reel. Print new needs and wants list.

Current committee balance unchanged

Misc: A couple of new hammers were purchased

Needs: Consider: Additional lighting using LED shop lights, GRS bracelet forming tool from Craigslist

Classes/teachers discussion: No updates

Chair election: Johnny Bluejacket unanimously elected Chair.

Out of Order/safety issues: None

Motioned to adjourn by Johnny @ 7:39, second by Joseph

Next meeting 2/9/2021