JSM Committee Meeting 20190514

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Hosted by: Anne Gullett


Hannah Pickett

Cairenn Day

Sue Rogers

Terry Sikes

John Stenger

John K

Martha Stegall


Jonny Bluejacket

Joseph Lahoud

Anne Gullett


New member welcome.

Committee member recognition.

Department Updates.

New tools include small kiln for enameling; on loan are a Genie lapidary machine, hydraulic press, 6" trim saw, and 10" saw.

Safety Update, we are expecting a used smaller fire cabinet to be delivered soon.

Expansion Updates: We do not need a hood at this point, a direct line is enough for our needs.

Chair vote: 10 votes for, 0 against for Anne Gullett to be Chair. Jonny Bluejacket is Vice Chair.

We meet every 2nd Tuesday of the month, next meeting is June 11th, 7 to 8 pm in the lecture hall.