JSM Committee Meeting 20181113

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JSM Committee Meeting 20181113

11/13/2018 7PM

Host: Joseph Lahoud


Austin Greenfield

Carieen Day

Olivia Norine


Hannah Pickett

Richard Martin

Katri Peters

Terry Sikes

Martha Stegell

Anne Gullet


  • Current dept. balance $6514
  • Welcome, Sidney!
  • Shout out to Rich for teaching a ton of classes. Find Rich on Talk as @Dataguy for more info on his classes Move team established to include:
  • Move team established to move on a TBD time/date
  • Anita suggested the specification of Kiln clearance to be task specific. Committee agreed to signage and task specific sign off
  • Committee voted and approved the purchase of dust collector of upto $650
  • Anne discussed the reimbursement of class materials and fees
  • Next Dept orientation scheduled for
  • Austin and Sue committed made some updates to the tool wiki. Thank you!
  • Committee agreed to seek a department safety leader that will proactively inspect and document equipment in the JSM area. Terry Sikes agreed to assume this role effective 1/1/2019
  • Next meeting scheduled for 12/11