JSM Committee Meeting 20180918

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Monthly committee meeting

9/18/20018 19:00

Host: Joseph Lahoud


Caireen Day

Terry Sikes

Jim Snow

David Heffley

Austin Greenfield

Anne Gullett

Hannah Pickett

Sue Rogers

Diana Rhodes


  • New Member Welcome
  • Committee member recognition
  • The department had 17 classes in the month of August. Carienn taught 53% of the classes, thanks Carinne!
  • Department on track for 20 classes in September.
  • Department updates:
  • Current funds at $5,345.75 50% earmarked for expansion
  • Class schedules/Volunteer needs for open house Oct.6th
    • Carienn - All day
    • Austin -TBD
    • Dave - TBD
    • Anne-TBD, flyer
    • Hannah- Wax
    • Set up on Friday 7PM. A script will be produced for a consistent message
  • Richard Martin has posted series of casting classes
  • We purchased a set of 4 pliers Xuron 90 degree & short flat nose from Rio, approx cost $150
  • Tool needs/review supplies request form
  • Discussed need for chemical safety. ALL chemicals should be labeled. Single-use food containers should not be used. SDS sheets should be on file if storing at DMS.
  • Elect day for reoccurring meetings
    • Second Tuesdays of the Month. Next meeting 10/9, 7PM
  • Expansion plans. Review proposed layouts. Will vote on an official layout next meeting.
  • Vote to purchase 3 used jewelers benches with lights for $500 from a private seller
    • Vote passes unanimously
  • Vote for committee chair and vice chair
    • Joseph re-elected
    • Anne elected as vice-chair
  • Open discussion
  • Tool training