JSM Committee Meeting 20180529

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JSM Committee Meeting

5/29/2018 19:00

Host: Joseph Lahoud (Department Chair)


Hannah Pickett
Cairenn Day
Katelyn Smith
Nathan Kirkland
Terry Sikes
sue rogers
Anne Gullett
  • Recognized Anne G. for having taught the most classes in the month of May
  • We had a total of 6 classes with 2 orientations included
  • Current Committee Balance $2676.43
  • Committee drive established on DMS Committee Drive for department content
  • Sought commitment for June orientation
  • New crucibles purchased for melting furnace and casting machine
  • Casting machine cooler installed and ready for use.
  • Sent out vide to Team_Jewelry on new kiln controller operation
  • Reviewed basic operation of new kiln
  • Q&A