JSM Committee Meeting 20180815

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Monthly committee meeting

8/15/20018 19:00

Host: Joseph Lahoud


  • sue rogers
  • Terry Sikes
  • Hannah Pickett
  • Cairenn Day


  • New Member Welcome
  • Committee member recognition
    • The department had 15 classes in the month of July. Anne taught 46% of the classes, thanks Anne!
    • Department on track for 14 classes in August.
  • Department updates
    • Current funds at $4600. 50% earmarked for expansion.
    • New tumbler media and pin finisher.
    • New sandpaper organization system
  • Class schedules Volunteer needs
    • Flex shaft needs maintenance.
    • Need someone to teach orientation this month.
  • Tool needs
    • Tony has requested some new pliers. Many of ours are damaged and due for replacement. Propose we purchase a set of 4 plier Xuron 90 degree & short flat nose from Rio, approx cost $150
  • Expansion plans
    • Officially designated 30' x 20' sq ft in the new building. Remaining next to fired arts.
    • Electrical layout submitted. Prepared the first draft of possible layout for review.
    • Need to prioritize items needed to move, such as tables. Suggest we earmark at least $600 for new tables.
  • Open discussion
  • Tool training
    • Cairenn reviewing how to use rectifier for anodizing