JSM Committee Meeting 20180221

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JSM Committee Meeting 20180221 19:00


  • Joseph Lahoud (Organizer)
  • Linda Dallas
  • Sue Rogers
  • Hannah Pickett
  • Anne Gullett
  • Austin Greenfield
  • Terry Sikes

Business Discussed:

  • Committee Member Recognition - Sue Rogers was recognized for teaching the most classes in February with 3 on the calendar.
  • Austin G. will be passing off Jewelry basics/Orientation to Anne G.
  • Prerequisites were requested to be added to the calendar system on 1/16.
  • Casting machine cradle fabricated by Tim B., coming soon. * Agreed upon the allocation of $2500 in committee funds to purchase a larger kiln.
  • Reviewed reimbursement process for purchases. * Jeannie H. will be out for a bit and unavailable to teach. Encourage someone else to teach wire wrapping classes.
  • Electrical supply has been an issue. Working with Chuck G., to address.
  • Next meeting scheduled for March 18th 7 PM