Board of Directors Meeting 20140730

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This meeting will be held in Modified SRC3 format.

Time, location

19:30, Dallas Makerspace

Prior minutes


Officer/Committee reports

  • 3d Fabrication Committee - Lisa Selk
    • 3D Fab Room walls have been painted
    • New shelves (to store filament and display 3D items) have been built. Still need to make some modifications though.
    • Speakers have been added to two PCs to allow us to listen to tutorials (Thanks Andrew F!)
    • Plans to build a 3D full body scanner using Raspberry Pis (and follow-up with a scanning event) will be discussed further.
    • Andrew Falgout has had a couple silent auctions and donated the proceeds toward purchasing a pro level handheld scanner for 3D Fab / DMS.
      • Donations from others interested in precision scanning at the 'Space would be greatly appreciated!
    • Looking into using GoFundMe's Charity Fundraising service ( to raise money for 3D Fab for additional equipment.
    • Looking into creating "3D Fab at DMS" pages on Facebook and Google+ to help promote 3D printing and other 3D Fab related items - as how they relate to 3D Fab *at* DMS as well as in general.
    • Unless there are any objections from 3D Fab Committee Members before the meeting begins tonight, I would like to request that the 3D Fab Committee change our Management Model to Benevolent Dictatorship to streamline day to day operations (such as purchases for: consumables, repairs, upgrades of current equipment, minor expenses less than or equal to $100 (with anything over $100 brought to the committee for discussion and a vote).
    • Please contact me via Google Hangouts during the meeting, if anything comes up that needs clarification, etc... Thanks!
  • Amateur Radio Committee - Benjamin Groves
    • New Amateur Radio Class is underway
    • Amateur Radio Committee held a productive meeting on July 15th
      • Committee has decided to design and build our own radio antenna
    • FCC club station KD5MS address changed to new DMS location on Monetary
  • Aerospace Committee - Romeo Espana
    • Two New Public Drones will be on the Aerospace shelf open for public use and testing.
    • Drone workshop setup for last Saturday in August.
    • Saturday September 13th, The Aerospace committee/DMS will have two tables at the National Drone Users Group Conference at the Dallas Frontiers of Flight Museum.
    • AUGUST 16th - Aviation Day at Thunderbird Airfield Local Flyers
    • 4300 Winscott Plover Road, Fort Worth, TX
  • Automotive Committee - Michael Lass
  • Bio Committee - Andrew Floyd
    • Moved into new space and sorted items into storage in the workshop.
    • Moved worm bin into new home at Monetary Lane location.
    • Planning new aquaponics adventure.
  • Civic Hacking - Stephen Wylie
    • Soliciting projects for a DMS team for the NTx Apps Challenge, a hackathon running through early October involving finding solutions to four critical problems Texans face.
    • Dallas GiveCamp is coming up on Oct. 17 in Plano. Any developer who is free that weekend and feeling charitable can work on a website or app for one of the charities selected to receive services, and we could form a DMS developer team.
  • Classroom Committee - Gus Reiter
    • Lecture Hall
      • New screen is being installed (I think, Robert Davidson has the current status)
      • There is a sheet with howto instructions in there.
      • more supplies were found (VGA to HDMI adaptor)
    • the Interactive Classroom.
      • working on the floor in
      • allocated the twin TVs to be installed in there.
      • need decide on tables.
  • Creative Arts Committee - Haley Moore
  • Electronics Robotics Committee - Daniel Jackson
    • Room is now usable, basic tools are set up on benches. Remaining tools in storage are being evaluated.
    • Ready to proceed with The Great Inventorying, will be working on that this weekend.
  • Financial Committee - Paul Brown
    • Presentation about last month's finances: Link
  • Foundry Committee - John Kuhlenschmidt
  • Laser Committee - William Petefish
    • Laser is still offline due to unforeseen complications while installing the new power supply and tube.
    • Reminder: You don't have to join the committee to be trained on how to use the laser.
    • Reminder: Don't save your work to the desktop of the computer. It WILL be erased. Save it in the proper folder on the network drive.
    • Reminder: The laser committee does have a list. ([email protected]) USE IT if there is an issue with the laser. Don't try to repair it yourself.
    • Reminder: If YOU break the laser, let the committee know so we can fix it.
  • Mill Committee (HAAS) - Bryan Gangwere
    • HAAS Level 1 Training has been developed. Now creating class materials.
    • Bridgeport has been cleaned up. The X-axis on the DRO is still slightly wonky, need to clean it again.
  • Operations and Facilities Committee - Andrew LeCody
    • Fixed an issue with the network that was breaking MakerManager/RFID
    • Replaced strike plate on rear entry door
    • Lots of painting going on
    • Lots of organizing left to do
  • Photography Lab (Darkroom Committee) - Steve Reeves
  • Public Relations Committee - Steve Blanchard
  • Workshop Committee - Chuck Graf (Note corrected spellling)
    • Dust collections system is installed. Need to add some terminal connections and floor sweeps.
    • Laser Exhaust is installed.
    • Things we need to do in the Workshop:
      • 1. Need to install a compressed air system. Proposed minimal system would be 1" steel pipe from the compressor location to the Wood Shop, with drops in the Metal Shop, Transportation, and Mill Area. Compressed air reel mount to column and between garage doors. Cost would be about $300. In the future it sould be extended to the paint Room, Electronics, Arts, and Room 1.
      • 2. Build paint booth. Add filters and a larger exhaust fan to the back corner room.
      • 3. Build powder coating oven. We have a donor oven and a stack of studs; just need some sheet steel, hardware, and insulation.
      • 4. Install the doors on the air compressor room (noise control).
      • 5. Kick-a** sound system for the workshop: 1000 watt amp, four 15” speakers minimum, mount for mp3 player. Ask around for donated equipment to start with.
      • 6. Exhaust system for the welding area. Add a goose neck to the filter box, and add a fan in the ceiling connected to the existing duct. Install a motorized AC isolation damper in the supply duct to the Metals Shop.
      • 7. Make the power hammer mobile. Wheels, locomotive (?), trailer hitch, etc.
    • Electrical Status:
      • Electrician has been hired. Drawings for the City underway. Survey complete and turned in to the Electrician.
      • Need to buy transformers for the table saw, welder and compressor.
      • Dust collector has power now. Please do not plug it in until the Landlords final inspection, however.
    • Tools we would like to aquire:
      • Biscuit/Plate Joiner - $170 - $200
      • Corded Circular Saw - $150
      • Corded Jig Saw - $100 - $150 
      • Chisel set - 10 Chisels - $125
      • Imperial measures tap and die kit.$100
    • Wish list for future tools:
      • Jointer  - $1,500 - $2000 - Jet, Powermatic, Grizzly or other
      • CNC Router - Shopbot $18K - $25K depending on set up
      • Router Table - $600 - Incra Set up #1
      • Large Scroll Saw $500 -

Consent Agenda

Newly proposed agenda items appear in the consent agenda. Any member present at the meeting may pull an item out of the consent agenda for discussion, at which point it goes under "New Business". If nobody objects to the solutions presented by the consent agenda, everything in the consent agenda passes by consensus. Items that have more than one proposed solution should be moved to the "New Business" section.

Any member may edit this wiki page and place an item on the consent agenda. However, discussion of agenda items should be done via the forums. The cut-off time for addition to or revision of the the agenda's items is 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Authorize Damaged Window Payment (Paul Brown)

Problem: A dock window was accidentally damaged by volunteers while the new Bridgeport Mill was moved to DMS.

Solution: Authorize spending $225 to cover the repairs.

Relevance to our tax exempt purpose: We can continue to encourage volunteerism by ensuring that our volunteers don't have to be solely responsible for minor mistakes when performing work on behalf of the organization.

Sign Cleaning Crew Contract (Paul Brown)

Problem: Since the move, Dallas Makerspace does not currently have an agreement with the cleaning crew about what needs to be cleaned and how much/when they will be paid. Paul has written one and he needs permission from the board to sign it. Link To Cleaning Agreement

Solution: Give Paul permission to sign the agreement for the cleaning crew.

Form the Blacksmith Committee (John Haskins)

Problem: The Blacksmith group has continued to grow as we have held classes regularly. With the addition of space owned equipment (power hammer, forge, and anvils) the upkeep and maintenance of it should be handled by committee.

Solution: Approve the formation of the Blacksmith Committee to serve this purpose.

Appoint Additional Procurement Officers (Paul Brown)

Problem: Bryan Gangwere and Alex Rhodes are often in a situation where something needs to be purchased with DMS funds for their volunteer work at DMS. Currently, this requires getting another procurement officer to join them or getting someone to write them a reimbursement check.

Solution: Appoint Bryan Gangwere and Alex Rhodes as procurement officers.

Note: The duties of a procurement officer:

  • Procurement officers perform "due diligence" before making a purchase.
  • They act as a gatekeeper by ensuring purchases have been directed by the Board of Directors, or ensure committee approval if the funds were directed to be spent by a committee.
  • Procurement officers are approved to spent funds with prior authorization from the board.
  • They also ensure receipts are kept and given to whoever is doing the bookkeeping.

Officer terms end when the next board is appointed, the position is resigned, or the officer is dismissed by the board of directors.

Modify Honorarium Rules For Clarity (Andrew LeCody)

Problem: The honorarium rules need slight tweaking for clarity, as some teachers have been confused on procedures and their order.

Solution: Modify the following sections of the Honorarium section of the Rules and Policies to read:

  • 2. To be eligible for the Honorarium, Classes must be approved by a majority of the Board of Directors via e-mail, at least 3 days before the date of the class.
  • 7. Honorarium payout requests MUST be submitted, by form, within 30 days.

Convert "Mill Committee" to "Machine Shop Committee" (Bryan Gangwere)

Problem: With the addition of the Bridgeport, Dallas Makerspace has the makings of a machine shop. It makes sense to have a single committee responsible for all the machines (HAAS, Bridgeport, Emco, and Colchester (lathe)). The memberships of the Mill committee and Workshop committee were asked for their opinions on this idea, and all but 1 response was in support of it.

Solution: Change "Mill Committee (HAAS)" to "Machine Shop Committee", to be responsible for current and future machine shop equipment.

Maintenance for Bridgeport Mill (Bryan Gangwere)

Problem: The Bridgeport, while in excellent shape, could use some maintenance. While it can be used as is, there are levels of repairs that should be considered.

  1. Replace Way wipes - $20.78
    • The way wipes are in poor shape. Given the damage that can be done and the minor cost of replacement ($9.95) these should be replaced
  2. Also replace warning plaques and damaged ball handle - $56.18 (total including #1)
    • There are 4 warning and informational plates on the mill that are illegible or missing. It would be prudent to replace them. ($30.51)
    • There is a damaged ball on the x-feed handle that's very inexpensive ($2.42)
  3. Also purchase lubricant - $89.67 (total including #1 & #2)
    • We can probably buy lubricant locally. But as long as we're placing an order... ($29.54)

New Business

Reimburse Curtis Horton for the purchase of the Power Hammer (John Haskins)

Problem: Curtis put up the money to purchase and move the power hammer available on auction.

Solution: Reimburse Curtis $855 for this purchase.

Relevance to our tax exempt purpose: Expands our opportunity to teach forging techniques to include more industrially relevant skills and the ability to work larger pieces without team hammering. Also allows for teaching those with less strength, stamina, or other condition restricting them from being able to swing a hammer sufficiently.

Authorization to purchase Space Claim license bundle (Andrew Falgout)

Problem: We have many different tools at the space that use or require 3d design to operate properly. Without training classes and a standard for editing, it is very difficult for and without LEGAL licenses to a solution, classes cannot be taught. Many different users at the DMS use many different software packages of varying degrees of expertise and legality. Space claim is a universal application that will allow you to import and edit any of the other major brands, as well as generic files. It will allow for cleanup and editing of STL files, import or SolidWorks/Inventor files, and integrates natively with MasterCam. A 10 seat license (which is the lowest volume that can be purchased with an educational discount), would allow the DMS to install on all systems and laptops. The 1 commercial license would allow the instructor to teach all aspects of the software. This quote is an exception, as we are not a .edu, normally we would not be allowed this pricing. Why not just one SolidWorks license? Then only the instructor can use the software, and there can be no hands on class work which makes learning problematic. Also SolidWorks is a feature based editor, where SpaceClaim is a surface based editor.

Solution: Authorize for the purchase of a 10 seat educational license for Space Claim 2014. (Quoted at $3260.00)

Relevance to our tax exempt purpose: With an instructor license, and 10 student licenses it would be the first commercial product at the space that could be taught legally to DMS members. And since it is enough licenses for members to LEGALLY use and learn the software. This would put us on the road for teaching cradle to grave making with the professional tools.

Old Business


•	AndrewL calls to order at 7:34p
o	Ben not present, absence excused by majority of board.
o	Pearce, AndrewL, AndrewF, Robert present.
•	Prior minutes pass, 7:34p
•	Consent agenda pulls:
o	Convert Mill to Machine Shop Committee
o	All else passes by consensus
•	ACTION ITEM:  Create donation link for 3D Scanner – Paul
•	8:30p, AndrewF proposes we pass “Convert Mill to Machine Shop Committee” as written.
o	AndrewL seconds, unanimously passes with one absence.
•	“Reimburse Curtis Horton for the purchase of the Power Hammer”
o	AndrewL authorizes $50 for the shipping of the Power Hammer and the Bridgeport.
o	AndrewF seconds.
o	Unanimously passes with one absence.
o	AndrewL proposes the purchase reimbursement be tabled.
	Unanimously passes to table discussion.
•	“Authorization to purchase Space claim license bundle”
o	AndrewL proposes the discussion be tabled.
	Unanimously passes to table discussion.
•	AndrewL proposes to authorize the purchase of an additional power supply for the Laser with shipping costs included.
o	Robert seconds.
o	Unanimously passes with one absence.
•	AndrewL schedules the next board meeting for August 20th, 2014
•	Andrew adjourns meeting at 8:53p.