Board of Directors Meeting 20130224

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This meeting will be held in Modified SRC3 format.

Time, location

18:00, Dallas Makerspace

Prior minutes


Officer/Committee reports

Consent Agenda

Newly proposed agenda items appear in the consent agenda. Any member present at the meeting may pull an item out of the consent agenda for discussion, at which point it goes under "New Business". If nobody objects to the solutions presented by the consent agenda, everything in the consent agenda passes by consensus. Items that have more than one proposed solution should be moved to the "New Business" section.

Any member may edit this wiki page and place an item on the consent agenda. However, discussion of agenda items should be done via the forums. The cut-off time for addition to or revision of the the agenda's items is 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Request for funds for Electronics and Robotics Room

For many, the ability to work on electronics projects is a core draw for the space. Toward that end, the Electronics and Robotics Comittee is in the process of bringing up the Electronics and Robotics room to have full basic capabilities for real-world electronics development and assembly. We hope to offer capabilities which members may not be able to justify at home, and also serve as an example for those wishing to set up a home lab.

We have been configuring an Assembly workstation and a Test/Debug workstation in the Electronics and Robotics room. A list of most of the items is here. For this stage, we are focusing on the "bread and butter" items for the most common activities, in order to bring the greatest benefit to the most members. The estimated cost of equipment and supplies is $1000, and that is what we are requesting. We have already spent $200 on some of the items, and although we had $225 in the account, we expect some additional expenses not yet on the list. These include tools for making our own cables, rather than buying pre-made cables. This amount will cover the ESD mats and kits, inexpesnsive fume extractors (we would like a better solution for fume extraction evenutally), wire, soldering supplies (tips, sponges), materials and tools to make our own cables.

We are not certain what the ongoing maintenance costs will be for will be. Our conservative estimate is $100/month, so we are requesting an increase in the montly allocation from $25 to $100. We will keep track and adjust up or down accordingly once we have an idea how heavily the Electronics facility is being used.

Reimburse Paul For Sign (Paul Brown)

  • Problem: Paul Brown spent his own money to buy a new floodlight for the front door, a new extension cord, and all the materials to make the sign.
  • Solution: Reimburse Paul Brown for $138.66.

Reimburse Frank For The Lathe Motor (Paul Brown)

  • Problem: Frank Scranton spent $135.12 of his own money to buy a new motor for the lathe.
  • Solution: Allocate $135.12 to the warehouse committee for the purpose of reimbursing frank.

Warehouse Funding (gorman)

  • Problem: lack of funds. The Space is growing quickly. One of the main attractions is the workshop and the tools. The Warehouse has some big tools, but is also missing important tools and supplies to enable or simplify creation. Better organization will also help the build process. Mammy of our tools are not functional because they are missing just a little more. .. more air hose, more tubing for the laser exhaust. a motor for a mill, or motor mount, drill bits, drills, tool holders, shelves, a benchtop sander, a jig... Both Robert and Paul spent their entire discretionary budget in assisting the warehouse.
  • Solution: Increase the budget to $250 per month, plus begin setting aside money for Big Tools.

Honorary Membership (Andrew LeCody)

Dylan Halsey has been consistently providing Dallas Makerspace members with access to his machine shop and professional fabrication services, at no cost. This has allowed our members to work on projects that they might not have been able to accomplish with our existing tooling, as well as providing them with access to CNC knowledge. Dylan has offered to teach CNC classes at the makerspace, and has helped us to acquire sizeable donations. For these efforts, I believe Dylan should be awarded an Honorary Member of the Dallas Makerspace. This membership will grant him access to our mailing list, forums and other methods of communication, but does not include voting rights or RFID access to the space. This should allow Dylan to continue to provide beneficial services to our membership, as well as helping us to acquire additional donations and resources.

Molding Funding (Robert Davidson)

  • Problem: An interest has been expressed in creating molds for jewelry and various other casting such as metals. At the moment we have little to no capacity for this.
  • Solution: A jewelry foundry has been sourced with mold equipment for $1300.

3D Printer for the DMS Funding (Andrew Falgout)

  • Problem: The space does not have a working 3D FDM printer. At the moment, the space is at the mercy of members to bring in printers. The printer should be durable so it can travel to outside venues.
  • Solution: For the cost of $500 Andrew Falgout will be able to build a Rostock Max for the space. This will have a 200x200x400mm build surface. The build will take 1 month to complete when all parts come in.

Craft Committee Monthly Allocation (dougemes)

  • Problem: The craft room is lacking various consumables that would aid in the usability of the room. These include various paint brushes, x-acto style blades, cutting mats, and related well-identified tooling that fits with the purpose and intent of the craft room.
  • Solution: Establish a monthly allocation of $100 dollars that is allowed to accrue if not spent in full. This will allow the committee the freedom to save up for slightly more expensive tooling and equipment while still restocking various art and craft supplies.

Paying Bills With Credit Card (Paul Brown)

  • Problem: The current standing rule says the board needs to "allocate moneys from a line of credit into the General Fund" in order for us to use the credit card for a purchase. Using the credit card for our bills has major advantage over using the debit cards (it gives us 1-5% cash back). We need to start paying our bills with the credit card and automatically paying the bill each month.
  • Solution:
  1. Approve allocating money from our line of credit to pay the bills listed below.
  2. Start auto-paying the credit card bill with Dallas Makerspace credit card.
  3. Switch the following bill auto-payments to the credit card:
  • Water Bill (City of Dallas)
  • Internet Bill (Time Warner)
  • Electric Bill (Green Mountain Energy)
  • Gas Bill (Atmos)

Dirty Dishes (Kent Bowling)

  • Problem: Recently some dirty dishes lying in the sink were thrown away. In the ensuing email thread, the concept of dirty dishes seems to have been commingled with the concepts of abandoned equipment and trash, and created concern.
  • Solution: While a "no dishes" rule has been mentioned verbally on multiple occasions, we probably need to establish (in writing) a "no dishes left at the space" rule. The rule should specifically treat dirty dishes like trash. We don't have a maid service or even a dishwasher, and it's nobody's job to clean them. If they aren't cleaned, they create potential pest and smell issues (not to mention aesthetic problems). There's absolutely no valid reason to leave dirty dishes at the space. Members who are concerned about leaving clean dishes that might be used by other people run the risk of other people using those dishes and leaving them lying about dirty. Therefore the rule probably needs to simply be "no dishes left at the space".

Old business

These are the issues that remained unresolved from the last meeting. In a perfect meeting, there is no old business.

New business

Firearms Rules

Discussion on if additional rules or policies need to be put in place to ensure firearm safety at the space.

Clarification of board action last month

Clarification from last board meeting of nominating Paul Brown to treasurer. Do our bylaws allow the replacement of any of the five elected officers to be considered the same as an elected officer? Meaning should Paul truly have gained the discretionary fund property that is reserved for the five elected board members?

Request to address board

Request to address board formely concerning the Code of Conduct

  1. Haley Moore
  2. Oguz Yetkin
  3. Doug Emes


This meeting has the following Attachments:

20130224 BOD meeting minutes
1822 Andrew L calling meeting to order.
In attendance: Andrew L, John H, Peter S, Robert D
Consent agenda run-down
1824 Requested to be pulled:
"Request for funds for Electronics and Robotics Room"
"Reimburse Frank For The Lathe Motor (Paul Brown)"
"Warehouse Funding (gorman)
"Honorary Membership (Andrew LeCody)"
"Molding Funding (Robert Davidson)"
"Craft Committee Monthly Allocation (dougemes)"
"Dirty Dishes (Kent Bowling)"
Passing Agenda:
Reimburse Paul For Sign (Paul Brown)
3D Printer for the DMS Funding (Andrew Falgout)
Paying Bills With Credit Card (Paul Brown)
Committee reports:
Financial committee, Paul B reporting.
*details in the WIKI
-Andrew L adds action item for Treasurer: purchase the Adobe suite on CD

PR Committee, Nick Sainz reporting
No meetings quite yet; Nick is currently moving
DMS branding for markers in the classroom
More hand-out things with DMS branding
Improving PR committee access to calendars, etc

Security Committee, Andrew L reporting
Have received the 4-U wall mount bracket for systems
Also a bracket for the patchpanel;
Will be wall-mounting everything
The wifi test from the DC to downtown was successful.
Goal is 20 megabit connection over wifi.
Got a quote for roof work, ventilation for Laser cutter, etc (Ops committee work.)
Questions, discussion re: alarm system, badge access.

Amateur Radio Committee, Andrew L reporting
Wifi link work. Field day is coming up, will be participating  June 22-23

AV Committee

BIO Committee, no report

Classroom Committee, Robert D reporting
Have the new receiver installed. Spec'ing out the LED lighting. New whiteboard markers.

Electronics and Robotics Committee, David F reporting
Receipts needed to be provided to the Treasurer.

Operations and Facilities Committee, Andrew L reporting
Info about venting to roof; getting quote for venting directly above the laser cutter.
Donation from William P. was provided for the venting.
Discussion about purchase orders.
Interested in getting healthier options for snack items, etc.

Warehouse Committee, Paul B reporting
Finished workbench modifications; need mounting equipment.
New air compressor
Lathe, VFD is going to get ordered within the next couple of weeks.
Need a meeting, maybe a hack-a-thon for making some mounts.

Photography Lab, 
Projects planned, a schedule going to be set.

Opensource Ecology Committee, Craig F not present.
Induction furnace project passed to Andrew F

3d Fabrication Committee, Andrew F reporting
Showing local vendor 3d printed wrench.
Dylan H has donated acrylic for a Pwdr project build
$500 will go for Arduion Mega, the hot end, motors, and belts
Jewelry, Darcy, working on a personal project, aluminum sand-casting, investment casting
Lost-wax casting, using 3d printing techniques

LifeMakers Committee, Robert D reporting
Weightloss challenge is going on
Needing more healthy options in the kitchen

10 minute break

Returning from break

"Request for funds for Electronics and Robotics Room"
 David F explaining rationale for
 John H proposes that $1200 be allocated to the Electronics and Robotics Committee.
 Andrew L seconds.

Aye: 4
Abs: 0
Nays: 0

"Reimburse Frank For The Lathe Motor (Paul Brown)"
 No vote.

"Warehouse Funding (John Gorman)
 Warehouse getting lots of use. Things are missing. Expenses are adding up. Need to
 invest in the next tooling, needs
 Current monthly is $50 for the committee, to spend on consumables.
 Andrew L proposes that $1000 be allocated to the Warehouse Committee (to facilitate proposal).
 John H seconds
Nays: 0

"Honorary Membership (Andrew LeCody)"

 Andrew L proposes that a clause be added to Rules Section 10, "Committees can appoint advisory members,
 who only have communications access to Dallas Makerspace resources, pending Board of Directors approval."

 Robert D seconds.

 Andrew L proposes that Dylan Halsey be approved as an advisory member to the 3d Fabrication and Warehouse Committees.


"Molding Funding (Robert Davidson)"

 Andrew L proposes that $1300 be authorized for said project with an expiration date of May 24.
 Robert D seconds.

Aye: 4


Break, return at 2041
Craft Committee, Haley M reporting
 Doug E is now committee chair; each member will provide a craft demo
 Committee will be re-organizing the area.
 Will be re-organizing in March
 Will be posted to the main mailing list
 Agenda item details

"Craft Committee Monthly Allocation (dougemes)"

 Andrew L proposes that a one-time $600 allocation and a $25 monthly allocation be made to the Craft Room Committee.
 Robert D seconds.


"Dirty Dishes (Kent Bowling)"

"Clarification of board action last month"
 Paul B is not a Director, does not have discretionary funding, and did not spend said discretionary funding.

"Request to address board"
 Andrew L action item added.

Andrew L discussing storage.

"Firearms Rules"

AndrewL adjourns 2215

Action items:
- Andrew L to modify Rules and Policies 
- Treasurer to purchase Adobe suite on CD or media
- Andrew L to create a thread on the forums for comment re: "Request to address board" (Haley M's proposal for change to Code of Conduct)