Board of Directors Meeting 20130224/Attachments

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Craftroom Committee

The Craft committee would like to report the following:
In the past month since Doug has taken over as committee
chair, we have increased our membership, and each new member
has agreed to perform a craft demonstration this year to the
rest of the DMS membership.  These demonstrations will include
but are not limited to:

Miniature painting
Leather Tooling

We hope to find others to offer these as well:
Painting with oil
Scratch Model Making

We intend to put together a schedule of these demonstrations
within the next month.  Our goal is to offer one or two per month,
and they will either occur on a Thursday social evening, or on a weekend

The committee will also be re-organizing the craft room to better facilitate
actual crafting.  We will ensure that nothing of apparent value will be thrown
away, but will most likely box up several items for storage outside of the

Bree and Romeo have agree to help Doug reorganize the craft room, and we
will start on it in early March.  We would like the consideration of the
other members to allow us to finish redoing the room over a 3 day period
before criticizing, it will include some furniture removal and reconstruction.
We will post to the main list as well as the forum the dates once Doug knows
his work schedule.

The committee has requested in the consent agenda a monthly budget
allocation to not only restock the craft room, but to purchase new
tools and consumables
including paint, tape, x-acto style knives, self healing cutting mats,card
stock of various colors, leather straps for basic tooling, etc.

This concludes our February report.

Doug Emes

Good evening board.  As you are aware, we have had numerous emails
go across the mailing lists concerning private property right, willful
destruction or disposal of anothers property, and cyber bullying.
Our "code of conduct" has failed us as members, and needs to be
revised.  The "be excellent" is a cute notion, but has no real world
example to follow, and continues to be ignored by many in the organization.

My proposal before the board is to adopt an anti bullying platform,
and a private property policy.  We have had several functional items
thrown away (including test gear, appliances, shredder, etc.) because
someone was acting on the premise that they knew best.  This cannot
continue for a group whose size is over the generally accepted number
of direct relationships a person can mantain.  We need to ensure that
going forward all members and guests will adhere to a "first do no 
harm" type of policy.  We have sufficient bandwidth and wherewithal
to initialize the following policies:

1) All items of unknown status should move through a tagging system
as previously mentioned by David G. on the email list.  I request that
a copy of his post be added as an attachment to the meeting minutes as
I feel strongly that they are an excellent method to help solve many of
the problems.

2) Noone should consider themselves an authority on a piece of property
unless they have direct first hand knowledge of its origin.

3) All members should assume items left in the space are NOT for public
use.  Well designated areas such as the freebie shelf and the common
wood pile and the laser scrap shelf are the only three areas that are
a "free for all".  The electronics and robotics room has functional
parts as well they anyone may use provided they use them as a functional

4) All board members should be required to take an online cyber bullying
class to ensure they understand that it is a real situation that continues
to occur.

5) All members should be required to sign a new membership agreement before
the lease anniversary occurs.  This will give the board  sufficient time to
produce the document that has been requested for over a year.

Doug Emes