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Committees are voluntary groups, formed by members in order to achieve certain goals.
To join this committee, contact the committee chairperson. See Rules and Policies#Committees for more information.


The Creative Arts Committee's responsibilities are to:

  • Maintain the order, organization, safety, cleanliness, and utility of the studio.
  • To foster and encourage a love and appreciation of using one's hands to create.
  • To provide demonstrations to the rest of the Makerspace on a recurring basis of basic crafting techniques including painting, sewing, leatherworking, silkscreen printing, dye sublimation, and more.
  • Curate a gallery of makerspace member artworks/creations hung on empty walls and doors throughout the makerspace.


  • Nicole Franczvai (Committee Chair)
  • David Kessinger (Vice-chair)
  • Paul Brown
  • Devin Burnett Added Dec '16
  • Doug Emes
  • Raymond Cassady
  • Doug Emes Added Dec '16
  • Romeo EspaƱa
  • Bill Gee
  • Bitta Gray
  • Nicole Greeley
  • Andrew Fallout
  • Cary Fleming Added Dec '16
  • Timbo Fisher
  • Jeannie Harwell Added Dec '16
  • John Haskins
  • Chris Marlow Added Dec '16
  • Haley Moore
  • Darcy Neal
  • Adam Oas Added Dec '16
  • Luke Olson
  • Ken Purcell
  • Steve Reeves
  • Mark Reynolds
  • Mellissa Rhodes
  • Juliana Rincon
  • Nick Sainz
  • Aeris Spaulding Added Dec '16
  • Jorge Soto Added Dec '16
  • Dawn Swain
  • Patrick Thompson Added Dec '16
  • Heather Williamee
  • Oguz Yetkin
  • Matt Zeisler
  • Leah C.

How To Join

  1. Add your name (alphabetical by last name) to the "Members" section of this wiki page.



Facebooks: Dallas Makerspace Creative Arts:

Dallas Makerspace Fiberholics:

Dallas Makerspace Sew and Sews:

Cosplay Makerspace Dallas:

Other: Instagram: DMSCreativeArt

Twitter: DMSCreativeArt

Interest Groups

Fiber Arts - Spinning, weaving, etc...

Leather working


Link to summary of tools including thumbnail photos

One (of many) Places to Order Polymer Plates .... please do your own research

  • 24" Wide Epson Color photo printer
  • Dye Sublimation Printing Equipment
  • Vinyl cutter/plotter
  • Computer with Adobe Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, ...)
  • Instructional Art & Craft Books
  • Polymer clay tools, oven, and some media ($4 donation per block of sculpty requested)==
  • Xyron 900 & Cartridges (.10 per inch donation requested)
  • Natural Air Dry Clay
  • Gel Pens
  • Various Xacto Knives
  • DIY Marbling
  • Scrapbooking (scissors, papers, stamps, embossing powders)
  • All make and manner of drawing media
  • Candle Making ($5-6 donation per candle is requested)
  • more to come I got tired of making a list

Donating Funds

  • Creative Arts Committee Fund: