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My Projects

Network Infrastructure

  1. (DONE October 2014) dms.local AD domain creation
    1. (DONE November 2014) Windows and Linux servers joined to dms.local domain for SSO and GPO.
    2. (DONE January 2015) Create groups for ease of controlling access to servers.
    3. (DONE January 2015) Assign rights on individual servers based on group membership.

Network Security

  1. Separate network traffic
    1. (DONE September 2014) Open network for guests - internet only (VLAN)
    2. (DONE September 2015) WPA2-EAP with authentication against the AD server using RADIUS for members
  2. (DONE January 2016)Replace router with server hardware running pfSense (or related)
    1. Implement Snort (or other IDS) to detect viruses on DMS and member systems (which would also keep it from spreading). We would be able to identify the offending system's owner based on authenticated user if 2.2 is implemented.

Server Implementation

  1. (DONE October 2014) Create jump server for members to use to access DMS-licensed software from anywhere.
    1. (DONE September 2015) Migrate server to Hyper-V with RemoteFX GPU
  2. (DONE November 2015)Install ticketing system that can also assist in project tracking