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I'm a software developer (and Director/DBA/whatever other hats the day may require), working with .NET professionally (and toying with a wide variety of platforms/languages for fun). Work keeps me very busy, but a desire to learn all kinds of skills and create some things in the physical world, while interacting with likeminded individuals, has brought me to the Makerspace.


  • Hot Air Ballooning (student pilot / chase crew member) - a natural tie-in with amateur radio (though I have not yet joined the HAM world)
  • Alternative energy sources
  • Sustainability
  • Lifehacking


Future projects?

  • Painting the roof of the Makerspace white to reduce heat in the workshop / lower AC bills?
  • A smartphone automation platform, combining physical positioning (similar to a 3d printer or plotter mechanism) with a touch stylus, and a computer vision system, to process on-screen displays and interact with the phone.
  • Something cool with lots of LEDs :)
  • Building a model hot air balloon (and perhaps eventually a full-size cloudhopper or larger balloon)
  • Fixing a variety of things around the house...
  • Building the world's best cat playground for my 3 troublemakers
  • Building a custom couch for my oddly shaped/sized living room conversation pit