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Nicole Greeley

First and foremost I consider myself an artist. I'm curious about so many things it would be hard to express them all in a list. Passions are rarely conveyed within a single word. I love exploring new techniques in art, from developing my own film to alternative painting. I try to dabble in and experience every art form I can. I'm an avid blogger, preferring to chronicle about life through images and little thoughts and observations. Below are links to several social networking sites, forums, and image hosting sites I enjoy frequenting.


Photography, art, painting, lomography, hand developing and scanning film, growing things, collecting vintage cameras, journaling/blogging, crocheting, cooking, writing, reading, geology, graphic design, travelling, sewing, collecting antique photographs, Scotland, fantasy and science fiction literature, Japanese motifs in art, symbolism, Japanese brush painting, art nouveau, pre-raphaelite art, and camping to name a few things.


  • TTV Photography
  • Stroboscope
  • Pinhole Camera
  • Catalog Vintage Camera Collection
  • Leaving Dakota Tour
  • Scrap piece table
  • DIY Lightbox